changing seasons & more anticipation

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I just wanted to say how excited I am for the fall to begin: Fall clothes, new TV shows, graduation & family in town, moving, no work, a break from school for nearly 2 months... Lots of good things coming up. Oh, and of course, Marshall is coming home Wednesday! Cannot wait!!!

Here is my plan. Tomorrow, I need to go to Michael's craft store and get a refund since they charged a transaction about a month ago twice (so annoying..I know. The guy made me swipe the card twice because "it didn't go through.."). After I get that taken care of...I will clean. Clean a whole lot. It's really ridiculous. But I want the apartment to look nicer and whatnot for Marshall to get back. And I need to find a cake recipe to make for his birthday..If only he didn't have to be gone that day! At least he's only gone for a week at a time rather than months at a time. I'm ready for us to get to his Logistics course, I hear there are much nicer hours..meaning he'll be home for dinner basically every day! That is, if I can get someone from TMO & IPAC to explain specifically how to get full allotment for both moves. We shall see.

The past couple of days, other than the few hours I worked, I have been consumed with the show Once Upon A Time (Hulu is wonderful!). ABC is brilliant, because this is probably the best TV show I have ever set eyes on. The minute we saw a preview for it last year before the first season, we were hooked. Marshall even made sure to stop everything and reminded me that we need to watch this show. I think the whole Sleeping Beauty wedding dress might have gotten to the way, Aurora (her real name) should be making an entrance in the second season. Cannot. Wait. It premieres the end of September and we are so ridiculously excited. I guess that's why I've been re-watching the entire first season the past couple of days (almost 5/22 episodes left!)


About the Fall clothes, I've been thinking a lot about scarves lately. I know I have like ten but I wouldn't mind more..there are so many different patterns etc. that it's nice to have just the right option for every outfit. I'd like to get some new heels and perhaps new jeans..we'll see. Lately I've been randomly going through my wardrobe picking out things I know I won't wear anymore to take to Goodwill. I really have too many clothes, nearly the entire closet is mine. Half of it is full of dresses! That is one thing I can never get enough of, is dresses :) But don't worry, I got it all on sale or from thrift stores. I love sales...and thrifting!

One exciting things is that we are going to see my parents again! They got a condo out at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, and we will be staying at a place on the beach for Labor Day weekend :) We are so excited...I'm especially excited to finally make it out to a beach! A reason why I am so excited that we ended up getting California instead for next year :) It's going to be nice to have that relaxing weekend away before the hectic graduation festivites begin..

By the way: coming up is also TBS graduation. I know I keep mentioning it but I am just so excited. Once Marshall gets home these next two and a half weeks are going to go by so fast. Even in less time than that, all our parents are going to be here. Too bad I have a dentist appointment the morning before Marshall's parents are getting in town, but...I guess it can't be that bad. I've been putting of the dentist for a long, long time.

Thankfully, I won't start classes again until mid-October. That little break will be nice. I'll have time for family and graduation, to plan my time for courses, and to figure out all the moving details. So much is coming up.

Oh, one last thing -- fixed the sign for almost the last time. I added Lejeune for his course and also Camp Pendleton, our first duty station we will head to after the new year. I know it's a little crooked, and I'm working on that. My dad also reminded me of the wonderful idea to add dates, so I'm going to do that too. It's a working progress..

Now to finish re-watching the first season :)

