What a Week!

Friday, June 8, 2012

It's been a really crazy week, thank goodness it's the weekend!! I have been working at the pool every day this week except Monday..sitting in the sun can be exhausting! Especially when I was there for 10 hours Wednesday. Oh, and don't forget the flat tire that almost made Marshall late to work the other day..he had to take Chip (my car) the rest of this week while I called USAA Roadside to get Dale (his truck) a new tire.. Though this weekend we're going to have to go to Sears to get him a larger tire - the mechanic said that he can't drive over 50 miles on it because of the size difference. At least it was raining so I didn't have to be at work for those few hours it got fixed! Thank goodness we have USAA too. Also, it's a good thing I work at the pool at our apartment - so convenient :)

Anyway, right now I am at about week 4 (out of 8) of my summer B term online at Liberty University. I am loving it! I am taking an Apologetics course, as well as a survey course covering Biblical Literature. It's really awesome how much the readings for both courses overlap, so it doesn't seem as much as it normally would be! I am learning a whole lot about Scripture and I'm so excited/blessed about finding this school! With military discounts and the Federal Pell grant, it's making school SO affordable for us (since we are paying out of pocket). 15 hours this summer is actually cheaper than rent for a month in Virginia - can you believe it?!?!? I can't wait for the summer D term because I'm also going to be getting in to my Education classes! I get to make a teacher portfolio and everything. Also, classes are completely online, and each semester is split up into like 5 different sub terms, so despite the moving I'll be able to find classes that fit into our personal schedule. I can't wait to register for the fall - I'll  start taking classes for my Special Ed. minor to add to my Elementary Ed. major :)

I also just started volunteering with LINKS on base at Quantico, and there's some really cool stuff coming up.. Next week we're taking a group into DC so we can visit Georgetown Cupcake (the home of TLC's DC Cupcakes!) I can't wait; I went out there by myself soon after we moved here, and I've been dying to go back. There's also some new mentor training coming up, as well as the EFMP Summer Camp :) This is what I'm really pumped about! Spelled out, it's the Exceptional Family Member Program...Basically, any children of the military are obligated to enroll in this program if they need extra medical attention, more-so than usual. This includes learning disabilities, diabetes, or basically anyone who needs to see a specialist regularly, outside of a normal family doctor. This is really near and dear to me because (until recently) I was enrolled in this program under my father - though I need to wait for my cardio next week to re-enroll under Marshall. I am just so excited to share my experiences with other children, and I might just find another heart baby out there that needs some encouragement to get through the day :) There aren't going to be too many children there, but I'll be sure to take my camera because it's basically going to be like a field day! I don't know everything that's going on yet because there's a meeting next week where we are also going to be setting up the camp. I'll share more info on that later :)

Right now I'm waiting for Marshall to come home and studying (though I took a break to start this blog). I'm really excited, because as much as Marshall says we don't need a blog, I've been wanting to make one! It'll be nice to be able to keep in easier touch with friends and family and be able to "talk" about our day to the computer screen (Like I wasn't already talking to Trigger...). With this whole moving business going on, a blog seems like a good idea to me :) It's going to be so busy - working, volunteering, and school (and blogging) the entire summer! I'm SO ready.

Here's a picture of the view by the pool yesterday afternoon..I just think it's super awesome how you can see the clouds in the water!!

Sorry for the super long first post everyone :)

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