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Friday, July 6, 2012

I just wanted to announce that I just finished 6 hours of summer classes!!!!! As you all know I took an Apologetics course & a Biblical Literature course and I learned so so much. I'm definitely keeping the textbooks to read again and again later on. Especially because I got a book voucher, I only had to pay $50 for textbooks for FIVE classes. Isn't that crazy??!! There are some really nice perks/discounts to being married into the military (or associated with!)

I also got this super awesome planner organizer deal which makes looking at the calendar so much easier than the monthly sheets I printed off at the beginning of the summer..I have no idea why I didn't just get one ealier, the compact aspect of it is very nice. Oh, and it's blue - sort of aqua/marine - close to our wedding color! The past few days I crossed 8 assignments off of my checklist for the week, all due either today or Monday. I still have 2 quizzes and a discussion for Monday, but I need to finish those readings first!

There were actually two assignments lately that I really enjoyed. For Principles of Education I wrote a Reflection Essay, sort of like an introduction into the classroom, and how you would think to go about organizing it. We basically just had to reflect on the assignments/readings for the week, mainly on the presentations we had to watch. In the presentations, there were various new teachers who went through the same program talking about their first year in the classroom. It was pretty cool to hear! I also wrote about the movie Matilda, and how Ms. Honey & Matilda grew a strong relationship, eventually adopted her from her ungrateful/rude parents, and became the new principal! It's such a wonderful movie and actually related to the aspect in the paper I had to address about relationships with students. I want to be like Ms. Honey! Anyway, I'm definitely keeping this textbook and the information...I wish I kept both education books from A&M!

For Intro to Geography we also had to write a Reflection Essay. This time it was about different regions and aspects of human geography, and relating it to a specific place that you like. I chose Galveston, and it was a really cool paper to write. I'll have to send it to my dad soon, it's something he'd like. I wrote about getting there and the traffic, how the beaches are, the seawall and loads of concerte, the new Pleasure Pier (which I never got to see! Finally they did something with that pier the hotel used to be on before Ike...) I really like it. It makes me miss Galveston, besides the fact that the water there is sewage compared to Corpus Christi (where Marshall proposed!) Oh, fun fact, did you know that Galveston Island (and much of the island) is actually above sea level? It's from all the imported sand and the sea wall, especially after hurricanes when the beaches are a mess and sometimes shrink. Supposedly some of it is only a foot above, while the majority of the island is 10 feet or so above sea level. Still, pretty crazy. I sure never realized that.

Well I guess that's it. We're gonna relax this weekend and get back to work next week. We're going to see my mom Monday, and we're going to my cardio on Tuesday. Hopefully Marshall will feel up to going out to dinner or something that night. I'm also planning on going to DC with a fellow wife on Wednesday..we're thinking the National Geographic museum, among others...and maybe Georgetown Cupcake again as well :) And then I work the rest of the week..And the week after that Marshall and all of Charlie co. is going on another my mom is coming back in town! This is the week that we're going to Hershey, Philadelphia, and Boston :) I can't wait! I present my speech "Candyland PCS" (which I still need to work on...) that Saturday then my mom comes back in town with my sweet Granny. We're going to Monticello and to see my parent's new place in North Carolina :) We're also going to go out to eat a lot and do a bunch of sightseeing, maybe even some more in DC...and then it's August! Whew! My birthday is hidden somewhere in there this month..I think on the day we're planning on going to Monticello :) Yay for exploring American history on my birthday with family!

I'm sure I didn't need to go into what I'm doing the rest of the month, but it makes me feel better to see it all written out somewhere, instead of just something here and there in my planner. We're also going to Busch Gardens in Williamburg in August (military appreciation tickets!) and NYC for  Labor Day weekend with my parents...let's hope we can get this all planned out :)

I know, no pictures...Marshall keeps forgetting my camera in the barracks and my phone has basically no memory for pictures so it's kind of not happening anytime soon. Anyway,later!

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