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Friday, September 28, 2012

This just in, we will be moving out of our apartment in Quantico and into a new place in Jacksonville, North Carolina in less than three weeks!! I am so excited for this next chapter of our life. We will be in NC for about 5 months, and then we will head west to CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!

Since we'll be there for a short amount of time, our stuff is getting packed up and sent to storage out at Camp Pendleton, waiting for us to pick it up once we move out there after the new year. This weekend and next week we will be working on organizing exactly what we will take with us and what the movers will pack on this move. This also depends on the place we will find for our short time in North Carolina. I've been a little confused, because the furnished apartments in town close to the base cost more than double what the furnished places costs 45 minutes out of the way, at the beach...It doesn't seem to make sense to me, but I guess because all of the jobs are in town and that is usually where people will live helps to make sense of that. Right now I'm really hoping that we can get a winter rental out there at one of the furnished places on the beach, especially because they are much nicer than what we'd get in town and definitely within our BAH budget for living costs each month. The only thing to do now is to weigh our options, see the places, and decide/sign a lease to that we can give that address to the apartments here. It doesn't sound like much, but...

Well that's it for now! Can't think of much. Still waiting for Marshall to get home...since he's graduated and in the transition company at TBS (Mike Co.) they just do all the leftover busy work..filling in for training exercises, cleaning, really whatever..Right now they're cleaning the floors, rooms, and hallways in the barracks as they have been for the past's a pain, from what I hear.

Good news though, Marshall found an 1898 dime while cleaning..could be worth up to $70, but probably more like $4 since it's so worn down. I've been so bored waiting for him so I've been googling it! Totally could have gone to a movie today..but didn't think I would have the time after figuring out the move this morning.

I am dying to see Won't Back Down...and I think I'll just go tomorrow while I'm waiting for Marshall to get home (since he just found out he has to go in tomorrow to clean the barracks some more... on a Saturday...). It's about two parents, one a teacher, fighting the school board and teacher's unions to change the system and transform the failing inner-city schools their kids attend. The preview makes me cry, it's so good and inspirational. I will devote an entire update to this movie once I go see it!

But that's it for now!

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