beauty in the eye of the Beholder

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thanks to Netflix, I just watched the Veggie Tales movie Sweetpea Beauty. I love how Netflix has various Veggie Tales movies! It is really a wonderful story and message. It's based on the sleeping beauty tale that we all know so well... Basically, the message is that everyone is beautiful just the way God made them. Through the story, Sweetpea Beauty teaches the insecure Queen Blueberry (who is so obsessed with being the "fairest of them all" and actually banishes Sweetpea at one point) that beauty is defined not by outward appearances, but by who God has made you on the inside. Though my synopsis may be a little choppy, you get the picture. Really a sweet film to watch, as all Veggie Tales movies are.
Also featured in the film is Nichole Nordeman's song "Beautiful For Me." I figured out how to put videos on here and decided to share it because I just fell in love with this song. In the video are clips from the Veggie Tale's films "Snoodlerella" and "Sweetpea Beauty." A wonderful song and message, as is with all Christian music. I just can't get enough of Christian radio lately, the other day on the 5 hour drive back from Jacksonville (which turned into 7 hours with a wreck on the way and stopping for Panera) it is all I listened to, and frankly it's all the music I ever need to listen to. Simply wonderful.
I also got the book on the left from the movie Fireproof, it's called the Love Dare. This book and the movie is something every married couple needs to experience together. It is a 40 day journey you and your spouse take together, to understand and practice unconditional love, and the nature of genuine love - and to make your marriage the way God designed it to be (Planning on us starting this journey when he gets back - we've been looking for this book!). Truly a powerful book (and movie). And I have to say, when we watched the movie together a month or so ago (also on Netflix!), it was almost too much to take in. So heart-wrenching, so intense, so true, so real. That experience made us so much closer and also led us to truly realize this gift of marriage, and what we have found in eachother. Tears of joy were flying from our fine faces.
As with the second book, you can guess by the cover what it is about. The military wife's spiritual survival guide is a must-read in order to become stronger in your marriage and your faith while dealing with the many curveballs and stressful times you may experience being a military wife. As I read, we need to remember that God is in control, and that we can still have great joy in this regardless of the circumstances that come about from this lifestyle, if you will. Already with TBS  I can see the challenges and seperations that naturally occur (Right now Marshall is gone on a FEX till next Wednesday) but now I have a foundation to better deal with the circumstances and realize that God understands and will always be there for me.
For both of these books, the song and the film, there is so much more room to expand on what it is all about. But the bottom line for me is this - From the get-go, Marshall has challenged me to become stronger in my faith as we have grown in our relationship. He is my best friend, and I'm his best friend. We couldn't be happier together, and we are so thankful for the opportunities God has given us. If it wasn't for Marshall, I probably wouldn't be going to church, let alone have as much faith as I do now. I would be a completely different person without these experiences, and I couldn't imagine life without Marshall by my side.I am so proud of him (about to graduateTBS...whew!) and I am so thankful for him. I miss him. Wednesday can't get here fast enough.

life as we know it

Monday, August 20, 2012

Well, here I am. It's been a good weekend - we went out to Williamsburg to meet my parents and spend some time at Busch Gardens, etc. Here are just a few pictures (my mom got all the ones with all of us in them, so these are just random!):

I also finished all of my summer courses, and am getting ready to register for fall..the big thing I'm focused on now is figuring out why books cost so much and where to get them - even after the book voucher for the university bookstore it is ridiculous to think of paying 400$  for one textbook! I think I figured out a plan that will work for the books, so I am going to secure my courses first. I'll be taking 12 hours starting the end of October to middle of December, so it's a lot to look foward to! The only bummer being this the only Fall term I can actually take is that we will be moving about a week or so into the beginning of my courses - and although it is only 5 hours away, it will still be intersting trying to balance school and packing/unpacking/driving. I did so well with work, volunteering, and school this summer though, that it shouldn't be an issue. We'll see!

...So just found out that there is a Jars of Clay concert at the actual campus of the school I'm attending online (Liberty Univ. in Lynchburg) and I really really want to go! Tickets are a very decent price and it's at the end of September. Only problem is that it is a couple hours drive from us on a Friday night. The good part is that the area out there is full of mountains and national forests, and it is an area that I know we will both enjoy.We will see what is in store for us!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I will (hopefully) get my dental coverage confirmed at Quantico & set up an appointment, schedule viewing for houses we are interested in at North Carolina, (hopefully) confirm that Marshall is in fact allowed to live off base at his Logistics course - meaning that I can in fact move there with him, register for the fall after I figure out the book situation....and that's all I can think of. Thank goodness my summer courses are done for the last month or so of our time in VA! There is so much to do!!

We are also trying to figure out how we are going to get our Scruffy up here, or when we will fly/drive down to TX to visit and bring her back. Or maybe my dad could drive her up too after finishing stuff for work down there. Fingers crossed that we can figure this one out, but we do need to confirm moving to NC and the pet deposit first. We miss that dog to death.

