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Monday, August 20, 2012

Well, here I am. It's been a good weekend - we went out to Williamsburg to meet my parents and spend some time at Busch Gardens, etc. Here are just a few pictures (my mom got all the ones with all of us in them, so these are just random!):

I also finished all of my summer courses, and am getting ready to register for fall..the big thing I'm focused on now is figuring out why books cost so much and where to get them - even after the book voucher for the university bookstore it is ridiculous to think of paying 400$  for one textbook! I think I figured out a plan that will work for the books, so I am going to secure my courses first. I'll be taking 12 hours starting the end of October to middle of December, so it's a lot to look foward to! The only bummer being this the only Fall term I can actually take is that we will be moving about a week or so into the beginning of my courses - and although it is only 5 hours away, it will still be intersting trying to balance school and packing/unpacking/driving. I did so well with work, volunteering, and school this summer though, that it shouldn't be an issue. We'll see!

...So just found out that there is a Jars of Clay concert at the actual campus of the school I'm attending online (Liberty Univ. in Lynchburg) and I really really want to go! Tickets are a very decent price and it's at the end of September. Only problem is that it is a couple hours drive from us on a Friday night. The good part is that the area out there is full of mountains and national forests, and it is an area that I know we will both enjoy.We will see what is in store for us!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I will (hopefully) get my dental coverage confirmed at Quantico & set up an appointment, schedule viewing for houses we are interested in at North Carolina, (hopefully) confirm that Marshall is in fact allowed to live off base at his Logistics course - meaning that I can in fact move there with him, register for the fall after I figure out the book situation....and that's all I can think of. Thank goodness my summer courses are done for the last month or so of our time in VA! There is so much to do!!

We are also trying to figure out how we are going to get our Scruffy up here, or when we will fly/drive down to TX to visit and bring her back. Or maybe my dad could drive her up too after finishing stuff for work down there. Fingers crossed that we can figure this one out, but we do need to confirm moving to NC and the pet deposit first. We miss that dog to death.

Thankfully there are only 2 weeks left of work.  I can't wait for Labor Day weekend - hopefully I can get that Monday switched with someone though... My parents just got a condo out at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina for a week around that time, and it'll be nice to escape and spend some time (finally) at the east coast beaches. It'll also be nice to get out at that time because it is right before TBS graduation and all the busy plans going on then. It's still hard to believe that soon, this will all be over and we will be moving for the Logistics course and then after the new year, to California. We are so far away from home!

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