looking forward!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

We are looking forward to a new year!

Since we got home from our wonderful trip at our real home { our hearts forever belong in Texas } I have been excited about a new year! Today, we went to the movies and saw Parental Guidance, and it was pretty good! We also unpacked, postponed laundry, read, relaxed, went to the bookstore... Oh, and Marshall got a new video game so he's been playing that, while I made some Mississippi Mud Cake!

Chocolate cake, marshallows, chocolate frosting, and pecans.... So SO good! I got this recipe out of a Southern Living magazine this past summer and have been wanting to try it..Here it is! I saved this recipe for when we got back -- I wanted us to have a sweet treat to snack on for the new year, something to go along with the sparkling grape juice I just got :) {Recipe is here}

Our sweet Trigger has been laying in Marshall's coat for the past couple of hours..Right now she's all spread out and sleeping in it! This is just her chilling... She loves cuddling in his coat. So precious.

A few of the things we brought home from Christmas...My perfume samples & Marshall's cologne samples from Russell -- We picked out our favorites and are going to use to coupon code included for some new smells for the new year! I'm hopefully going to get that done tomorrow - The JC Penny is tiny here, so I have to go to a mall maybe 30 minutes away to redeem it.
Remember that awesome bookstore - 2nd & Charles? These are free books they had up for grabs in front of the entrance! Love it! I know no one {including me} has probably ever heard of these books, but I'm excited to dig in..Of course once I'm done with the list I already have! My anticipated reading list is growing by the day..

Speaking of that list...I have finished One Thousand Gifts and am now on to The Story! I am so excited to start a new study on God's love and grace for His people - a version of the Bible in condensed, easy-to-read, novel form! I have heard so many great things about this book and can't wait to dig in - Just finished the intro! {And of course..my milk in an Aggie cup in the corner! Gotta have my milk}

And Last but not least, a constant daily reminder I have attatched to the corner of my laptop...Proverbs 3:6.

The next update you can expect will probably include..... A recipe, I Love Monday post, new years festivities, Cotton Bowl festitivites, Once Upon a Time midseason premiere, and whatever my thoughts are on the upcoming move, whatever I've been reading lately, my Spring classes {starting in March}, and that upcoming MRI and bloodwork {still yikes!}

Anyway, we are about to head to bed {I don't know why we are up so late!} and are ready to enjoy these last few days of freedom before we are back to reality...

If I don't get back on this until then, happy new year!

Some encouragement to leave you with - Something we all need a reminder
of this new year & always!


Christmas time & getting back in touch

I've been a little bit out of touch lately because we have been traveling for Christmas! This is  such a wonderful time of year, and we are so thankful to have been able to travel and see family. Although the nearly 3 hour drive to the airport took it's toll {the same length as the flight to DFW itself! - Poor planning on my part} we had a wonderful time. And although we were only in Texas for 6 days, we made the most of it :)

It was so wonderful to see & catch up with family - And also to have a honey butter chicken biscut before our flight home {no picture} ...mmmm. We miss having Whataburger closeby!

To start this montage of photos, I'll just begin with some sweet ones from the other week, Marshall playing with Trigger, just home from work {I couldn't help but share it!}:

And Trigger digging in a box for her mouse - She just throws it up in the air, and entertains herself so much. Those little mice bring her so much joy, and it's so sweet to watch. We love our precious Trigger bug!

This was in the Greensboro, NC airport - a row of rocking chairs...We will have these on our wrap-around porch some day - In our forever home!

A little piece of Aggieland way up in North Carolina :) Can't wait to watch to Cotton Bowl soon!

Our little Scruffalicious was so happy to see us!! Miss that girl & Can't wait to bring her with us to our new home in California in Feb!!

Wedding photo montage on a wall near the living room at Marshall's parents' house

Giant Reese's peanut butter cups from Santa!


Snow in Dallas!!!!!!!


We got to see Michael for a bit before he went back home to Temple for work the next day - Didn't get much of a break for Christmas, but he's happy! Miss my big brother & we are so proud of him!!!

Marshall misses Radar - though the flash makes his eyes glow. And all those footprints are Scruffy's - she made a few distinct paths in the snow in the backyard!

Front porch of the in-law's home - Snow in Texas!

Crazy game of Monopoly with the family... {They are brutal!}

Picture break! {And Marshall photo-bombed this picture with my mom!}

This is seriously the gist of the pictures I took on the trip! I know, in my camera's prime I would have taken hundred's of pictures in a week {ahem, this past summer}. but there was just too much excitement to have the camera around so much, or even keep up with it. The rest are on facebook...

