beauty in the eye of the Beholder

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thanks to Netflix, I just watched the Veggie Tales movie Sweetpea Beauty. I love how Netflix has various Veggie Tales movies! It is really a wonderful story and message. It's based on the sleeping beauty tale that we all know so well... Basically, the message is that everyone is beautiful just the way God made them. Through the story, Sweetpea Beauty teaches the insecure Queen Blueberry (who is so obsessed with being the "fairest of them all" and actually banishes Sweetpea at one point) that beauty is defined not by outward appearances, but by who God has made you on the inside. Though my synopsis may be a little choppy, you get the picture. Really a sweet film to watch, as all Veggie Tales movies are.
Also featured in the film is Nichole Nordeman's song "Beautiful For Me." I figured out how to put videos on here and decided to share it because I just fell in love with this song. In the video are clips from the Veggie Tale's films "Snoodlerella" and "Sweetpea Beauty." A wonderful song and message, as is with all Christian music. I just can't get enough of Christian radio lately, the other day on the 5 hour drive back from Jacksonville (which turned into 7 hours with a wreck on the way and stopping for Panera) it is all I listened to, and frankly it's all the music I ever need to listen to. Simply wonderful.
I also got the book on the left from the movie Fireproof, it's called the Love Dare. This book and the movie is something every married couple needs to experience together. It is a 40 day journey you and your spouse take together, to understand and practice unconditional love, and the nature of genuine love - and to make your marriage the way God designed it to be (Planning on us starting this journey when he gets back - we've been looking for this book!). Truly a powerful book (and movie). And I have to say, when we watched the movie together a month or so ago (also on Netflix!), it was almost too much to take in. So heart-wrenching, so intense, so true, so real. That experience made us so much closer and also led us to truly realize this gift of marriage, and what we have found in eachother. Tears of joy were flying from our fine faces.
As with the second book, you can guess by the cover what it is about. The military wife's spiritual survival guide is a must-read in order to become stronger in your marriage and your faith while dealing with the many curveballs and stressful times you may experience being a military wife. As I read, we need to remember that God is in control, and that we can still have great joy in this regardless of the circumstances that come about from this lifestyle, if you will. Already with TBS  I can see the challenges and seperations that naturally occur (Right now Marshall is gone on a FEX till next Wednesday) but now I have a foundation to better deal with the circumstances and realize that God understands and will always be there for me.
For both of these books, the song and the film, there is so much more room to expand on what it is all about. But the bottom line for me is this - From the get-go, Marshall has challenged me to become stronger in my faith as we have grown in our relationship. He is my best friend, and I'm his best friend. We couldn't be happier together, and we are so thankful for the opportunities God has given us. If it wasn't for Marshall, I probably wouldn't be going to church, let alone have as much faith as I do now. I would be a completely different person without these experiences, and I couldn't imagine life without Marshall by my side.I am so proud of him (about to graduateTBS...whew!) and I am so thankful for him. I miss him. Wednesday can't get here fast enough.

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