Home of the Commandant of the Marine Corps tour

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This was about a week ago by now, when the Charlie Co. spouses toured the Home of the Commadants & met Mrs. Amos - the First Lady of the Marine Corps :) I know I put all of these pictures and talked about it in Facebook, but decided - why not put it on here! - as long as I was updating my blog :) This is just a short recap of that.. I'm not going to get into much detail of how beautiful the home is and how awesome of an experience it was. Just enjoy the pictures!

Where the evening & sunset parades are :)

View of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument!

A firefighter helmet from the responders of 9/11

General & Mrs. Amos with President Bush!

The Amos' & The Obama's.


Chesty is so lazy :) I got my picture with him!
I also got my picture with Mrs. Amos - the First Lady of the Marine Corps!!!

The Commandant of the Marine Corps' home is at 8th & I in Washington, DC. It was so cool!

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