Highlights of going home {Random}:

~Seeing & visiting with family..What the holidays are about!
~Meeting Elaina's boyfriend finally - So nice to meet you Dylan!!
~Hearing about Michael's new job!
~Seeing my cousin Lauren and how much she has grown!
~Seeing the Lindsay's home from Boston for the holidays & their sweet girls
~Having real, amazing enchiladas with family at El Fenix in Dallas!! Love that restaraunt .
~Playing with Scruffy in the snow
~Seeing all sides of Marshall & I's families
~Going to see Les Mis with my sweet granny & mom..And going to lunch at Northpark!
~Seeing The Hobbit with our family & the Whitney's!
~Christmas Eve service at my father-in-law's church, seeing some good friends, and celebrating our Savior's birth over 2000 years ago! {Celebrating the reason for the season!}
~Having so much time with family...You never realize how much you miss it until you're back!

We are so excited to be back in Texas in February ---

Now that we are back in North Carolina at our temporary home, it's time to get ready for our big move coming up! I cannot wait for Log-O school graduation, allowing us to be on our way home once again! This next time we will have a little longer in Texas, a sort of mid-move extended pit stop. Then by the end of that month we will be unpacking & settling in to the next 3 ish years of our life, which will be in sunny southern California - That is so crazy!
For now, we are trying to take advantage of this slower time in school that we have before everything starts up again. We are so thankful that we got all that time with family and friends for Christmas, and are just trying to soak up every minute of it. Here's to a quick month and a half ---- This trip wasn't near enough time back home!! {A little more of an update to come next!}

forever grateful

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Never Let Go - David Crowder Band

{souce: Youtube, Tapestry of Hope}
This has been on repeat, playing constantly the last couple of days. This song keeps me going. This song changes me. I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for what I have found in the lyrics of all of David Crowder Band's wonderful songs and essentially, ministries. How their music attends to and compliments, builds the faith in my soul... I am forever grateful.
Yesterday as I was on my way home from my cardiology appointment in Durham, this song was with me -- God was with me. I reached an emotional state -- Thinking about the future, my new "diet" {no fat, salt, grease, soda, alcohol, etc.}, my next appointment, this amazing new procedure that I was always told would never be an option for me but now is {hallelujah!}, upcoming bloodwork {yikes!} and an MRI {double yikes!}, finding a cardio in SoCal, having to "time out" our future children so that it doesn't interfere with my medical needs, the potential surgery I will be facing in at least 2 years.....

Lots of stuff.

It hasn't necessarily been rough, just emotional. I know I can do this. It's just not something I want to do on my own. I have always had my mom to count on, my dad when possible, but I've never really done all this by myself {Because right now Marshall is in school, and the Marine Corps likes to steal him away from me...Not a fan}.
This appointment gave me a lot of answers, but the drive home was brutal. Three hours in a car never went by so slowly. I was "alone," and I was a mess. Everything was sinking in --- I can't enjoy funnel cakes, fritters, even bacon anymore --- I can't have too much popcorn, any more fast food, or even some/most soups {french onion soup is high in salt} --- And especially no more mexican food {salt, fat, grease} --- I have to be much more mindful of what I put in my body. My gift, from God.
God, who gave the doctors knowledge of my condition at birth in Kentucky, who saved my life {When it was something only "in the books" beforehand -- Forever grateful for the fast thinking and ready helicopter at Fort Knox}. God, who gave me the benefit of that 8-10% chance of survival at birth, who made me in His image and breathed me into life, out of near death. God, who told me that I had more time -- I didn't need a surgery two summers ago as we were almost lead to believe. God, who was with me the other day in the car, in the waiting room, as I was asking the doctor all my questions, nervous as this was my first time ever doing this alone.
But I am not alone.
God is with me. My strength, my life, my light.
Some lyrics, "Here With Me" by MercyMe, illustrate these feelings, my emotions, well:

I can feel Your presence here with me
Suddenly I'm lost within Your beauty
Caught up in the wonder of Your touch
Here in this moment I surrender to Your love

