two games and a movie

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I know I haven't posted about LINKS for a while, since the summer camp....well, now I will! Today starting at 9am was LINKS for kids. It was pretty fun, actually. It was at the Youth Center on base, which I've never been to before. Pretty cute! There was a gym and classrooms..and flyers everywhere about some cool events they do. I never realized all the resources bases had for kids and teens because I haven't lived on base since I was 4! They have movie nights, roller skating, lock ins, bounce houses, game nights...what have you. It sounds like loads of fun, and I wish we lived closer to an actual base that had events like this growing up! I think I definitely want to work at the Youth Center for CDC (Child Development Center) on base once I have (or almost have) my degree when we PCS again in a couple years..and Im waiting to take the Praxis certification to work with the DoD! It sounds awesome!

Well today was for kids ages 6-12, though there were a few older there with younger siblings. There were different activites like an o-course, parachutes, scooters, a mat maze, an eagle globe and anchor puzzle, among others... my part was Candyland, something to keep the kids busy while they waited for their rotation into the PCS mat maze. That's where they got "orders" for either HI, NC, VA, or Japan, and were told to find that "station" and to bring something back from it...a lei, chopsticks, a picture of Shamu... The maze was fun, they could go through it in scooters too. It was basically like the maze we did at the EFMP camp last month. We did the maze, PT exercises, decorated "care packages" for deployments (pretended to), and played a quick game of bingo.

Anyway, Im not going into details for the Candyland game since I have before...but I tweaked it quite a bit. It was much simpler going with the actual game, just asking questions/drawing pictures about PCSing according to the colors landed on each turn. For places like the gumdrop forest, or whatever it's actually called, I just taped pictures of different duty stations they'd go to and also fixed it on the cards Disney World for Florida! Kids got really excited about that. It worked just fine :)

To change the subject...while Marshall was gone this week his new Xbox 360 came in! Seriously half price from what it used to be when it came out. Our sweet Trigger really digs it, here she's staying warm next to that hot air that comes out the side..she does that with the Wii too! As you can tell it really relaxes her...usually she's jumping all over the place, she has so much energy :) Marshall slept all day then for the past 2 hours he's been playing a new game he got, and still is at this moment..far too silly...(Dad, this is where you're supposed to laugh! If anyone didn't catch..Monty Python reference :))

Once he's done with his game (if he ever is!) I think we're going to watch this movie next :) Mirror Mirror! It came out around the same time as Snow White and the guess which movie we saw in theatres! Not this one, that's why I got it cheap off Amazon. Fairytale movies make me so happy, I guess with all that Disney hype about it, so I couldn't resist getting this one! It's still crazy..or should I say... inconceivable! (that was for you too dad! The Princess Bride!)... that two completely opposite Snow White movies came out in theatres at once! We'll see how this one goes tonight...maybe with some ice cream, too.

So I guess that's it for now! Time to relax.. and study I guess :)

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