another busy wonderful week to go

Sunday, June 24, 2012

This has been a really ridiculous week. It's been super awesome, but also kind of stressful. I had the EFMP camp, finally got the second referral to Bethesda scheduled, presented my Links for Kids section "Smooth Moves" to fellow Linksters, started taking my new prescription, finished three weeks worth of these two courses in this one week...and I still went to work 3 days this week. Our apartment is a huge mess, simply because I haven't had any time to do anything about it. I have really put so much on my plate, but it's so worth it!!

Also, look at what a cutie pie our sweet Trigger bug is!!! She loves Marshall very much and it's so sweet. I'm pretty excited I got this moment captured on my phone camera (Regular camera still isn't cooperating...) Aren't they just the cutest?!! He loves our little girl, and she's such a pretty kitty! We love our animals a whole lot :)

                       Also can't wait to get our Scruffy puppy back in September!!!!
                                                                                                 We miss her so much!

Other than what I'm up to, the big deal is what Marshall's up to. This week starting tomorrow (Monday) is their Rifle Fex (Fex II), so he will be gone doing his thing till Friday or so. This is what Marshall said that they will be doing: "platoon in the defense, platoon in the offense, and live fire range" Sounds like fun out there, though I couldn't imagine going through what they go through in the field. Those guys are real tough studs. Anyway....I'm just hoping he makes it home safe this weekend since the issues with his knee etc. Osteo Biflex has helped a lot! (If you didn't know...he hurt it last week during an obstacle course)

They are also scheduled to go on another one of these the middle of next month, at the time when my mom and granny will be in town so we can get some traveling done! I'm so excited for that week!! We're going to Hershey & Boston :) Never been to Pennsylvania or Massachussetts before!! You think I would have by now living so close to all these little states on the east coast huh? On the weekends instead we both work on homework, watch The Office or Star Wars, and just chill... Not too exciting but it's still kind of wonderful and awesome. I love being married.

Back to the school topic...I spent a couple hours typing out a course schedule/syllabus/etc of my next three classes that actually start on Monday. I'll be taking Principles of Education, Intro to Geography, and Intro to Christian Thought. SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!! Looking at the schedules, there aren't nearly as much readings as my Bible class which is kind of nice, since I won't be spending as much time on just purely reading the material...more time to study! Monday also begins the two weeks that my summer terms will overlap, so that is why I finished all the readings for Apologetics early..once again, less reading and more studying! I guess it's gonna be kind of nice not having Marshall here this week solely because I'll be keeping up with 5 online summer classes at once..where an entire month of work is squeezed into a week, essentially. Lots to do.

One more thing, I really want us to go to NYC soon, or at least sooner than we expect to. The three musicals that I absolutely have to see: The Lion King, Mamma Mia, and The Phantom of the Opera! I only thought of Mamma Mia earlier because we were listening to some ABBA along with other 70's music...and of course that musical is based around their music! I need to get my hands on that movie again...Though I have seen the Phantom on Broadway already, when Michael was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade back in the day (2004) at Waukesha North. Anyway, we've been wanting to go to New York together since we moved up in the vicinity! I just wish we could have more than just a short weekend out there whenever we make the trip. Also, it would be nice if one of those musicals has a show whichever weekend it is. New York is something that we want to go see together so we obviously can't wait for the opportunity! So much to do out there!! And it's not all about the musicals...that's just the only thing I can think of at 2:30 in the morning :)

Well it looks like that's it for now. Time for bed, I can't believe what time it is! And I still can't believe it's nearly July!!! Maybe I can finally get around to cleaning the apartment tomorrow...and getting groceries for one since Marshall will be gone this week. I need to have my milk, you know...

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