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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm not too sure why I'm up so late, but it's usually the case on any given day. I just can't seem to fall asleep, maybe from being overwhelmed at everything going on lately!

I just finished watching the Devil Wears Prada..and it was pretty awesome, as always! I just can't get over all of the fashion and adorable clothes, shoes, music..everything in that movie. I decided to award myself from getting B's on my midterms (still barely have A's in the classes though!) and watch a couple movies. Everytime I watch that movie I just feel the urge to watch every other Anne Hathaway movie I can get my hands on...and of course an urge to go shopping. I think I'll go to TJ Maxx next week once all the family hype has died down and things are back to normal :) After all, good grades in school (and my birthday) are both perfect reasons for shopping! I think it's time to hit up the Disney outlet at Potomac Mills soon too! (Also, a 15% discount is a wonderful motivator to head that way:))

This just in, Tangled is about to start :) I love that movie! Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess. Oh also, it's her birthday in the movie..just like how it's mine today! How wonderful is that coincidence? I can watch Tangled over and over again and never get tired of it. I just love how Disney re-invented the Grimm brother's story of Rapunzel. There are so many reasons why I love this movie! I think by now you can guess what my answer is to the following question... :)

I really really really want to go to Disney World! I know Marshall does too, someday soon :)

If only I could fall asleep, then when I wake up in the morning and my mom and sweet granny would already be here! Right now they're wanting to do DC, but I'm not sure if I'll be in the mood to deal with all that traffic...I dealt with so much today going out to Fredericksburg, home, and then back out to Quantico, twice. It may not sound like much but it's a bit of driving on the highway, and it's pretty overwhelming. I'm thinking we can head out the other way to various battlefields and Monticello (which was the original plan), but we'll see.

For school lately, I took my midterms earlier today and ended up with B's, so now my grades are borderline A-B range. Pretty happy with that! I'm just ready for the last four weeks of classes to fly by, because I really want a break! After this I'll have 15 more hours from this summer to add to my degree plan! And I'll be able to get at least a month break in before the fall terms because of (hopefully) moving with orders coming up - TBS graduation is less than 2 months away! - and the wonderful academic calendar Liberty offers. Other good news, my Special Education minor just showed up on my degree plan and it gave me a huge huge smile :) It's something I'm interested in and it will definitely give me a little boost come graduation time in two years. Also, it would help me to be able to work with EFMP as I would like to! I can't wait to get into the rest of my Ed. courses!

Right now Trigger's being all cute and sweet sleeping next to my shoulder on the top of the couch - just look at that sweet picture! She is such a little princess! As I've said before, she really digs staying warm next to the new Xbox 360 (at least she was earlier)..and Marshall just can't seem to stop playing his new game every chance he gets. It's been a little tricky to concentrate on studying and midterms the past few days because of all that noise..but he enjoys it. I'm just thankful I was able to get done and finish my one hour midterm and 30 minutes quiz before midnight...I had only two hours left in the day and was getting nervous!

Earlier this afternoon there was a Dollies & Me session at the chapel annex on base for LINKS...and we danced for two hours! It was fun, though I'm not a big dancer. We did all the usual middle/high school dance songs, things like the cupid shuffle. There were only a couple kids there, of another volunteer, so I guess the night was more for us volunteers. I made a pink lemonade cake mix earlier today and took that and it was so good! I got so many compliments...if only I had made it from scratch!

Here's a cool picture of part of the chapel annex, where Dollies & Me was at. "Return to Me for I have redeemed thee!" How cool is that? I am so in love with learning more than I could ever imaging about the Bible and Jesus' life and promise in these classes this summer - required by Liberty because it's a Christian university! - and it's really been something else.

Tomorrow I do have a little bit of things I have to do before my granny and mom get here...take Marshall's studly suit to the dry cleaners, groceries, clean/vacuum/mop/laundry/trash, start on a Geography project...So ready for the summer to be over!

Also thought I'd share this..at the store the other day and it made me smile:)
Hershey was such a wonderul trip with my mom!

Well I'm going to get back to Tangled and enjoy this quiet night/birthday morning before bed and family gets into town. Hopefully we will have loads of stories to tell from the next few days! Praying that Marshall survives another week at The Basic School..I know it's been stressing both of us out, especially him. I don't know how those guys do it! There is truly too much going on all around the table. We need to go out to dinner again to celebrate everything we've both accomplished these past few months, especially my stud. We are truly too blessed.

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