Thankfully there are only 2 weeks left of work.  I can't wait for Labor Day weekend - hopefully I can get that Monday switched with someone though... My parents just got a condo out at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina for a week around that time, and it'll be nice to escape and spend some time (finally) at the east coast beaches. It'll also be nice to get out at that time because it is right before TBS graduation and all the busy plans going on then. It's still hard to believe that soon, this will all be over and we will be moving for the Logistics course and then after the new year, to California. We are so far away from home!

on this day, one year ago...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On this day one year ago, we had our wedding. Here is just a little conglomerate of pictures from that beautiful day, in no particular order:

It's hard to believe that it has already been a year. We are really too blessed and thankful.. we couldn't be happier! It's also hard to believe that we are not in Texas anymore! We really miss home, friends, and family, but we will be back soon. More specifically, we should be back sometime February. On that note, it is safe to say that we finally got dates for the moves coming up. I will most likely be staying in Virginia while Marshall attends Logistics school in North Carolina, waiting for us to head to our final destination. After he graduates post-new year we will have about a month to head to California, which is where we will be for the next 2 years. Within that month we are hoping to visit Texas for a good part of it, see family and friends, get our Scruffy back, and continue on to our great American roadtrip. Trekking across the country is really going to be fun - Im hoping we can stop at the Grand Canyon, among other places, on that amount of leave time we are alotted to travel.

More updates to come later. It's sad to say that Marshall will not be here the next couple of days for our Anniversary, which is why we went out to dinner at BW3's last night to (sort of) celebrate. I was so thirsty I had 4 glasses of huckleberry lemonade, and actually spilt another! We will actually be celebrating to an extent this weekend - we are so excited to meet my parents up in Williamsburg for Busch Gardens!!! I am so happy that we will finally be able to see my dad, with all that time we've seen my mom in the past few months. Once again, it is so nice having family close, for the time being. We will be celebrating family, our Anniversary, as well as Marshall's (and Elaina's) birthday, which is next week. My mom's birthday is also that weekend after his. It's going to be a jampacked weekend.

Also, we are a month from Marshall's TBS graduation, which we are beyond excited for. His and my parents will be here for half a week or so and we are so excited to all be in the same proximity for a bit of time. All of this is hard to believe - Anniversary, birthdays, graduation - so much is happening in so little time and I'm sure it's going to get a bit overwhelming.

Canvas Crayon Art

Monday, August 13, 2012

The other day, while I was waiting for Marshall to get back from a late night, I decided to get in my crafting mood. I have spare canvases sitting around since they were on sale, got a box of new Crayola crayons at the store, and went to work. Here is how I made my beautiful canvas crayon art!

1 canvas, any size (sale right now at Michael's...I got 2 for $5)
Box of crayons - however many you want, depending on what color scheme you want or how big the canvas is
Hot glue gun
Hair Dryer

  • Hot glue the crayons in any order/pattern you want to the canvas. Be sure it is secure.
  • Plug in the hair dryer and point it at the ends of the crayons by the edge of the canvas. You will slowly see the wax melting!
    • I was probably doing this for about an hour until you see the finished product above. But that is it, that's all you have to do!
    • You can of course strategically move the hairdryer at different angles to get colors to mesh into eachother, or to cover the crayons themselves with wax, etc. It is all up to you and your hairdryer.

An viola! A beautiful, quick and easy creation. I have been wanting to do this for years! Next time I will try to make it into a certain shape or seemed pretty tricky for the first time around.

DC, orders, & a reason to celebrate

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This week has thankfully been very successful, busy, and has zipped by! Tomorrow is Friday and I am so ready for the weekend and for Marshall to come home. I am so thankful that my mom was in town for the past couple of days to make the weeks go by faster. I was so relieved when I had very short shifts at the pool for the 90 degree days we've surprisingly been having up here in Stafford. And I am so happy that we now have the answers we have been waiting for!! Though, Marshall won't be here till most likely Sunday to celebrate - our orders/answers as well as our Anniversary, since he'll been on an overnight that day/night on Tuesday as well.