I have completely surrendered to my Creator --- 
Thankful that the MRI & follow-up appointment was successfully rescheduled in order for Marshall to be there.
Thankful that I made the emotional drive home yesterday safely.
Thankful that I had such kind and helpful doctors at the heart center; they were so patient, and had such understanding.
Thankful that we're moving to an area {San Diego} with some of the best cardiologists in the country, where I know I will be in good hands, especially when the time does come.
Thankful that I have a condition that keeps my health and eating habits in check.
Thankful that my husband is slowly beginning to understand and come to terms with all of this.
--- And He has blessed me!
The past couple days I have been contemplating posting this, making it public for all the world to see. So many people I used to know, or believed that I was friends with, just never called back  or talked to me again whenever they found out about this. Who wants to hang out with someone with such diet restrictions, who can't smoke or get drunk with you at 2am? Who wants to be a shoulder to cry on for someone, and actually wants to deal with such depth and unknown emotions, completely new to them? Who would honestly be able to understand, or at least try to? Who would actively take this into consideration when planning "fun" activities to do, like go out for happy hour, or even to go run a marathon? {Both things I can never do} Who would try to understand that I take this seriously -- my health -- and that I take their health seriously too? Who would possibly want to be told that because of this, if you really want to hang out, we shouldn't do this, this, or this, or I'd just honestly refuse -- because why would I expose myself to such health risks, especially in my fragile state? {Go here to read more about this specifically}
I never really talk about this, just because of how judgemental people can be. Just because I've lost many potential best friends, because they didn't want to deal with this and never talked to me again. Just because others don't know how to handle this, and therefore don't want any part of it. Just because it is personal, and maybe I'm just afraid of how people will take it. It is such a huge part of me --- the backbone of my existence. It's a big deal to just put this out there. Recognize that.
I have grown so much more sensitive to this topic lately, most likely because the time is near --- another year, and surgery will be seriously considered. It is unreal to think of this again, but I know I am in good hands. God will be there, Marshall will be there, family will fly in from out of town, and I will be surrounded by loved ones. {I am forever grateful}
But maybe this post will clear it all up a little bit. But maybe, just maybe, I can be comfortable putting it all out there again, for you to listen to or ignore. Here goes nothing!
for my God is a great God,
He never lets go
Something to leave you with:
Treasured words of e.e. cummings... He gets it. He used prayer as inspiration for his poetry. This is beautiful --- of a great and strong love, one that when recognized, can be found in Christ, to be modeled here and today, by marriage {our marriage}, God's design. I have found enormous meaning in this, in light of my situation and faith..{so much respect}

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)
I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)
I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)
I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

---e.e. cummings {emphasis added}

{source: pinterest}
One last thing --- I would love to hear your thoughts, prayers, comments, etc. Somehow, I have overcome a fear of putting all this, my soul, out there for all to read, see, experience. Be respectful.

Listen or ignore; I only ask you to be here.
And I would love to hear from you, to be able to give you encouragement, to be able to share my faith, my testimony, my story, to be able to hear your concerns or prayers, to be able to be honest with others about who I am, where I came from, what I have overcome.
Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for taking time to listen, understand, respect.
Forever grateful,

I Love Mondays... {Pt. 1}

Monday, December 17, 2012

{I Love...}

 A new Monday series; What I have been lovin' lately!

One Thousand Gifts. A novel by Ann Voskamp. I have only just begun, but already I can see that this book will change me -- my attitude, my wellbeing, my spirituality, my grace, my confidence in the Word. So far, she has talked about losing her middle child at a young age, and with that finding trouble in trusting in God {Chapter 1}. Her writing is so raw, and creative. Her words lure me in as she struggles to find a way to live her life well -- in joy, in the midst of sadness, tragedy, deadlines.

This book is a book of reflections -- on her experiences, on her spiritual discipline, on her parenting, and farming, and writing. Even in the first chapter, it is a beautiful read. This is a book to be embraced, and is a book that will transform the way you think, and live - daily, in God's Word. I am so blessed to have found this book.

You can buy it here, read a review about it here, or go to her website here.

Local Coffee Shops. I just got back from a wonderful afternoon with Dorinda, another Marine wife here with us in North Carolina. Our hubby's went through TBS together, are now going through Log-O school together, and know eachother very well! We thought we'd take advantage of this down-time we have, in between jobs and post-finals. We went to Brewed Awakenings -- a cafe/coffee shop, that took us forever to find near the downtown area! It was really cool though, really reminded me of The Steaming Cup back when I used to live in Waukesha, WI so long ago. It's such a cute, quaint place. I got a cold mixed mocha drink, with a gourmet grilled cheese. The drinks were so good! It was nice to find a place to just relax and talk.... I have to take Marshall back soon!!

Bookstores. Obviously, I love books, and especially bookstores -- There is a Barnes & Noble here. It's really wonderful. This afternoon we also went to just look around -- And I have found so many more books I want! I have to read everything on my list first though :) Also closeby is 2nd & Charles -- a nice, cozy, discount bookstore. That's all I've found so far, other than the county library...But the two certainly keep me busy!

Window Shopping. We also went to the mall after the cafe {The B&N is attatched}. We both have no room for new stuff because of moving soon, but window shopping is always a plus! Bath & Body Works is addicting, and now I smell like 50 different lotions and perfumes. It's also always fun to look at Kitchenaid mixers and home decor stuff in the department stores, picturing our Pinterest dream home -- or at least want we want in a home for our final destination moves. It makes me very excited to just get to California already, just so we can have grown-up stuff in a grown-up house....Window shopping is dangerous!

{Stay Tuned for Pt. 2 --Next Week!}


a lovely day

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday :)

I am so relieved. If anyone has been trying to keep up, you may know that my phone kind of broke a couple months ago {Again}. Then I got the same phone a few generations older..and it couldn't keep any calls/texts. The signal was miserable. Then I got the same phone a few generations newer...and it was pre-paid (I was mislead!), and I can't use it until next April - That's when the phone is inactive for a certain amount of time and can be put on a plan. So much crazy!

