Cameras, Chocolate & Candyland

Saturday, July 14, 2012

First of all: new camera!!!! We went to Best Buy this morning and myself a pretty nice blue camera. A big reason we got it now rather than in a few weeks is that on Sunday my mom will come get me for our trip into Pennsylvania! Hershey Park here we come!!!!! We're gonna get our chocolate fix and see the town :) Marshall also leaves for another FEX Monday, so he's just going to own the other camera from here on out. Hopefully he can get a few more good pictures so I can see what cool kinds of training they do out there. Here's a picture of my new camera:

It's sitting on top of my Principles of Education notes, because I just took a quiz for that course. Two more quizzes to go tonight, after work at the pool for 5 hours... Bummer I have to work on a Saturday since everyone else is out of town, and 2 of the girls moved already. The schedule is getting to be a mess with less people, and everyone else's prior commitments getting in the way. I sure can get ahead on school for the next week or so, though.

Well, those were my big announcements. Here's a picture Lynette took of me when we were in DC...
Can you see that I'm standing by Texas?? I miss home.

I don't remember what this memorial was called, but there was a circle of pillars of all 50 states, and at the top there was each flag, which you can't see in the picture. It was by this giant "pool" of water, which was very relaxing. We just found a spot, sat down and stuck our feet in the cold water while trying to figure out where to go next.

Tonight I have to finish my quizzes early, since I'm leaving town tomorrow and won't be able to get to a computer in time for the due dates Monday night. Then I also have to print the rules, pieces, and fix  the game board for my PCS Candyland presentation for LINKS for Kids next weekend. Though, I can wait to do that later this week since I won't be gone the entire week... After we do Hershey and anything else in PA the next couple of days, we're gonna head back to DC and do whatever sightseeing or museums we wan't to do here. My mom will leave Wednesday to go to Boston and Wenham, and I'll still have a few days to work on the game and homework. Which will be nice that I'm not fighting to get internet on the road, but I still wish it would work out to where I could go with her to MA and not have to worry about getting back Friday night to get ready for the presentation. It will be worth it though, and I can do Boston some other time with Marshall.

Anyway, it'll be nice to keep busy next week when Marshall's gone for his FEX. I can't wait to see Hershey Park, Ive been dying to go for years and years and years :) With this new camera I will definitely be able to get some wonderful pictures on our little trip! It's so nice having my mom closer now.

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