A Sweet Morning :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This morning with the LINKS girls we went to Georgetown Cupcake, home of TLC's DC Cupcakes!!! This was the entire purpose of our trip to DC! And the traffic wasn't even that bad (Though I wasn't the one driving) It was so cool to go back there and I really enjoyed it. There's just something about cupcakes...

I got chocolate ganache & lavender cupcakes :) And ice cold milk.. of course. I'm saving the chocolate ganache for later and had the lavender while we were there, and it's such a unique taste. I've never had lavendar anything before so it was kind of unusual for me. It tasted kind of like medicine to me... It has this wierd chalky undertone and reminded me of flowers the whole time I was eating it. (duh..it's lavender!)

I also looked at their FB page this morning and ordered their free not on menu cupcake of the day - Chocolate Mint Crunch! I ended up saving that one for later...maybe Marshall can have it tonight if it's not gone by then! I had part of someone else's so that's how I was able to save this one and let me tell you - it was AMAZING. All of their cupcakes are amazing. I wish I could work there. Or live there!

Here's a really cool picture they had on the walls - I'd really like one just like this! It's crazy how that one picture/style/artform of Andy Warhol's was transformed into so many things... and how that design can be made into anything, including cupcakes. If you don't get what I'm talking about, just Google "Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe (or Campbell's)" and you'll see. Isn't this such a cute picture though? I just love cupcakeries. Even famous ones! Now I just need to keep up with the show on TLC; I missed their new episode last Friday, bummer...

I went with Marie, Christine, Megan, Cassandra, Amber, Summer-Rain and her kids. It was really cool getting to know the LINKS girls a little better, and I sure look foward to more fun outing like this! I know it's a bummer I don't have any pictures of everyone, or anyone! I'm telling you - it's this silly camera - I need a new one! I'm actually looking at refurbished Nikon's on their website..maybe I can talk Marshall into us getting me one for my birthday... My next camera is going to be a super nice one..and hopefully pink :)

We also went to Qdoba for lunch and I had some awesome tortilla soup! That was a nice chance to be in a relaxed place just talking with the girls, and I also confirmed with Amber info about my appointment Thursday. Once again, I am SO blessed to have a friend like her! I think on the way home from Belvoir I'm going to treat her to lunch at some cute cafe we find. I've missed just having chill time like this with some good friends. I am so looking foward to more outings! Maybe I can talk everyone into going to the National Zoo.... :) (Though that's something I'm planning on doing in July with Holliday, another new friend I met at the first LINKS session I went to!)

It looks like I'll see the LINKS girls more this week: tomorrow morning there is new mentor training then right after that we're going over to Ashurst to set up the EFMP summer camp. Tomorrow is going to be awesome! And I'll be sure to take my camera again... if it cooperates!

Well, that's how my morning went! Once again, I'm going to study and clean the afternoon away until my stud comes home tonight :) I hope his knee wasn't hurting him too bad at the O-course today... but I know he'll get through it and do his best. Such a stud!

Until next time...!

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