BUT...I now have a phone! After jumping around different stores lately, a lovely young lady at Target told me about a used phone store close to the main gate of base. We went there..and instead of getting a newer/older version of the phone I have now, I got a completely different one. It is so cute! And, it has a spot to hook to my keychain so I won't lose it -- how genius! {And still same Houston number..Please text me, I lost my numbers again!!}

Oh, and this is so exciting! {for me at least} As you may have heard, I finished my finals yesterday..And rewarded myself by going to pick up some books before picking up our pizza. I don't know why we've been ordering pizza so much lately! It's just quick and easy. Well, tonight we're actually going to cook dinner. And then I'm going to read all of these:

These are the books:

The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Mitch Albom
Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet, Matthew Fox
Your Captivating Heart, Stasi Eldredge
Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire, Rafe Esquith
One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp
We Bought a Zoo, Benjamin Mee
The Story (NIV)

I realize I just posted about these books, but the first four are what I got at the bookstore last night...It's called 2nd & Charles -- I love it! It's just like Half Price Books, but I think they might even have better selection. And everything is a great low price!! They even has a dollar section - bargain prices for amazing reads! I am SO excited to start reading all of these..They will surely last me until it's time to pack up and move again...Now the only thing left is to decide which to read first.....Any suggestions?

I also wanted to note that Netflix just added a bunch of awesome movies! Last night we watched Pocahontas :) And by awesome, I mean Disney movies of course. Lately Netflix hasn't had good stuff, but every once in a while they update their selection and actually bring in movies that we have heard of! So of course we had to watch Pocahontas last night too. What an awesome day yesterday..To celebrate the end of finals! {I've also been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately...especially those with puppies! I watched Santa Paws the other day -- so cute!}

Since finishing finals, I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of the schoolpapers and notes or to-do lists I have made throughout the semester. They are just sitting in my room. I make a note for each day about what I need to do, as I've mentioned before, and just found  a big pile of those. I guess spring cleaning is coming a little early!


Here are some of the wonderful things coming up:

~Monday series - to keep this blog interesting! Stay tuned!

~Substituting at the preschool at our church! {No calls yet, I'll check in with them Monday!}

~Cardio appt. in Durham on Tuesday...It's gonna be long drive/day.

~House hunting for Cali! Now we're just looking into the areas we want, to see what comes up. We get a couple days house hunting when we get there..Just looking ahead!

~Reading all those books I've been talking about!!!

~Finding & making crock pot recipes!!! Such easy dinners.

~Decluttering - and deciding what we will be keeping for our drive/move out west.

~Signing up for cake decorating & craft classes at Michael's, the arts & crafts store!! LOVE that place.

~Disney movie night!! It's going to happen!!! Anyone wanna join??

~Oh, and of course going home for CHRISTMAS!!!!!! December 23rd we will be on a plane to Texas!!!!!

We have so much to be thankful for... Staying positive!

It's Raining Finals!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It has been raining here nonstop lately! That plus a sudden burst of cold wind and air makes for a very lazy couple of days indoors...Or at least days where I would do anything to be able to be lazy.

As expected with finals, things for myself personally have been a little haywire. The past 3 days I have commenced all-nighters, for the mass of papers and homework I have to turn in left me no choice. Thankfully, last night {or early this morning at 5 am!} I finished my psych final paper, leaving ONE paper left for Friday! That one paper is going to be the trickiest, my english literature research paper...Really wish I could examine a poem in this rather than a play...Alas, my downfall.
This is kind of how I feel right now:
1. Currently {passively} immersed in a world of literature
2. Overwhelmed and trapped in a downpour of studying and books
.....I sense quite a discrepancy here.
{sources: pocket princesses, medieval-novels.com}


I am at an impasse trying to find even a smidge of motivation to finish this last assignment for the semester. Thankfully, I gave myself 2 days for this one tricky paper, but even that may not benefit me as much as I hoped.

...What have I beeen doing rather than studying?
  • Constantly updating/editing the layout of my blog {As you surely can tell}
  • Sleeping!
  • Watching Christmas movies on Netflix
  • Watching HGTV.... I'm addicted.
  • Searching for books on Amazon... {Seriously I spend too much time on this!}.
  • Attempting to clean or do the dishes {Yes, my motivation for this paper is THAT low!}
Honestly, the number of assignments and pure research I've done lately has exhausted me. That coupled with staying up all night to finish said assignments as soon as possible only makes me more than ready for the weekend.

Obviously, I am so over this week......
Once this last final paper is done, we will be:

     ~So much closer to going home for Christmas

     ~So much closer to the new year

     ~So much closer to TIME to relax!

     ~So much closer to moving & settling in to our final destination :)

I think it's about time to just knock this paper out and be done with it.....Wish me luck!

A lesson I've been reminded of this semester!

finals week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Well, I've been a little bit out of my online world lately...

