Carolina beach fun!

Monday, September 3, 2012

This past Memorial Day weekend we met my mom at the outer banks of North Carolina, and had a lot of fun :) Here are just some pictures of the weekend - Wright brothers' memorial, sandunes @ Jockey Ridge State Park, and the beaches in Kitty Hawk. We also finally got our national parks pass - free for military! - so we can definitely put that to good use on our trip out west. So excited!!!

Memorial marking the top of the hill where the brothers took off on their first flights.


A replica of what their living quarters looked like out there. The brothers scouted the country looking for a suitable area, with ample land and great hills to take off on their planes. 

Stone marking the first flight!

Model of what the area looked like at the time, with their plane!

Probably the coolest part of our trip! The sand dunes at this park were awesome. We really want to take Scruffy here, she would have a blast.

So beautiful! We got sand everywhere...literally

Marshall found some abandoned cardboard, took it up on the dune and flew down!

It was breathtaking.

My mom coming to the top of the sand dune. It was a workout..

So beautiful!

A view from afar. At the top of the dune you can see both sides of the island - one looking out to the Atlantic ocean, the other looking out to the rest of North Carolina. The outer banks are so cool..

We left our mark :)

At the beach in Kitty Hawk the day we left! Isn't he such a stud?

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