a carnival & a kitty cat

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So today we did the carnival for the kids in the gym. Sadly because of my crazy schedule yesterday (camp, work, pharmacy, school, presentations..) I couldn't stay to set this up but the rest of the LINKS girls (and the few Marines helping) did a wonderful job! The kids went bowling, fished with magnets, hula hooped, kicked a soccer goal, threw a ball to knock down cans.... carnival things. They also got cool prizes at the end, depending on how many tickets they won from the games! You can see the wonderful pictures here:

It was a super fun day, they really kept us busy! There was a group of really sweet girls, and as they were leaving one of them asked for a hug and wouldn't let me go. I didn't want her to go either! I'll have to be sure to find her at the ceremony/last day festivites tomorrow at the park. There were so any different things to do at once for our stations and the kids didn't want to leave! All the games were adaptable, and you could tell the kids were having a blast. They have their own way of telling you things, and it's so cool to learn from them and to see them having fun. This was truly the most rewarding day so far. It tells me that this is something I want to do! EFMP is a wonderful program, and I hope other military bases start having this summer camp so I can volunteer there too! So far, Quantico is the only one with this kind of a camp. Today there were also firemen and horses, that would have been so cool to see the interactions! There was also a clown in the morning, which I avoided..... I ate breakfast in the break room at that time. No clowns for me, sorry, nope, never!

This week went by so fast! I can't believe tomorrow is already the last day of this camp. It sure will be fun, I can't wait to see the USMC band! (And of course have bbq!) Then right after camp tomorrow I have to head back to the apartment for work... It's going to be a crazy day, again. I've lost so much sleep with camp, working on my presentation, schoolwork, housework, actual work, running errands...It's been an exhausting week and I can't wait for the weekend. This is the most I've done at once for a long time (and definitely since we moved.)

Something exciting about this weekend: Disney Pixar's BRAVE is in theatres Friday!!! I cannot wait, I'm going to make sure we go this weekend :)) Another new Disney princess has arrived! Her name is Merida, which is so unique and awesome. Oh, and she's into archery which is something also super awesome. We grew up (sort of) with a bow and arrow once Michael got it for Christmas, and that's all we did for days at my Granny's farm in Canton, as well as our backyard when we lived in Wisconsin 4-6 years ago. It's just such a cool twist from the regular Disney princess you'd think of. I LOVE Disney, especially Disney princesses! Patiently waiting for the weekend right now :))

Right now my parents are in the process of moving up to Ft. Bragg, NC. Things got postponed a day or so cause of complications with the moving truck, but they will be up here in the vicinity shortly! They will be only 6 hours from us, so we'll surely find time this summer to go visit or meet halfway...I'm so excited! I'm also relieved they will be close because now I have to go to Bethesda (Maryland) for my Cardio, and I'm going to have my mom come with me because that's just what we've always done..and I have to cross a state line for the doctor! It seems crazy, but it's only the other side of DC. It's really like an hour to two at the most, from what I hear..But I also want someone with me (Marshall can only come if it's a Saturday, so I might do that too) because that's where the Naval Academy is, and there's some cool stuff to see out there! I don't want to go sightseeing by myself you know! It's also one of the Presidential hospitals...so like if the Pres. is having medical problems he will either be helicoptered to Bethesda or 3 other big/major military hospitals in the area. Literally one of the best hospitals in the nation. That makes me feel pretty good about medical stuff! (I still have to wait for the phone call/referral to go through and schedule it though...)

One more thing: today a year ago we found our sweet little Trigger as a stray and took her in! She was living under the house I stayed in for the summer in College Station, and Marshall heard her/caught her late one night, since we left food and water out on the back porch. He had her cornered! She'd have to eat some time, you know...she was so terrified, but so precious and adorable! She was itty bitty... And very fuzzy too :) We (and the vet) guessed she was probably just a month old when we found her. For a week we also thought she was a bobcat, if you can see in her kitten pictures her ears, you'd understand... Good thing we caught her, who knows what would have happened! This is why we will never get a pet from a breeder, always a stray or one that was rescued (Like Trigger-bug!). There's always going to be a needy animal out there, it's better to adopt/look for one who will appreciate you rather than settle on one that's bred purely so that the owner gains a bit of moolah.

 Here's my little photo dedication/from the past year to the cuteness that is Trigger! :


Hmmm.. Let's see what else...the only other thing that I can think of is that next week Marshall will be gone for a Rifle Fex, and it's also the first week of my Summer II - D term! This weekend I'm going to try to get all of Summer B work done so that I can solely concentrate on my next 3 classes. And Marshall has also been exhausted this week, they had to write orders and weren't given the instructions etc. until 2 in the morning, when they were due at some ridiculous time that morning, so Marshall spent a ridiculous amount of time frustrated lately because of that. I don't know if I mentioned this before or not... But thank goodness it's almost the weekend, it is very much needed & earned! W'e're going to relax, clean, get groceries, relax, and sleep (And hopefully go see Brave!)... Pretty lazy, huh? Im also scheduled to Skype with miss Tatyanna on Saturday and Im super excited :)

Well I guess that's it for now! Time to go take a super duper nap and hibernate for a month, or at least until Marshall gets home....!

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