Here is what's been keeping me busy {Or what has been on my mind!}:

~Finals fast approaching!! I am 3 research papers away from being finished with Fall!! {Semester ends Friday..when everything is due!}

~My temp job at the bakery - it was great while it lasted! I was only there for 2 weeks, just like the last bakery I worked at before we began the first move into military life. I learned a whole lot & can't wait to find a new bakery to work at in Cali :)

~Aggie football!! In case anyone didn't hear....An extraordinary freshman {Johnny Manziel} on the Texas A&M football team won the HEISMAN TROPHY! What an honor & how wonderful this will be for our school! First season in the SEC, first ever fish Heisman winner, many firsts/records reached in stats this year... We wish we were back home in College Station!! {As you can tell, I am proud of my school, but not too huge a football fan! Still how awesome is that?!}

~We have our tickets home for Christmas! It took extra long since I used a flight voucher {that really only covered taxes..} but we still have them! They cost SO MUCH and the airport is like 3 hours away, so that will be fun..But it will be so worth it! We will be there for a week with family!

~I got a new cardio referral a few weeks ago since we moved and my first appointment is next week...Tuesday. A little nervous, but glad to know that my health will be taken care of. It's a little daunting doing all of this by myself, without my mom by my side {There's no way Marshall will ever be able to come with me unless it's something that requires emergency leave from work...Not anytime soon!} Also a little nervous to drive 4 hours to the appointment..But the historic town that it's in will be fun to explore afterward! {It's an early appt. too..}

~I can't wait for finals to be done, because...
1. I found a new coffee shop to relax/read at, and
2 (a). I have those books I mentioned before that I am DYING to read!!! {Left: the books in the running.. More to come soon :) }

2 (b). The sooner I begin reading these wonderful books, the sooner I can write book reviews for them, just like I said I would here. {I plan on writing reviews/thoughts and linking them to that same page, where I have categorized all of them}

~The other day I recieved a call from the church we attend --- I am on the list for substitute teachers at their preschool! I am so excited for this opportunity, though I haven't had the privilege of subbing yet. They said once a week, but I assume it will pick up after holidays {Haven't gotten any calls/emails yet}

I think those are about all the updates... Right now I still have 3 A's and a B...Economics isn't my strong point. We will see how finals turn out..Within two weeks the final grades should be out so that's exciting! I just can't wait to be DONE!

{{p.s. After this, I only need 9 more hours... 3 classes..Till I can order my Aggie ring...Which I will be ordering in MAY of 2013!!!! I will get it {mailed to us} next SEPTEMBER!!!! So excited!!!!!}}

Oh, and Our little apartment is a mess right now... but that's okay because I need to finish my papers first!

We also realized that we kind of brought too much stuff with us... Meaning that we won't be able to fit everything in our two cars for the move cross-country. I don't really want to get a uhaul for the trip, cause it will save a bit of money if we don't, so we'll see. I know I wanted to bring some "home-y" feeling things like pictures, signs, sentimental things to put up in our little place, but I've found that it takes up room. Perhaps I should have thought more of the next move we will be undergoing, when pre-packing for this one. {The majority of our stuff is already in storage in San Diego..It was shipped in October.} Therefore, once finals are done and the apartment is clean, I will go about the rest of our stuff to see what we can actually take in our cars for the move, and what we might have to part with...

That said, we will be moving in only two months! This time February, we will be moving out of our place here in North Carolina, preparing to head to Texas! We are planning on spending 3 days on the road to Texas, a few days staying with family and visiting, then another 3 days on the road to SoCal {With Scruffy!!! We're getting her back!!!!}. I've been looking up what houses are like in the area and what we will be able to afford with our allotted housing allowance for the region, and I am getting very excited! We get - I think - 4 days house hunting when we get to the area - Such an exciting time to actually find a house with a backyard for our energetic Scruffy puppy!!

2013 is going to bring a lot of changes - new home, new state, new jobs, new semester, new friends.... We're excited! {p.s. Sorry I've been horrible at taking any pictures...and having fun updates.}

staying positive

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lately I've been realizing a lot of things.

While trying to juggle everything in life {Being a productive wife, work, school, house hunting..} I've done a lot of pondering about...everything.

What I've been realizing is, no matter what you have to do throughout your day or go through, it is all about attitude. It is all about a positive attitude! It is all about being encouraged, and loved, and welcome, to make you motivated to do what you need to cross off your list.

A Steven Curtis Chapman song that came out recently {a year ago} sums it up..

While I may not know you,
I bet I know you wonder sometimes,

Does it matter at all?

Well let me remind you, it all matters just as long
As you do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you,
Cause He made you,
To do every little thing that you do
To bring a smile to His face
Tell the story of Grace
With every move that you make
And every little thing you do

The lyrics explain it well enough, though if you are a visual learner {or auditory} rather than kinesthetic, this music video will work for you (Learning Theory class here!!):

Even though this music video is only lyrics, the song and the message is still there. We must do everything we do, if not for our own satisfaction, then for God's satisfaction! We must do everything in a manner that glorifies Him.

