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Monday, June 11, 2012

Super awesome news! I just finished week 4 for both of my online courses, and I have a 91% in each - Apol 104 & Bibl 104! This is a huge feat for me since these are my first religion courses (there is only one more that Im taking in the next summer term...9 religion hours are required at Liberty for any degree). So far I've gotten A's on every quiz except one (there's a quiz at the end of each week), and turns out I just aced my quiz for Biblical Literature! Woohoo! This marks the halfway point with my summer B term - and a good one at that :) This whole distance learning thing seems to be more my style. I am so blessed to have found this school - and so relieved that even with a semester off I can still finish my degree on time because of the multipule terms during semesters.

I know I probably shouldn't be up this late, but I can't help it. I took an awesome nap earlier, and Marshall was sleeping most of the day...and still is sleeping! I can't believe he slept through Food Network Star... That is our new favorite show! I love the combination of mentors - Giada DeLaurentis, Alton Brown, and Bobby Flay. They are seriously my 3 favorite people on Food Network (except for Candace Nelson, the founder of Sprinkles...and a judge on Cupcake Wars!) I grew up on Mythbusters, Bill Nye, and Good Eats on the weekends with my dad and anytime I can see any of those guys on TV - Adam & Jamie from Mythbusters, Bill Nye the Science Guy, or Alton Brown from Good Eats - it's been a good day. We could both seriously live on the Food Network and Discovery Channel. Though we both really don't like the decision the judges made today on the show....Seriously, we both agree that Martie should have gone home, not Judson (both from Alton's team). It's so disappointing! At any point, it's not fun to see Alton Brown's team at the bottom, he is my favorite Food Network personality! I could watch his show, Good Eats, all day.

Something else that's super exciting... we are now owners of the original unaltered Star Wars trilogy on VHS! Okay, so Marshall is the one all giddy about this - he's been bugging me for so long to snag it on ebay - and we finally found one that's the ticket. It's still all wrapped up too, awesome! Because it's, you know, on VHS, we had to also get a DVD/VHS combo...since you can't get video players by themselves anymore, which is a bummer. I actually went all the way to the exchange on base to look for one's kind of nonexistent, which seems so bizzare to me. We both grew up on this stuff! All you can get now at the store is a DVD/ Blu-Ray combo, and we're never going to need that. So my friend eBay helped us out again and soon enough we'll have a video/dvd combo in the mail as well :) Now I just need to find a splitter to have that and the wii hooked up at the same time...I fell it would make life so much easier.

Don't worry.. it was more like $15 :)

Now to think about this's really going to be a crazy week. A fun and exciting one, but I'm still a little nervous :) Well, first of all, the only thing I know about Marshall's week is that Tuesday there's a final for the O-course, and we're both nervous about that. His knee is still hurting him from an exercise last week, and he can really feel it whenever he does..anything. He basically slept the entire weekend, and I iced it whenever I had the chance, but it doesn't look like that's enough. Hopefully it's just something he can kind of "walk off." We'll see.

Other than work and school this week, I'm personally going to be quite a busy body. Like I mentioned before, Tuesday I'm meeting up with the LINKS girls and we're all going to DC to visit Georgetown Cupcake....I am so excited!!! I need to be sure to look on their FB page early that morning to see what the free not-on-menu cupcake of the day is. I'm sure someone will have their smart phone out so we can all get a free cupcake. I love cupcakes. Aren't they beautiful?

Wednesday is also going to be quite exciting..I mentioned earlier that I'll be attending some new mentor training for LINKS (pretty pumped!) Next I will meet the EFMP team & we will head over to Ashurst Elementary on base to set up the camp that's going on next week, June 18-20th. I am seriously beyond excited for this!!! I can't wait to see what kind of events we will be doing with the kiddos. Here's the logo:

Thursday, though, is going to be the stressful day of the bunch. I've been waiting for this day for nearly a year, and it's finally here after many fights with Tricare, two different primary doctors, and a missed appointment. I'm sure not going to sleep through this one because I'll have Amber with me for company! (Thank you Amber!!!!) Bright and early we're going to head to Ft. Belvoir for my long-awaited Cardiology appointment (3 and a half months I waited, to be exact). We're going to leave at like 630, cause I sure don't want to be late to it this time. Basically, this cardio is the only one at the brand-spankin' new facilities at Belvoir, and it's a guy. SO wierd, since all my life I've only had female cardios. I guess we'll see how this goes...if I didn't take this referral I'd have to wait another month at least for another to go through, and it can get more difficult going to a non-military doctor, so...I have to take my pile of all of records and names/address/numbers of my past cardios so that he can have those records/my medical history. Oh and I need new prescriptions, so even after the appointment Im still going to have to wait at most an hour to get those refilled, because of the number system they have at the pharmacy. It's going to be quite a day.

I really wish that Marshall could get the day off to come with me...I know he doesn't like the "waiting game" at doctor's offices, but since we're married now he'd be allowed in the room. And this is stuff he needs to hear and understand. It's kind of stuck with us. This is the reason why I'm nervous...I want - need - to know what exactly is all this stuff that's been going on, affecting my breathing and heart rate. I want to know what this means, why my medicine isn't helping, and when something needs to be done. I know they try to postpone operation until absolutely necessary, no-other-way-around-the-problem, and I want to know how far away I am from that point. I kind of want that to happen sooner than later, so that Marshall can understand better what I go through...and what my parents have had to go through (And so that it can be covered under Tricare before he gets is the world's best health insurance, after all). I don't feel he quite understands the whole situation yet, because he hasn't exactly experienced it yet.

After I recovered from my last one in 8th grade, I felt (health-wise) literally the best I ever have. I could breathe, so deeply, so honestly. I was never able to do that before. I want that back, without the worry (Even now I can't ride roller coasters without feeling uncomfortable). I had so much energy, once I recovered - I was in marching band and soccer, and I was even allowed to run the mile (Something I could never do growing up...Gym class was always a chore and I should have been exempt, though I always had my choice on what activites to participate in). So after this happens, whenever it may be, we can actually go running together, a quality Marshall always wanted in a spouse, being the marathon-runner that he is. I feel that no matter what the cardio says, I'm still going to be a little stressed about it. It's been bothering me so much lately. Probably because Marshall won't be there. I guess that's what I get for marrying a man in the military (duh!). I'm going to make sure Amber gets a reward of some kind for being the one to come with me Thursday!! (I think I'll buy her cupcake in DC to thank her in advance, then maybe we can do chinese when the guys are gone the next week.) It's going to make it so much easier on me, being the first time I go without either my mom or dad. They always knew what to say and the history of it, so from that point, Marshall's got some big shoes to fill (but I know he will...once he get's the hang of it!)

It looks like this was more of a venting post :) I guess a blog is a more "sophisticated"/tech savvy version of a diary. Anyway, thanks for reading! Basically our life in a nutshell (mostly). I know it's long, get used to it.

On a different note...
Meet Dr. House & Arthur Weasley...the robbers from 101 Dalmatians.

I had NO idea.

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