How He Loves

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Well, I finished all of my homework due Friday, but the schoolweek isn't over until Monday. With that said, I've been looking for some encouragement to finish my readings for Psych, English & Learning Theory while preparing for 1 paper, 1 report, 1 outline, 1 pre-test, and 2 quizzes. Sounds like a lot for the weekend, huh? It's really not as bad as it sounds..Seriously! Keeps me busy. I really do like it :) Who knew I could enjoy school so much?

I also get sidetracked easily. But the one thing that has kept me in this groove by finishing 2 discussion boards and like 40 pages of readings today is Pandora..Specifically their Contemporary Christian radio. And this song started playing...

How He Loves by David Crowder Band

Wow. Whenever I hear this song, I am reminded of two things. First, with AIM (Aggies in Mission) my freshman year, all of the ladies went to Intimacy, an all-female worship and praise concert at a local church in Bryan. It was a really wonderful night..We went to the cute part of downtown Bryan, ate at a wonderful Italian resturaunt with loads of character, and also shopped around a bit at the cute boutiques down the town center. The coolest part I thought, was when we were at the church with all of the Christian women who came for the concert, singing, collectively..It was beautiful. It was really different from the Tuesday nights with Breakaway Ministries at Kyle Field, men and women combined. It was just cool. Just seriously awesome. And when we sang this song, well, it was probably my favorite part of the night. This song reels in so much emotion, and it gets really overwhelming. Especially at such a great event!
Second, well, this was a while ago. But remember when I said we moved around a lot growing up? Well, after 6th grade, my first year of middle school, we moved from Sugar Land, Texas to Wisconsin...Oh my goodness! This was a huge change. But in SL we belonged to Williams Trace Baptist Church (now known as Sugar Land Baptist Church) and we had wonderful Sunday school classes. My specific class, the 11:00 (I think?) for 6th grade, was super awesome. Our Sunday School teacher, Mr. Rene, gave me the album A Collision by David Crowder Band, it was released recently (at that time)...2005? I never really gave a listen to it until we were on some family trip...we were flying to Orlando I think some years after that. It was the time when everyone still carried their CD players or MP3 players with them on the bus to school. And this CD was in the album with my meager collection, and well, I listened. And it was awesome. Of course, I had a window seat, and this only enhanced my experience. This was the one time when I personally immersed myself in contemporary Christian music and it just made me so...peaceful. That's a word I've used a lot lately, isn't it? Well, yeah. It was the perfect music to listen to while staring out at the clouds. I love plane rides with window seats!
P.S. David Crowder Band is from Waco, TEXAS! The home of Baylor University (They went to school there too!), and currently, the home of my good best friend, Tracey. We went there during our time back home and it was awesome!
Anyway, the point is that this radio station, as well as the local Christian stations I've found here in Jacksonville, are just really encouraging to me lately, and it's enabled me to get so much schoolwork done in so little time, letting me have this extra time with Marshall and to relax and run errands. I am not as busy as I was with my summer classes, and I'm taking 4 classes at once, not 3. It's really a wonderful feeling, knowing how much  I can get done if I just put my mind to it - in this case, while listening to this encouraging station.
P.S. Happy November! I know it's only like 1:20 in the morning, but man... Time is really flying by. Marshall graduates LOC in just over 3 months..then soon after we will be on our way to California! It's hard to believe we are going to be moving again so soon. Better enjoy the rest of our time on the east coast while we can :)

Dream Jobs & Education

Monday, October 29, 2012

In the previous post, I included my introduction for the discussion boards in my online classes at Liberty, and forgot to mention why it is that I want to study Elementary & Special Education. First here's a little bit of background of how I want to use that specific education in the real world.

Being a military brat, I was constantly exposed to new schools, new towns, new weather - everything. I went to: 4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools, and now - 2 colleges (3 if you count San Jac for a summer in Houston). That sure sounds like a lot to the average Joe, but for me, well, I really enjoy it. It may be strange and hectic to move and get settled in to a completely unfamiliar place, but I do like it. Really! Maybe it's because once I hear that we're going somewhere else I get SO SO excited to get there - then once we get settled in I'm already tired of it and want to see more of this beautiful Creation, rather than the gently trodded soil where I reside. Moving is just that kind of adventure for me. And it sure helps when it's only a one-day drive (Virginia to North Carolina), rather than a 4-day drive (Texas to Wisconsin). But the longer the drive, the more sightseeing you can do along the way. That's always an adventure, too.