Besides the point, let me recap that Marshall recieved 0402 - Logistics officer in the United States Marine Corps. I am so proud of him for doing so well here at TBS, and we are so relieved that in just one short month he will be graduating from the stressful school. With this, we will be moving to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, come September, depending on the start date for his next school. This part is still up in the air, but it is 56 days - weekdays, mostly - so it should turn out to be about a 5 month school. That makes sense, because we also just found out our first duty station - Camp Pendelton, CA (About an hour from LA and Disneyland!!!) We will be moving there after the holidays, as Marshall will report to Pendelton early 2013! That is still crazy to think about, a new year. Based on this date, I assume that Logistics school will be 5 or so months, with no weekends and of course all of the holidays in the Fall season. With this, we will be moving to Camp Lejeune (near Camp Johnson- where his school is - a part of Lejeune, but really Jacksonville) in mid-September. It is so nice to at least have this information. Now the only thing we need to know/figure out is his report date for the school, getting out of our lease/signing new ones via phone, getting Scruffy back, and the CA moving details with a company, packing, TMO, etc. There is always too much to do and so little time... But either way, we are so excited to be moving to the west coast!!! I looked at Google Maps and we will be surrounded by so many beaches, national forests and parks...It's about time to sign up for our free national parks pass. I know we will do so much exploring when we get out there. And we will be so close to DISNEYLAND and can take advantage of the military package rates they are offering now!

Back to the previous subject: the past couple of days my mom has been in town and it was a lot of fun. We went on a river cruise/tour of DC, we saw all the monuments, memorials, Arlington National Cemetery, Air and Space Museum, National Geographic Museum, American History Museum, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Georgetown.... we were pretty hefty tourists the past couple of days. Here are a few select pictures:

Front of the White House

Sprinkles Georgetown

Arlington National Cemetery

National Geographic Titanic Exhibit

Thomas Jefferson Memorial & Washington Monument

Replica of the Liberty Bell, outside Union Station

William S. Hancock and his horse (US Army general during the Civil War)

Capitol Building

An original Dumbo car from the ride at Disneyland's opening in 1955

Presidential Seal & American flags at Hard Rock Cafe

Lincoln Memorial

Well, since we found out our first duty station, I also went ahead and finished that part of our "home is where the marine corps send us" sign. Pictures to come later after I attach the boards together with string and hang it back on the wall. I guess that will be a little surprise to Marshall when he gets home..

Our first Anniversary is also coming up in a couple of days. We really should have thought about the length of TBS and brought our anniversary tier of the cake with us, but alas...We should get it in the fall when we move out to CA or get Scruffy, whichever comes first. With that, we will have to celebrate our anniversary when Marshall gets home Sunday..during the week is too busy, and he will also be on an overnight that day/night. Bummer. This upcoming Thursday though is the Charlie Co. spouses' visit to Generall Mills' house. I am so excited! I still need to pick a dress for the occassion..I have too many to pick from, but I love my dresses!

Also coming up this next week - I have quizzes and a paper due Monday, and then two finals and a project due that Friday. Then I will be done with 15 hours this summer! To celebrate everything that is going on, we are going out to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg with my parents that weekend. My school is done, we finally have answers, our anniversary, Marshall's upcoming birthday (which he will be gone for as well) among other things are ample reasons to go out to celebrate. I am planning on making a birthday cake for Marshall to take along for all of us. Once that weekend passes I will only have a couple more days at the pool and will have a couple weeks to enjoy my summer before the crazy moving season starts...

I am so excited for these next steps in our life. I think we'll be happy spending 2 years in California..the beaches and parks will be worth it. Not what we were expecting, but it really never is. I know we will get that free national parks pass for the military soon and take advantage of it out there - I cannot wait to experience the Grand Canyon with Marshall, as we are planning to on the move out there. We're planning on making a vacation of it - we will have about 2 weeks for it, after all :) This move will be a starting point for an epic road trip we've wanting to do to see all of the wonders of Creation in the Southwest on the way out, and I am so excited to share with Marshall that we will finally be able to do this together. Camp Pendelton is also the place I will be finishing my degree at (Though we will probably be living at Oceanside or Carlsbad.. both very close)!

I am seriously going to stop watching movies and painting and get finished with all of my homework now. It's kind of nice having these weeks to myself to be able to finish my schoolwork and do whatever I need to do on my own schedule. I am dying to get Marshall back though, and I can't wait to celebrate all of this new, exciting and good news with him!
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