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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I just wanted to say how excited I am for the fall to begin: Fall clothes, new TV shows, graduation & family in town, moving, no work, a break from school for nearly 2 months... Lots of good things coming up. Oh, and of course, Marshall is coming home Wednesday! Cannot wait!!!

Here is my plan. Tomorrow, I need to go to Michael's craft store and get a refund since they charged a transaction about a month ago twice (so annoying..I know. The guy made me swipe the card twice because "it didn't go through.."). After I get that taken care of...I will clean. Clean a whole lot. It's really ridiculous. But I want the apartment to look nicer and whatnot for Marshall to get back. And I need to find a cake recipe to make for his birthday..If only he didn't have to be gone that day! At least he's only gone for a week at a time rather than months at a time. I'm ready for us to get to his Logistics course, I hear there are much nicer hours..meaning he'll be home for dinner basically every day! That is, if I can get someone from TMO & IPAC to explain specifically how to get full allotment for both moves. We shall see.

The past couple of days, other than the few hours I worked, I have been consumed with the show Once Upon A Time (Hulu is wonderful!). ABC is brilliant, because this is probably the best TV show I have ever set eyes on. The minute we saw a preview for it last year before the first season, we were hooked. Marshall even made sure to stop everything and reminded me that we need to watch this show. I think the whole Sleeping Beauty wedding dress might have gotten to the way, Aurora (her real name) should be making an entrance in the second season. Cannot. Wait. It premieres the end of September and we are so ridiculously excited. I guess that's why I've been re-watching the entire first season the past couple of days (almost 5/22 episodes left!)


About the Fall clothes, I've been thinking a lot about scarves lately. I know I have like ten but I wouldn't mind more..there are so many different patterns etc. that it's nice to have just the right option for every outfit. I'd like to get some new heels and perhaps new jeans..we'll see. Lately I've been randomly going through my wardrobe picking out things I know I won't wear anymore to take to Goodwill. I really have too many clothes, nearly the entire closet is mine. Half of it is full of dresses! That is one thing I can never get enough of, is dresses :) But don't worry, I got it all on sale or from thrift stores. I love sales...and thrifting!

One exciting things is that we are going to see my parents again! They got a condo out at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, and we will be staying at a place on the beach for Labor Day weekend :) We are so excited...I'm especially excited to finally make it out to a beach! A reason why I am so excited that we ended up getting California instead for next year :) It's going to be nice to have that relaxing weekend away before the hectic graduation festivites begin..

By the way: coming up is also TBS graduation. I know I keep mentioning it but I am just so excited. Once Marshall gets home these next two and a half weeks are going to go by so fast. Even in less time than that, all our parents are going to be here. Too bad I have a dentist appointment the morning before Marshall's parents are getting in town, but...I guess it can't be that bad. I've been putting of the dentist for a long, long time.

Thankfully, I won't start classes again until mid-October. That little break will be nice. I'll have time for family and graduation, to plan my time for courses, and to figure out all the moving details. So much is coming up.

Oh, one last thing -- fixed the sign for almost the last time. I added Lejeune for his course and also Camp Pendleton, our first duty station we will head to after the new year. I know it's a little crooked, and I'm working on that. My dad also reminded me of the wonderful idea to add dates, so I'm going to do that too. It's a working progress..

Now to finish re-watching the first season :)

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