"Caramels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First of all, here's a picture Marshall took of me before he left for base Sunday night for another FEX this week. I'm wearing my new H&M mint shirtdress which I LOVE. He digs it, too.

That day my mom got into town so that we could get a head start on our trip out to Hershey, PA!!! Here's a picture near the state line on our way in on Sunday.

That night we were able to get into the park after a certain time with our tickets for Monday, so we went inside and made it to Chocolate World. Oh my goodness, that place was wonderful. Lots of desserts and Hershey memorobillia. There was also a "tour" where you sat on a little ride as it took you around this deal they made that shows how they make their chocolate. Lots of singing cows on that ride...

We also went into the actual park that night, and spent a lot of time in a Christmas store after walking around a bit since the rides were nearly closed. I got these two wonderful ornaments! Merry Kissmas and an eagle globe and anchor will be wonderful additions to the tree this year. Aren't they the cutest?

Here are our tickets into Hershey Park :)

There was this ride called the Kissing Tower that was basically like a rotating car thing on a tall tower that went high enough so you could see the whole of the parks, the city, and the like. It was pretty sweet. The windows were even shaped like Hershey Kisses!

We went to the Hershey Hotel and had lunch out on the porch of a cool resturaunt, Trevi 5. It was pretty good, though the pasta was nothing special. I should really stop ordering pastas whenever we go out to eat... But my mom told the waitress my birthday was coming up so she brought this out! On the bottom of the chocolate covered strawberries there was a pretty paisley pattern. Cute!

This was back in the park the night of day 2....we got a Reeses pie. Oh my goodness it was so rich. Sadly we couldn't finish it all.. this is when we needed Marshall to finish it off! It was DELICIOUS. We got a little box for it but it didn't keep in the car on our last day when we stopped for the Gardens and whatnot. I was going to bring this home for his treat, he told me to bring back chocolate..I got a cute mug with Kisses instead.

We went to see what the Hershey Lodge looks like too. Super nice and beautiful.

Here's the sign at the entrance of the Hershey Hotel :) One day I'm going to stay here!

Here's a picture of the new bag I got. Isn't it cute?!?!! This was at Chocolate World, actually. Early bday gift to myself :)

This is at Zoo America, a part of the Hershey Parks system. It was pretty cool to see some animals, but I was kind of disappointed, like I was at the National Zoo. There weren't too many animals just because of the limitations of the facilities. After all, these parks are about chocolate, not animals. But still, awesome!

Chocolate Ave. & Cocoa Ave. :)

This is a picture standing in the waterpark sector of the Park looking into the rest of the Park with roller coasters and all. That big coaster is the Sky Rush, brand new this year. There's a lot of hype about it, but we didn't do any roller coasters. That's just not our thing any more... And they make me ridiculously uncomfortable..

Here's a picture from the Hershey Gardens of a heart shaped fountain pool!!! I want one of these, so cute! Some people actually just gave us their tickets, since they had kids that didn't want to do the Gardens after buying them, so we got in free! I think they were like $30 tickets too! It was really beautiful.

This was a garden in a bathtub, with a makeshift sunflower shower head. I think it actually worked, too. Such a cool idea!

I thought this was pretty cool. Look at the pictures, and here's a quote from Milton Hershey himself:

"If I ever become rich, I am going to use my money to build schools to give every boy and girl an opportunity to get an education."

Well it looks like his wish came true! Milton Hershey School is actually a non-profit, private school for children from families with low income, limited resources, and social need. The students actually live there, in comfortable home with 10-12 others and "houseparents." It's funded through a trust fund Hershey and his wife established and provides education for K-12. The graduation gowns are even chocolate colored! I wouldn't mind working there...

Anyway, it was wonderful. A nice little escape, I am so glad I got this week off work!!! It was really good to get out and spend some time with my mom, immersed in chocolate. Super awesome trip, I wanna go again, this time with Marshall! Well I guess that's all, time to get ahead on homework and clean the apartment :)

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