hello fall

Sunday, September 30, 2012

It is feeling a whole lot like fall lately, probably because it basically is. Being in Virignia, the last "cold front" stuck last week...the weather has been so strange throughout our time here - it was rainy in spring, cloudly or over 90 degrees out all summer, and chilly the past couple of days. Sure it sounds manageable and normal but it is still so..different from Texas weather. We miss home. But besides the point...

It was probably last week all of the grocery stores started putting pumpkins out front! I can't believe it is basically October. So much is going on this month. The weather also got cold and stayed cold as previously noted, so it definitely feels like Fall outside too. Time to start wearing cute sweaters and boots everywhere :)

We watched the Once Upon A Time season 2 premiere earlier..it was pretty awesome, though it seemed it flew by. I also felt there were a lot of loose endings left at the end..Still basically my favorite show out there right now though! I just discovered an app for the show on Facebook - I always thought those apps were just far too silly - but started playing it and it's actually pretty cool. If you follow the show it all is basically is a clue hunt for different items of different characters, and on the way/when you find them there are really cool background stories that are unlocked that explain the show's circumstances to a greater dimension. Now this does sound silly, so I'll just stop now..

October also means that we are moving soon. In like, less than 3 weeks. I can't believe it..but can't wait to get out of Virginia! I know I know, once I get somewhere I can't wait to get somewhere else but I'm just so looking foward to our next great adventure. And I'd prefer a more "mild" winter we'd get being 5 hours south of where we are now.

With moving coming up, and the packing and the storage and everything else - well, I've done some "spring cleaning." I have this pile set for Goodwill, and almost half of our itty bitty living room is stuff that we're having the movers take to storage in Cali - books, big furniture, most of my shoes, the desk...etc. Still have a lot to go through, but at least I have a start. Getting a furnished place in North Carolina is a little more accessible than I thought - if I look at the right places - so it will be no problem packing up almost everything we have and furthermore maybe even not having to haul a uhaul cross-country come February to Cali. This move is a great opportunity to downsize...cause we just have so much stuff. Just stuff. Once we got married and moved in together, we didn't really get furniture from people. We got some wonderful wedding gifts, but a whole lot were for the kitchen. So all the furniture is hand-me-dowm and all of our stuff consists of things that my parents brought to us, or just the random stuff I always had in my bedroom.

I also have too many clothes. But not the right kind of clothes...Well, I don't know. What I do know is that I usually wear the same shirts etc. all the time, and don't get around to some of my wardrobe. I have so many dresses that my mom and I just collect for ourselves when they're for a steal of a price, but I haven't brought myself to wear all of them. A while ago I told myself that I was going to wear dresses for a month straight, a different one each day. I have enough for a month and a half straight at least, so maybe I should just go ahead and do that to utilize my closet. The closet is basically all mine, ha. When I'm looking at the amount of clothes I'm going to take with me for the next 5 months, I'll look at putting some in a Goodwill pile or something...

This move is coming at a great time. Yes, now we are tight on time, but it is forcing me to look at what we have and make do with it. Or just figure out what is just "excess" we don't need them to pack or for ourselves to carry along. And, the move also means that it is Fall!!

home is where the heart is! ..in pictures.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Totally out of order and whatnot, but whatever. These are just some awesome pictures of the best week ever. Road tripping across Texas with my best friend was just all kinds of wonderful. I already posted these and more on Facebook so you can just...enjoy. And wish you lived in Texas, as we still do now.
sunset at Enchanted Rock!!


Marshall's wallet that he lost at work nearly a year ago...it was mailed back to his parents!

downtown Fredericksburg..cool outdoor military exhibit

Aggie Barn between CS & Waco :)

More Enchanted Rock to follow...

& honey butter chicken biscuts from Whataburger... I can't believe I survived six months in the north...

Common Grounds, my favorite place to go in Waco :) We kidnapped Holly and visited Tracey & Millie for a day!

We miss our sweet scruffalicious very very vewy much :)


More Enchanted Rock

Another view of the wallet

More Enchanted Rock

Anniversary tier..13.5 months later!

wide open road :) Missing this to death right now.

Perdenales Falls, outside/around austin

More of the Aggie Barn between CS & Waco! I thought this was an epic shot with the view of the Hwy 6 South sign...I think we were definitely in Texas :)


moving insight

This just in, we will be moving out of our apartment in Quantico and into a new place in Jacksonville, North Carolina in less than three weeks!! I am so excited for this next chapter of our life. We will be in NC for about 5 months, and then we will head west to CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!

Since we'll be there for a short amount of time, our stuff is getting packed up and sent to storage out at Camp Pendleton, waiting for us to pick it up once we move out there after the new year. This weekend and next week we will be working on organizing exactly what we will take with us and what the movers will pack on this move. This also depends on the place we will find for our short time in North Carolina. I've been a little confused, because the furnished apartments in town close to the base cost more than double what the furnished places costs 45 minutes out of the way, at the beach...It doesn't seem to make sense to me, but I guess because all of the jobs are in town and that is usually where people will live helps to make sense of that. Right now I'm really hoping that we can get a winter rental out there at one of the furnished places on the beach, especially because they are much nicer than what we'd get in town and definitely within our BAH budget for living costs each month. The only thing to do now is to weigh our options, see the places, and decide/sign a lease to that we can give that address to the apartments here. It doesn't sound like much, but...

