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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A day at the nation's capitol with Lynette...

Hill Country BBQ in DC.. imported from Texas :)
Im gonna go back pretty soon with Marshall...!!!!

Brisket, ribs, cornbread, mac n cheese, mashed sweet potatoes,
baked beans, bread, sweet honey butter...

Warm pecan pie with BLUE BELL ice cream!!!!!
Best thing I ate all day...ever since we've moved here!!!!

Lynette :) she sure knows her way around the District!


Oh -- My mom brought me Disney princess soup :)
She came here for my cardio at Bethesda (Finally!!!)

no new news is good news :)
I still have at least another 2-5+ years till they'd think about operating,
but things are looking pretty good. It's really hard to tell.
only kinda bad part- no Japan for us since I re-enrolled in EFMP.
But Hawaii is still good.. we should know pretty soon Marshall's MOS and first duty station...
So we'll see :)

So that was my day yesterday... and here's a fun picture
of Marshall at the FEX the other week in all his gear:

Isn't he such a stud?

So that was my last couple of days...Now I have a list of things to do like get ahead on the next two weeks of homework, apply for dental/schedule an appointment, schedule a vet appointment for our Trigger bug, make my Candyland PCS presentation for LINKS for Kids in a week and a half.....

OH fun fact: my mom will be back in town Sunday (the start of another FEX week for Marshall) and we're going to Hershey Park :) First time ever in Pennsylvania! Next week we're also going to Philadelphia and Boston! I can't wait to see the Lindsay's over at Gordon college (my cousin is President of the college!)'s nice having family spread out more now so that everywhere you go you can see a little bit. I still need to book a train home for next Friday. Then the next week my sweet granny and mom will be back for some more sightseeing :)

There sure is a lot coming up. I still can't believe it's already mid-July! Before we know it my stud with be graduating and we'll (hopefully) be on our way back to the south for his next school... We both are tired of being up here! Everything's so behind for his company, I don't know when we'll ever find out his MOS and duty station. Doesn't give us much time to plan (or even to get out of our lease!) Bummer, huh.

Well that's it for now!

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