So while I'm at work, I think about this song, and many others on any Christian Pandora station, and do the dishes diligently.. To glorify God. I don't compain, I don't whine, and I fix my mistakes. I am patiently learning how to work the confusing register, and I am making progress. I am always thinking of Him, my Creator, who gave me this wonderful life with the most handsome husband  I could have ever hoped for or imagined. He has planned out everything for us, and all we have to do is surrender our lives to Him in order to reach our full potential. This includes doing everything we do to glorify Him. This includes being positive in the most unpleasant of circumstances, because He always has a will, and He will show us the way.

This is where the positive attitude comes in handy. This is where it comes into play -- Do everything we do to glorify God!

So how can I keep so positive while experiencing this crazy military life?

I try. I do everything  I can to see the best in a situation. I am so thankful that Logistics Officer Course is a much nicer schedule on my man than TBS ever was or could be. I am so thankful to be able to be in school right now, while working, while having so much more time with Marshall now than I ever did during TBS. I think more about what I'm thankful for, rather than what I want to fix about all of this.

I really do enjoy this military life, though it's not for all. I realize that some military spouses get next to no time with their husbands --- whatever their specific job is forces them to be away from family for an extended or specific amount of time. I realize this is a fact of military life, but we must still be thankful -- in ALL situations. God wouldn't give us something that we couldn't handle. Even with this, even with not getting enough time with your man, it is so important to keep positive about it. Cherish the time you do get. Yes, it is stressful, but it is life. It's another fact of this crazy military life. I know, I experienced that too growing up, and I am so thankful for that experience to prepare me for the now.

This is where a positive attitude comes in handy --  rather than being so upset about the shortage of time you get to spend together, or the slim pay you have to live by, realize that this is the life God has given us. Be thankful for it, and glorify Him! He knows we can handle it -- some of us may just need a little help in realizing this.

I realize that, when we get out to Camp Pendleton, I won't get near as much time with Marshall as I do now. I'm preparing for that; I am preparing my heart for that. I know that this is what he's always wanted to do, and I'm respecting that. I am letting him follow his dreams, while keeping the fort together and solid at home {the best I can fit into everything else that's going on!}. I am trying my best to handle these situations God put upon me with grace, and love. A positive attitude is key {Especially when you are glorifying God, in everything you do!}

It's great for me now, partly because of the health insurance. Tricare is a lifesaver, literally, and they are so easy to work with. That's one bonus. Another, is the network of wives. Although there haven't been any spouse events or anything here at Log-O school {since we're technically not supposed to be here for such a short school} it is still really nice whenever I do get the chance to hang out with other Marine wives. That's one huge postitive -- the instant friends, wherever you go. I am thankful that I was involved with LINKS while we were in Quantico -- the instant network of friends and knowledge of the Marine family lifestyle was really a lifesaver.

I am thankful that I have such an optimistic attitude about everything. I really realized this the other day -- about a week after I turn in assignments, they are graded and posted online. In my Education course, as you may know, every week we've been writing lesson plans about different INTASC principles; things that need to be addressed in the classroom through lessons for child development, to put it simple. At the end of the lesson, there is a reflection section we have to fill out, about what we think about what we created, how we can change it in the future, what you think the students will take away from it, etc. And I always have an upbeat attitude about it -- that's just how I am.

My professor pointed out that my attitude, that postitive, upbeat attitude, is truly a blessing. This happened in the dicussion board posts too, which are basically like essay questions you have to research and turn in every other week; It's usually about a kind of behavior issue expected, or how we can positively integrate technology in the classroom. I try and find something great out of it. I am always {doing my best} to stay positive. And my professor loves that, at least she says how she appreciates my attitude and take on life. At the beginning of the course, we had to introduce ourselves, and we could include anything -- I noted my major, where we are from, where we are living, that we're going to be moving {again} soon, etc. But I was positive about it all. I was excited in my words about all the ups and downs I explained that we've been experiencing in this crazy {military} lifestyle. And everyone appreciated that take on life. It's hard to find that nowadays.

Society is telling everyone to want more and more than before, and people are becoming greedy. People are losing hope; in our country, in eachother, in God. People are negative. This is not the way to live.

We are to live in HOPE and JOY and PEACE; We must be thankful and positive, for God is our ultimate Hope, and Jesus is our Savior from all worldly things. Even with the ups and downs while trying to learn the ins and out of this ridiculous military life, we must keep our faith in Him -- because if we have that, then we can't be stopped. Greed isn't the answer, God is. This is why, or how, I am always positive. This is why I'm usually in a good mood, or how I can have so much to do, but still finish everything, and then some-- becoming so productive. We must do everything we do to glorify Him. And this is what I have been trying my best to do. I'm not perfect -- but I've been trying. That's all we can hope to do.

I can keep so positive during this crazy, military lifestyle because I have God on my side.

Do you?