Well that's it for now! Can't think of much. Still waiting for Marshall to get home...since he's graduated and in the transition company at TBS (Mike Co.) they just do all the leftover busy work..filling in for training exercises, cleaning, really whatever..Right now they're cleaning the floors, rooms, and hallways in the barracks as they have been for the past week..it's a pain, from what I hear.

Good news though, Marshall found an 1898 dime while cleaning..could be worth up to $70, but probably more like $4 since it's so worn down. I've been so bored waiting for him so I've been googling it! Totally could have gone to a movie today..but didn't think I would have the time after figuring out the move this morning.

I am dying to see Won't Back Down...and I think I'll just go tomorrow while I'm waiting for Marshall to get home (since he just found out he has to go in tomorrow to clean the barracks some more... on a Saturday...). It's about two parents, one a teacher, fighting the school board and teacher's unions to change the system and transform the failing inner-city schools their kids attend. The preview makes me cry, it's so good and inspirational. I will devote an entire update to this movie once I go see it!

But that's it for now!

health diary 101

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I just have a little something to say here...

First of all, although I don't exactly work out or do much (if any) strenuous physical activity, I really do care about my health. I have to. I mean, a few weeks ago there was a huge sale at the Exchange for Labor Day weekend and I got a Wii Fit, opened it, and haven't touched it since, but seriously - I haven't had time! Right after that was graduation and traveling, and we are still traveling right now. We're back in Texas for a couple more days - back to Virginia on Monday - so I haven't updated anything for a while because of that. But soon after I get back I will have a post about our adventures driving across this beautiful state we call home! More about that later...

Even with the Wii Fit sitting there, it still takes a lot of motivation for me to do anything like run, or even pilates. I loved taking a pilates course at A&M for my kinesiology credit, told myself I would do it every morning as a wake-up call, and just haven't kept up with it. The only thing like this lately that I actually have done is climb. Or hike, if you want to call it that. Within this journey across the great state of Texas, we stopped in Fredericksburg at Enchanted Rock - finally!!!! It was beautiful. Breathtaking. Like, it's truly unbelievable. But I'll get into that later..the big point about this is the hiking. It's crazy. Sure there are paths to go up these giant rocky hills, but it still takes work. It was exhausting. But it was so worth it. The view from the top is...wow. I can't even....wow. This took so much out of me though. I basically collapsed when we got to the top. It's just not my thing..this whole..exercise. And there are mighty good reasons for this though, believe me. This is something that Marshall is still having trouble accepting...

And it's not just the whole exercise deal. There's more... the whole alcohol thing. Why? Just simply, why? I don't understand how people can be so thoughtless about what they put into their bodies. First off, drinking is just something I simply cannot do. Even if I wanted to, no. It's never an option. And why is that? Well, it reacts really bad with my medicine..the stuff that keeps my heart from fluttering and making me pass out like I nearly did a couple times my freshman year at A&M. Think about what it actually does to your body. It rots your liver. It's just not something I want to put in my body, with a health condition or not. If I acted like the "true" crazy college student..there is no way I would be here right now. My heart literally cannot handle it. Any of it. Even the smell of alcohol makes me want to throw up, it's that bad. It's a disgusting thing. I am ridiculously sensitive to alcohol. And this goes for all drugs...just no. Don't even think about trying to do or drink anything when I'm around. I will go out of my way to get out of your way. Far out of your way. I am not going to sit around cigar smoke, breathing it into my lungs - which have been through way too much during my 20 years, you don't even know. If you have trouble accepting this..think about it this way.

This is something that has really been on my mind lately, especially with how in tune I have gotten with my body lately. It's ridiculous how much I can feel, you know? Here's the short explanation..Basically, I have this congenital heart disease. I was born with it and it's stuck with me. It's a part of me, and this is why I feel so strongly about all of this. I am here today by the Grace of God helping me through four open heart surgeries. Sure the first three were all before I was 2 years old, and the last one was in 8th grade when I was 13, but it all affects me every day of my life. I have pieces of pig valves inside me, and some other stuff that keeps me alive today. I guess you can say it's a fragile state...

Sure I can still do lots of stuff, I mean I was in soccer and marching band in high school (Only because of how ridiculously awesome I felt, how honestly I could breathe after the last surgery). But the past few years I haven't really been able to keep up with it. Running is too much...I can go for a couple minutes, but then the breathing is just way too overwhelming. My chest gets really tense and it's just, frankly, uncomfortable. It's not something I can do. A stationary bike is alright, but not for too long either. This is why I got the wii fit on that sale..maybe some aerobics or whatever games they have on that will be a way for me to "stay in shape."

