The Basic School...check!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This past Wednesday, after 6 months of hard work, Marshall graduated TBS! Our family came in town and we all went to an event for the families to mingle the night before at the Marine Corps Museum down the road in Quantico.

That night was actually 9/11, and there is an exhibit in the entrance of memories you can add of that fateful day. My mom added something to it about how she was teaching math at the time, and how everyone stopped to watch the news. I remember being in 4th grade in Sugar Land..we all came back from recess and Mrs. Carter let us know what was going on, then we didn't do anything for the rest of the day and got out early. I had no idea that day would have so much of an impact on our lives, to this day. Every time I go through that museum, it really opens my eyes.

The morning of graduation there was an event - Warrior Day (or Family Day) where we all went out to the TBS side of base to spend some time learning about the equipment and things the boys did all of this time. The following are a couple pictures from that event!


And last but not least, pictures of the graduation in front of Little Hall, Marine Corps Base Quantico Mainside! Isn't Marshall such a stud? When we sat down waiting for the ceremony to begin inside, my dad explained to me what all the bells and whistles on his uniform mean. Our parents look good too :)

Oh - and Marshall's mom and I made his graduation cake. I got the EGA edible emblem from The Marine Shop in Q-town. and it looked so good on that white cake. I also got white cake mix, wanting to make a "hidden flag cake"...but forgot. Basically what you do is split the cake mix into thirds, one red, white, and blue, and then cut and assemble into a layered flag inside the cake with frosting in the middle. If that makes sense. Things were hectic and I completely forgot... Well, next time I make a cake I'll be sure to remember :)

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