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,
give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

the end of November

Friday, November 30, 2012

Things have been crazy busy stressful lately! I haven't had time to even think about keeping up with this blog here. Anyway, to start off, I thought I'd finish the month of thankfulness posts for November:

Today, I am thankful for...
Day 22: I am thankful that school is almost over! Two weeks and I'm done with the Fall!!
Day 23: I am thankful for Amazon.com. I recently ordered a few {very cheap} good books that I can't wait to start reading once I finish my finals! I love looking for books on that site!
Day 24: I am thankful for the prospect of a new year! I cannot wait for the new year: new beginnings, new resolutions..and ALMOST to our duty station!
Day 25: Also with that, I am so thankful for Christmas and the reason for the season! Christmas music has been playing nonstop, Charlie Brown Christmas was on ABC the other day, and I can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I think of our SAVIOR whom allows us to celebrate such a wonderful, blessed holiday!
Day 26: I am thankful for our air mattress! It is much nicer than sleeping on the floor, since we don't have much of our household goods with us {that was shipped to Camp Pendleton}...Though Trigger did poke a hole in it, so it slowly deflates overnight, that's been fun!
Day 27: I am thankful for my job! Even though it's a temp holiday job at the bakery, it is so much fun!!! Yesterday the owner complimented me on how well I was doing, with learning my way around the kitchen and being able to help everywhere -dishes, register, cookie batches, fondant decorations... It is so much fun & I LOVE it! I am determined to find a job at a bakery once we move, and find a way to do pastry school next summer also.
Day 28: I am thankful for notecards! I know it sounds silly, but every day I take a notecard and write the date: day of week, month, number, year; and write down the homework I'm going to finish that day, the errands I need to go do, when I work, etc. It keeps me so organized and I seriously don't know what I'd do without this little something we all take for granted.
Day 29: I am thankful for cake! Of course working at a bakery this comes to mind, but I always get to snack on some of the leftover cake once it's carved into whatever creation the decorators are making for the day. Cake is delicious - and I don't see how I can go any longer than a couple days without some, seriously!
Day 30: We are thankful for going home for Christmas!!!! I know this all isn't about me, it's about Marshall and I, and going home to Texas for a week is something that we are more than ecstatic about! I am also thankful that I got the couple of days in there off work to be able to go, though not ready to drive 3 hours to the nearest airport that morning... Oh, still waiting for American Airlines to send the tickets our way since we used a flight voucher...making me nervous! But we still have time! Can't wait to see family!!!
..I have been SO behind!! Life got in the way..
Well, The following are a couple things that have kept me busy lately!
*Working at the bakery!! Anywhere from 4-6 hours a day, Mon-Thurs and a couple Saturdays {Like tomorrow morning}. I have learned a lot about baking and sweets in my short time there so far & feel so blessed to be able to work there!
*School..has been ridiculous! The past couple of weeks I have been getting a little behind on my coursework turning it in later than I wanted, but still {barely} on time..because of working so much, I suspect. And losing sleep. This week I had 2 discussions, 4 quizzes, 1 economics report and 1 lesson plan. That with all the readings accompanied...Kind of a lot to do in a week. While working 5 days of that week.
*Sleep..When I do get to sleep, it's really wonderful. I seriously took sleep for granted before things started getting hectic with work hours and schoolwork...and taking care of Marshall and the apartment, running errands, and everything else that comes with life. I've been trying to sleep every chance I get {unless I set a goal to finish some schoolwork that night..That takes priority!}
Anyway, that may not sound like much to some, but with as much time as school, work, and being a productive member of our little household take, it sure is a lot. Things have been stressful, but somehow I still manage to fit time in to at least try to keep up with friends and family, or just to take a break and search for more books on Amazon.
November has been a crazy little month! We have so much to be thankful for.
December is also going to be interesting! The Fall for me is done in 2 weeks {yay!}, I work for another {definitie} 3 weeks, we're going home for a week around Christmas, we're {very sadly} not going to put up a tree this year - we don't have a fake tree, just a tree stand, we're not going to be here, and school for both of us is going to be too crazy to take that time to get one.
I am just so ready for December 14th to come..the last day of the Fall semester!! Then I will be able to relax, with only a week or so left at the bakery, and getting ready to go home to see friends and family and celebrate the joy of Christmas. With that said, I can't believe it's already December!!! It is almost the new year, 2013...This year has sped by. I know I sound repetitive but it's really hard to believe.
Well, I'm gonna go for the night. I might add a picture or two later, we'll see. Just wanted to get all of this good stuff out there!

Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

 Just thought I'd share with you some Disney Thanksgiving artwork inspired by the original (right), a famous Norman Rockwell painting. Funny I stumbled upon this, since earlier I was watching a show about Walt Disney himself! I can't explain how excited I am to be able to move and to be so close to DISNEYLAND! I know it's not the same thing as Disney World, but it's still Disney, nonetheless!! Only a few more months till the West Coast :)

Talking about giving thanks, we have so much to be thankful for.