Along the ride I've had so many different teachers, it's hard to keep track - especially when you get to middle school and have 7 or 8 different teachers at once, one for each subject/elective. I honestly used to know every Mrs. Teacher's name, but now I have some trouble recalling.

I guess the reason why I want to be a teacher so much is to be able to interact with innocent children - kids are too precious! - and to be able to relate to them so well with this military family background (If on/near a base, that is). I sure always wanted someone else in a similar situation which I can confide in while being at all those different schools, but never found that person until 7th grade. It sure would have helped when I was little, but it really did help more than I expected to in middle school. Sarah, who was also my maid of honor at our wedding last year, has a father in the Coast Guard. Yes, it is different since they generally stay around the Great Lakes area and have a much bigger gap between when they move, but..We both moved to Waukesha (Wisconsin) and moved out of Waukesha at the same time. It was great having someone to talk to your own age who understood what you were experiencing, being forced to move (in middle school... and high school, no less!) because of your father being in the military. That really helped us to connect because we were both new to the area/school and both just got it.

So I guess that's why I've been wanting to get so involved with volunteering for LINKS for Kids on base (Like I did in Quantico) - because those kids are going through the same situations that I did, and yes - they too can survive! It's probably why my dream job is to have my own classroom, or even be the school psychologist, both at a DoDEA school - an elementary school on a military base. The number of these schools are scarce though, and this won't be a possiblity unless we move to a base post-California on orders which has those schools, or live in the vicinity of another military base (though, none are in Texas..kind of a damper on my bucket list/plans..) Nonetheless, this is something I would love to get involved with, if given the opportunity.

But I also created a list of companies I would LOVE to work for. Like, I dream about it too. Some of them are military related, some not....

DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity)
--As previously noted.

EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program)
--This is something close to me, near and dear, as with my condition I am enrolled in this program, as long as we are military. I volunteered at the EFMP Summer Camp in Quantico a few months ago, and loved it. It's why I added my Special Ed minor, too. I would love to be able to give back with kids who have congenital or threatening medical conditions, and let them know that they have my support.

--Self-explanatory... I would do anything to work for Disney! I can't want to visit the Walt Disney Museum in San Francisco, and also to go to Disneyland again, post-move. I think what I would like most is to work on the Disney cruise lines for any of the programs/activities they have for childcare and kid's entertainment/education while at sea...something I actually just thought of.

Lifeway Christian Bookstore
--I love bookstores, and I love my faith. So naturally, working at a Christian bookstore would be overwhelmingly satisfying and fulfilling. I actually found a few near where we will be calling home in California, and can't wait to visit them in March.

--There are so many independent bakeries and cupcake storefronts, that I just listed something general. I love love LOVE cupcakes and baking, and wouldn't dare pass up the opportunity to work at one again. I worked temporarily at a cupcakery in College Station, and actually was offered a job at Sprinkles in DC while we lived up there, but it was just too much work to actually get there (a car, train, and bus ride)..Bummer! I just applied at a local bakery here in Jacksonville, and it looks like I'll hear back in a month if they need help for Christmas orders. Fingers crossed!

So all in all...Why am I studying Elementary & Special Education? Simply, to give back.

Here are my education plans:

*Graduate May 2014 or earlier from Liberty University with a degree in Elementary Education, Special Education minor. Depending on our situation at that time, fly back to Virginia to physically attend the ceremonies as well as the various appreciation luncheons for online  and military-affiliated students.

*Take and pass the following teaching certifications:
ACSI (For any private/public Chrisitan school),
Praxis II (For DoD schools and most districts anywhere), and
TExES (state certification for Texas).
--Depending on my goals at the time, I will take the tests for Special Ed K-12, Elementary Ed PK-4 and 4-8 (math/science & ela/ss), or even school psychologist...

*Enroll in a Masters of Educational Psychology (or School Psychology) program at a residential university in southern California (Already have a working list of schools this degree is avaliable at!!).

*Enroll in Pastry School - for baking/cake decorating, or a variant of this. I would love to get this experience at a culinary/art institute so that I can start a cupcake business out of my home (I would probably do this in the summers between LU, as I wouldn't be recieving Pell grant funding for my Liberty classes during those times, and it's a lot out of pocket without the grant otherwise. I can also use the MyCAA military spouse grant for this -- if it is an Associate's or Certificate program, that I find.)

