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Sunday, September 30, 2012

It is feeling a whole lot like fall lately, probably because it basically is. Being in Virignia, the last "cold front" stuck last week...the weather has been so strange throughout our time here - it was rainy in spring, cloudly or over 90 degrees out all summer, and chilly the past couple of days. Sure it sounds manageable and normal but it is still so..different from Texas weather. We miss home. But besides the point...

It was probably last week all of the grocery stores started putting pumpkins out front! I can't believe it is basically October. So much is going on this month. The weather also got cold and stayed cold as previously noted, so it definitely feels like Fall outside too. Time to start wearing cute sweaters and boots everywhere :)

We watched the Once Upon A Time season 2 premiere earlier..it was pretty awesome, though it seemed it flew by. I also felt there were a lot of loose endings left at the end..Still basically my favorite show out there right now though! I just discovered an app for the show on Facebook - I always thought those apps were just far too silly - but started playing it and it's actually pretty cool. If you follow the show it all is basically is a clue hunt for different items of different characters, and on the way/when you find them there are really cool background stories that are unlocked that explain the show's circumstances to a greater dimension. Now this does sound silly, so I'll just stop now..

October also means that we are moving soon. In like, less than 3 weeks. I can't believe it..but can't wait to get out of Virginia! I know I know, once I get somewhere I can't wait to get somewhere else but I'm just so looking foward to our next great adventure. And I'd prefer a more "mild" winter we'd get being 5 hours south of where we are now.

With moving coming up, and the packing and the storage and everything else - well, I've done some "spring cleaning." I have this pile set for Goodwill, and almost half of our itty bitty living room is stuff that we're having the movers take to storage in Cali - books, big furniture, most of my shoes, the desk...etc. Still have a lot to go through, but at least I have a start. Getting a furnished place in North Carolina is a little more accessible than I thought - if I look at the right places - so it will be no problem packing up almost everything we have and furthermore maybe even not having to haul a uhaul cross-country come February to Cali. This move is a great opportunity to downsize...cause we just have so much stuff. Just stuff. Once we got married and moved in together, we didn't really get furniture from people. We got some wonderful wedding gifts, but a whole lot were for the kitchen. So all the furniture is hand-me-dowm and all of our stuff consists of things that my parents brought to us, or just the random stuff I always had in my bedroom.

I also have too many clothes. But not the right kind of clothes...Well, I don't know. What I do know is that I usually wear the same shirts etc. all the time, and don't get around to some of my wardrobe. I have so many dresses that my mom and I just collect for ourselves when they're for a steal of a price, but I haven't brought myself to wear all of them. A while ago I told myself that I was going to wear dresses for a month straight, a different one each day. I have enough for a month and a half straight at least, so maybe I should just go ahead and do that to utilize my closet. The closet is basically all mine, ha. When I'm looking at the amount of clothes I'm going to take with me for the next 5 months, I'll look at putting some in a Goodwill pile or something...

This move is coming at a great time. Yes, now we are tight on time, but it is forcing me to look at what we have and make do with it. Or just figure out what is just "excess" we don't need them to pack or for ourselves to carry along. And, the move also means that it is Fall!!

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