This is something that Marshall needs to truly learn and really understand about me. I can't run marathons with him, as he always dreamed he would do with his future wife (Although I still want to run/walk the Disney Half Marathon someday). I can't drink, or smoke, or chew, or do whatever it is people who don't know any better like to do. I'm not trying to bash or anything, but seriously, before you commit to partaking in any of those activities, you should really take time to learn about what it does to your body, or what it can potentially do if it goes too far. If someone like me with this condition can't do any of that, why would you think that a normal everyday Joe can treat his body that way? Why would someone want to put that junk in their body, and let it affect their life, in turn treating this beautiful gift from God like a piece of trash? Think about it. Just, think about it. I can go on for hours about how strongly I feel about this...

Bottom line, these nasty things called drugs and alcohol are a major no-no for me. It's on the never-am-I-ever-going-to-even-think-about-it list. Even if I personally don't do this, which I never ever will, there will still be people around me that I may or may not know that do. I can deal with it if strangers are around, or if we're at some state fair or back in Milwaukee or something, but I can't deal with it if my own husband or friends will treat his/her body like that. Now don't think I'm trying to be the bad guy here, I'm not. I just simply can't be around it, breathe it in, or anything. It's so uncomfortable, as previously explained. And trust me, this is something I have made very clear to Marshall. The other day I think I just closed my case, dotted the i's and crossed the t's on why exactly it's like this. My loving husband just needed a greater push and wake up call to realize that I wasn't trying to "keep him" from doing whatever with his friends, I am looking out for his and my health. If he's doing these things and treating his body like this, well, it's like he's treating me like this. After all, we are married. That's not something I'm comfortable with. Knowing what it can do to me and it's potential, I would never in a million years want Marshall to put himself in that situation. And thankfully, because of how simply and strongly I explained it this last time, we won't have to deal with this again. Praying about it.

We still have a lot to learn in this health/cleansing journey of ours, but we're at a good starting point. A wake up call kind of starting point. All those flutters and scares at A&M I would think have done the trick..but we just needed something a little more. Soon enough Marshall will get that thing to flush out his system of all those nasty MRE's and we'll both be headed to a much healthier and happier life together. We are learning together (as I'm getting Marshall to realize) to take the best care of our bodies...especially considering my history. I have probably another 2+ years till another surgery is needed (so definitely while we're in California)... time to look out for our health and keep away from those...things... I definitely don't want to have to go in sooner, and staying clean together will be a way to ensure that doesn't happen (At least that we can control..) And seriously, I am going to start using the Wii Fit, as soon as we get back to VA!!

Home of the Commandant of the Marine Corps tour

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This was about a week ago by now, when the Charlie Co. spouses toured the Home of the Commadants & met Mrs. Amos - the First Lady of the Marine Corps :) I know I put all of these pictures and talked about it in Facebook, but decided - why not put it on here! - as long as I was updating my blog :) This is just a short recap of that.. I'm not going to get into much detail of how beautiful the home is and how awesome of an experience it was. Just enjoy the pictures!

Where the evening & sunset parades are :)

View of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument!

A firefighter helmet from the responders of 9/11

General & Mrs. Amos with President Bush!

The Amos' & The Obama's.


Chesty is so lazy :) I got my picture with him!
I also got my picture with Mrs. Amos - the First Lady of the Marine Corps!!!

The Commandant of the Marine Corps' home is at 8th & I in Washington, DC. It was so cool!

flatbread pizzas!

The other day I made Marshall & I made some pizzas...they were AMAZING. I found flatbread at the Commissary so I decided to give it a go. Basically, it's really simple. For my pizza, I put on some alfredo and pesto, then added the toppings: spinach, mushroom and tomato slices. Pretty simple. Marshall's on the other hand isn't so. His pizza has regular sauce, mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomato, shredded cheese, and perhaps a few other things I missed. I was going to add pepperoni but sadly they were moldy...I really need to stop putting food in the back of the fridge where I never see it!! I am getting much better at grocery shopping, and this can be evidence of that. Who ever would have thought that me, myself, and I would decide to MAKE pizzas on flatbread?!!

Anyway, if you decide you want some, very simple to make. Also, once I finished putting all the ingredients on, I just slipped them into the toaster oven for maybe 5 minutes, or until the edges were brown and crispy. Since the flatbread was already made, it was SO SIMPLE! And don't these look delicious?!

beautiful history

The other day, before Marshall's parents left for Texas, we went to Wilderness battlefield and Monticello. Now these are both things that I have done before, but it was still cool to go back. The most wonderful part about Wilderness is that there is a monument to Texas (pictured third below)! It is crazy to think that centuries ago, Americans and not were fighting on this very soil for our freedoms. Seeing all the battlefields is definitely something else very eye-opening.

It's pretty neat how you only have to drive an hour or two around here and you find yourself immersed in history. While Marshall had to work the other day, I went to Monticello again with his parents. It is BEAUTIFUL. It is Thomas Jefferson's home that took him decades to complete. The view of the mountains is breathtaking.. I know I've touched on Monticello before since I wrote about going with my mom and grandma, so I'm not going to add much else. The pictures do more justice than my words ever could.

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