---->SO ready & excited for the future!!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

A little sidenote here: for the first week in an online course at Liberty, the first thing on the checklist consists of an introduction of yourself in the discussion boards. This was for my English Literature class: we were told to share major, location, hobbies, etc..and one of the following - salvation experience, a testimony, or what brought you to Liberty University. I chose to share a testimony (post the regular introduction noted directly below). I did have a different testimony before, but I feel this one is more powerful, and more relatable in a sense since it's more recent (This happened Spring 2011). This is what I would share during a Bible study or the like. Though, my life is full of testimonies, some may seem as serious as this and some may not. Overall, it is simply a blessing to know that God works in my life through others and through my own stubbornness.

Here goes nothing:

My name is Katherine Newsom and I currently reside in Jacksonville, North Carolina..just moving here a couple days ago from Quantico, Virginia. My wonderful husband, Marshall, is training to become a Logistics officer here at Camp Johnson, and then in February we will be moving to far from home! We are from Texas and miss it so much. I am studying Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education wanting to continue for a Masters in Educational Psychology at a residential university in CA. I enjoy baking, crafting, and the beach.

I have always been in a Christian home and around church growing up, that I never took the time to truly understand what it means to be a Christian - I always found myself going through the motions.

When my husband and I met (at college..Texas A&M University..whoop!), one of the first things he did was invite me to a Christian organization on campus he was a part of - Aggies in Mission. Meetings consisted of mission work, fellowship, fundraising, and worship. Because I went to the meeting, we started dating and ended up getting married, and I actually grew tremedously in my faith. The turning point though, is this - for Spring Break we went on a mission trip to Amarillo, TX in the panhandle - and we helped at a local mission center for the homeless, that also acted as a soup kitchen. It was amazing, we did a lot of painting, yardwork, and played with water balloons with the kids. The whole time we were there my mind was elsewhere, though - Marshall had been dropping hints he was going to propose soon, and I also had some very serious doctor's appointments coming up - I have a heart condition and was having a lot of scares that year, so literally the day after the mission trip I was going to get an MRI that would tell me if I would need another surgery (Would have been #5) or not. I was taking out my nervousness and frustration on him though, instead of focusing on God and our mission in the panhandle. Then the last day we were at the center, the final worship jam, one of the women who lead the center came up to me, held my hand and held on to me, and told me exactly what I needed to hear. I don't remember the details because I was so overwhelmed, but God knew I was troubled and decided to work through her, telling me that everything will be alright and that He would take care of me. Before I was trying to pry the proposal details out of Marshall and was worried about the MRI and overwhelmed at the thought of another surgery, that my heart wasn't in the right place for mission work. But through that woman, God told me that He knows that I can handle what he has given me, and I need to trust in Him. It was really the breakthrough that I needed to really turn my life around. And as it turns out, I didn't need surgery then, and 2 years later still don't need it. God knew that that was the time for my husband and I's relationship to take the next step (he proposed the next weekend!), and it wasn't the time for another surgery, or for me to dwell on that fact. I have to only trust in Him!

From then on, instead of going through the motions, I strive to become a better Christian than I was yesterday. I take it seriously now. I needed something substantial (the experience in Amarillo) to bring me around, and now I can truly say that I am a strong Christian!

--->On somewhat of a sidenote, one student replied saying that my testimony (specifically the lesson of trust learned) was very encouraging, and to continue to share it...So here I am!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Right now I'm studying Psychology to the latest Mumford & Sons CD - Babel. It is truly wondorous, and I can't help but feel at peace whenever I listen to it, in it's entirety. This is the CD that made the 5 hour drive/move from Stafford, VA to Jacksonville, NC the simplest thing I have done for a while. It made the drive pleasant, and it really went by fast. Though, by the end, I felt like I was falling asleep - but didn't! - and I only credit that to the lack of sleep from the stresses of moving and, of course, the beautiful chords of the music which soothed me oh so much. If I'm ever in a nasty or frustrated mood, I just turn on Mumford & Sons, or Christian radio, actually. They are both very similar and they are both very...peaceful.