Things have been interesting lately, but we've gotten through it. Personally I just finished midterms, started a new job, and am still trying to keep up with housework and weekly grocery shopping (Traffic... miserable!!). Sometimes I find it difficult to explain that these classes I'm taking are an entire semester's worth of material - that's four months of material - squished into only two months, a mere 8 weeks of classes. I'm also taking 4 classes at once, 3 out of 4 are reading intensive, so it adds up to a huge bundle of work. But I'm doing alright..2 A's and 2 B's! Thankful that I've learned to manage my time a little bit better..

We also have eachother! Love love love being married to my soulmate. That's more than enough to be thankful for, and we've been trying to focus more on our relationship lately rather than our silly routines. Sometimes, I get sidetracked with little computer games rather than schoolwork, and Marshall plays his Xbox for an entire day or afternoon...but it's going to change. Lately I've felt so consumed by this new schedule that I've been losing track of cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc.. The little things..But we're getting better, adjusting to life's curveballs along the way. I can't even begin to explain how wonderful marriage is - even if these routines sometimes get in the way - It is a huge blessing and I am so thankful to be married to Marshall. He is my studmuffin.

Speaking of marriage... I've been meditating a lot on Scripture lately, and that sure has helped my work ethic. This is a photo once again from that wonderful organization I talked about the other day - Made in His Image. I can't help but read their website whenever I get online - it is so inspiring!

This is also something I've needed lately - sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed by all this work and busy that's been going on, I forget to realize the reason for the season, so to speak. Sometimes, I become so consumed that I forget to look to God to take away this stress and give me the strength to move on. This is something I've been coming to realize much lately. It also helps that I've been listening to Christian radio every morning and afternoon from work, whenever I go out really, because it is just so encouraging, and it really brings my spirits up. And Pandora never fails me with encouraging study music, too!
SO much to be thankful for. And also, I'm really behind on this...
Today, I am thankful for..
Day 16: I am thankful for the fall, and the wonderful weather that comes with it.
Day 17: I am thankful for the sacred institution of marriage, and how blessed we are!
Day 18: I am thankful for Christian music! I don't know what I'd do, or where I'd be without it. Lately I've been listening to a bunch of Shaun Groves and David Crowder Band... Love love love.
Day 19: I am thankful for the complex minds we were created with and the thought processes that come with it..specifically the ability to multitask and manage our time. As well as memories - for instance- Last week in Psych we studied the role of emotion in memories we create, and how a fairly strong emotion, rather happy or sad, can become "etched" in our minds - because of the signifigance of the event itself. It's so crazy learning about the complexity of the mind!
Day 20:  I'm thankful for a dishwasher at home! Love not having to clean all of the dishes by hand...It is so time consuming, as I've noticed at the bakery lately. So many dishes..
Day 21: I am thankful for a place to live! It is so much nicer having a 2br apartment than 1br..So much more room! I get my own little makeshift office too (We don't have most of our furniture with us). It's such a blessing not to have to worry about the little things, such as where to live, when we will be able to eat, etc, and I'm so thankful that Marshall provides for us. He is a blessing.

Banana & Sweet Potato Fritters

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I met with some wonderful spouses of Charlie Co. from TBS that also relocated to the Camp Lejeune area temporarily. It was really nice to catch up and hear from everyone! Also, seeing familiar faces is always a plus, as this was soon after we moved down here. We went to Yana's, a wonderful retuaraunt in Swansboro, maybe 40 minutes east. It was a sweet little town right on the water! And Yana's was amazing - the food was good, but my favorite part were their famous fruit fritters. Fritters, in this instance, consist of mashed up fruits mixed with flour, and a little bit of baking soda and salt. So it's basically deep fried fruit, that taste much like a funnel cake (It reminded me of the Texas State Fair - fried everything!!}. Simply wonderful. {Oh, and it's a really awesome way to use up your bananas just right before you have to throw them out before they go bad!}

I was really craving these earlier, but didn't want to go out to the actual resturaunt. So I found a recipe and went to the grocery store.....

Here is what I came up with, and a recipe to go along {It's really been too long since I've put up a recipe!}

Banana Fritters!

8-9 medium ripe bananas
{those with blackened skins are perfect!}

1 cup flour

3/4 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon of salt

Oil for frying
Mash up the bananas into a pulp, a potato masher works well {or whichever fruit you choose - I also made them with sweet potatoes and it turned out very well!}.
Add the flour, baking powder, and salt.
Heat oil {about 2 inches deep} on medium heat
Use large spoon to scoop and drop the batter in the oil {gently, and low to the oil..you don't want hot oil to splatter everywhere!}
Fry a few at a time until golden brown.
Remove from the fryer when done, and enjoy!
~~~The finished product:~~~

**Fritters are very similar to funnel cake in make and form..And they are WONDERFUL because the batter is infused with FRUIT!!! Very awesome!!

**Note: Best enjoyed with powdered sugar! You can also drizzle honey or even chocolate syrup on them. The sky is the limit!
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