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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My morning started around 6am, watching the E! Network & getting ready to head to base. Front gate/95 traffic was miserable, so I had to u-turn and head through the TBS back gate down closer to our apts. After the long drive through the base (it takes like at least 20 minutes to get from the back to the "side" gate where the Exchange, Commissary, etc. are) I met another TBS wife at the Exchange parking lot. We headed over to the chapel annex - where I literally spend all of my time on base volunteering - and attended a PCS workshop. Oh my goodness, was it jampacked full of good info we desperately needed.
After getting all the necessary information needed for our next moves at the various travel offices & talking to Lincoln military housing about the application process...we got it down. Only thing needed now is to wait for my stud to come home tomorrow to talk him through it & plan & schedule our move/apply for on-base housing at Pendelton.
And NO breed limit/number limit for pets on base -- ahhh!!!! Seriously the best pet policy you will find anywhere. Lincoln Military Housing is so accomodating...Especially if you are in a high-rent place like California. It is so going to be worth it. AND we can apply for housing/reserve housing now from the east coast...don't have to go visit. We can tour the same floorplans here at Quantico since it is all with the same housing it saves us a costly trip out there too for house hunting. So awesome.
We then went to the Exchange to eat. Papa John's & Subway. I am so glad these two companies are on nearly every base....good, quick food. We also went in to the giant store part, got some Starbucks (also very happy they are military friendly too!) & looked at computers, furnitures, and holiday sales.
We got so much good information today. Pizza is delicious. Computers are expensive...still not sure what I'm going to get to replace my old one (I need one for school and Marshall doesn't want me to use his and just get an iPad or something cheaper than having 2 laptops...lots of options). Furniture is good to buy in a group, tax-free on base, with only a $100 delivery charge for 5+ pieces (rather than for that number of furniture sets... which is PERFECT for what I want.)
I'm still not sure if we're going to get the much needed furniture here or at Camp Pendleton after the new year, but we are going to be getting a couch set & dining room table set...faux marble at a very wonderful steal of a deal. Oh and we're also going to need to get a washer/dryer set once we get out to Pendleton - especially if we live on base which we most likely will - and found good deals on  base for that too, to get once we move out there. I also found a picture frame, perfume, and a wii fit game I'd like to get at the Exchange holiday sale that starts tomorrow...So excited to go back. There is literally everything you will every need on base and it is awesome!
Hmm...Oh. We are also now looking at an extended stay hotel or furnished apartment at Camp Lejeune for those 5 months for Marshall's course, and then get our stuff from Quantico shipped to Pendleton as previously mentioned. Hopefully after graduation while he is one leave, we can go out there to look at the option places I listed on my spreadsheet and decide on what we want. Now we just need to decide on a place/moving date & apply for Pendleton housing and we will be basically good to go for living quarters.
Here is a picture of the front gate at Camp Lejeune. That giant EGA is so cool....I want that for our living room! Only bad part...traffic is miserable!!! But the base is so spread out & I liked the little part of it I saw.

And this is what Oceanside, California looks like....BEAUTIFUL!!! The area that we would be getting housing on base at Pendleton is right on the beach will look pretty similar to this from what I can tell (Basically the same place/area..this picture is just from off base, same city). It's going to be so hard to study...

In case I never updated on the college school situation...I am registered, ordered books & will be taking 12 hours in the Fall starting Oct. 22nd We plan to be moving that week or the week following, so it will be a very hectic first week for me. Marshall starts his Logistics course the last week of October so that'll be fun..So relieved I am going to be busy with school so much and not have to worry about searching for another temporary job. I will just get a job once we get out to California..preferably with a school on base, so that I can intern & do my student teaching through them for my last semester. I researched my education courses a bit and found out that most upper-levels have some requirement for hands-on classroom specific activity, but that is sparse until you apply/secure/fill out paperwork for students teaching wherever you are living. I know that I will definitely be able to finish my degree in California since it will only be around 2 more years and we will be in Cali for 3.  I can't wait to get out there, get my foot in the door with DoDEA (school program on all military bases), and soon enough complete my student teaching!!!

Anyway, this fall is going to be very busy. I will be doing courses from late Oct-mid Dec & mid March-Late May. So that break with those terms I won't be able to take because of moving will be nice. I will then take full-time courses through the terms/semesters after that to be able to finish on time (may even early depending on number of hours/courses I choose) with my added Special Ed. minor!

It is so good for me to get all of this on one little paper (other than the spreadsheets I made with most of this info) so it is just out there and processing. This process has been very long, confusing, eventful, & well worth it today!!!! Very pleased with how this turned out...Now to just wait for the studmuffin to return to decide housing/furniture issues with the sale & new info I have recieved :)


  1. If you're going to be at Ocean Beach you're closer than I thought! That's not too far from us at all! And Lincoln Military Housing is great.. sometimes. Like half their housing here don't allow pets and the ones that do allow pets take ALL your BAH, boo. So you don't pocket any money at all. The houses are really nice though. If you don't have any pets their apartments are nice and suuuper cheap so you pocket so much money, haha. I can't wait for you to get here! I love to have a familiar face!

    1. So the housing area at Pendleton was on the south side of the base, which is much closer to his work than the north side (the base is huge!!!) The housing community we would stay at if we do that is called Del Mar (not the city)..which is close to the cities Oceanside & Carlsbad outside the south side of the clarify :) It's still an hour away though!!! It confused me at first, the little on base communities have the same names as surrounding cities. Either way we'll be close!!! Lincoln housing here at Quantico is really accomodating and nice..they looked up all this info for me out there and told me about the pet info. Hopefully out west it's pretty similar..hmm. Already knew we wouldnt get any BAH if we did on base housing, that's the only real downside now...But the location and short commute!! So tempting. We'll see...


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