Here are some quotes from Babel that just get me, that I just personally find so..freeing:

Well I came home
Like a stone
And I fell heavy into your arms
These days of dust
Which we have known
Will blow away with this new sun
--Nothing is Written

Raise my hands
Paint my spirit gold
Bow my head
Keep my heart slow
--I Will Wait

But I still believe though these cracks you'll see,
When I'm on my knees I'll still believe,
And when I've hit the ground, neither lost nor found,
If you believe in me I'll still believe
--Holland Road

So love the one you hold
And I will be your goal
To have and to hold
A lover of the light
--Lover of the Light

And in this twilight our choices seal our fate.
--Broken Crown

Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
--Below My Feet

All of their songs are so simple, yet so full of emotion. In an interview it is noted that they are fans of faith, rather than organized religion...and that is still very evident in the lyrics. They are just spiritual/social/psychological in the way the band explores questions, and answers via lyrics. For not being a Christian band, there are surely a lot of religious undertones in the lyrics. I do truly appreciate the band's honesty in the lyrics themselves, though, it's hard to find that nowadays.

I love finding study music such as this!

lost in a new town...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today was a whirlwind kind of day. I woke up later than I wanted to because of everything I wanted to get done today, and still didn't get half of it done. Today was my first day on base at Camp Lejeune and it was ridiculous to navigate! It took me nearly 45 minutes to find the Legal Services office, I was driving around in circles. But I finally made it, and was able to get the last step for my background check for the School of Education at LU notarized.

The Legal Services office was probably the most pleasant part of my day. Just like the one in Quantico, I went in and asked for my background check form to be notarized. The man who was doing the notaries looked at me, asked for my military ID, and said "Don't you need your parents with you?" Why do I have to look so young!! I explained to him that no, I am actually 20 and married, and just moved here a couple days ago with my husband. He thought I looked like I was 16.... Then I told him that my mom gets that a lot too -- whenever we go out in public together, we get asked all the time if we're sisters. This happens all the time whenever we went on family vacations when I was younger. Even when I was like 8, people still thought my mom and I were sisters...I'm glad I got some good genes! And it was nice to have a little laugh at the start of my whirlwind of a day :)

After that, I had to take the notarized form to the mail, but couldn't find a post office! My handy GPS found only 2 in Jacksonville, and one of them was completely non-existent. Since the post office I finally found is the only one in the city....I waited in line for another hour. I decided not to waste the wait and got a bunch of stamps along with an envelope to mail the background check, but man it was ridiculous!

I also tried to find the Naval Hospital on base....I drove past it when I was aimlessly trying to find the Legal Services office, but when I was actually looking for it I couldn't find it, again.. The hospital was hidden behind a bunch of trees and it didn't seem like there was much of an obvious entrance, so I'll just go again tomorrow. I need to take in all my prescriptions and get them transferred to the Lejeune pharmacy from Quantico. Hopefully the wait at the pharmacy tomorrow doesn't take an hour like it usually did in Quantico... There are just too many lines!

I was also planning on going to the Commissary today, but it was almost five o'clock so decided I might as well just go home. Tomorrow I will explore the Commissary and Exchange...and stock our fridge up a little bit too! It's actually a good thing I didn't go today though, because now I have time to print off coupons for the food on our list and save even more money on groceries!

I found the address for the vet's office online and tried to find that today too, but once again couldn't! I'll just try that tomorrow...Hopefully I remember to take Trigger's vet records with me so I can get everything updated, or at least hear from the vet what else she needs. I just want her shot records to be updated before we get out to Camp Pendleton in February/March.

Oh that reminds me..I desperately need my flu shot! I couldn't find a Walgreen's in Jacksonville either...the traffic is too miserable to even try to navigate the city without knowing where you are going. I'm thinking that once I get to the Naval Hospital tomorrow I'll just ask them if there's a wait list for the flu shot there, or if I need to make an appointment. If it's the appointment, I might just find a Walgreen's in town to avoid going back through base traffic, yet again..I also need to find my shot records, it's on this really long yellow piece of paper and has everything on there since I was born. Very important!!

Something I remembered/noticed today (at every military base): all of the vets are Army and  all of the hospital/clinic personnel are Navy.

Even with the ridiculous obstacles today trying to find things and get everything on my list done, it was still a good day. I was able to drive through base and see what it's like, and now I know my way around the area just a little bit better. I still want to find a library in town where I can go for a lot of my studying...staying in the apartment is just too distracting with everything we have here, and of course Trigger wanting attention :) But seriously, despite the traffic and the navigation issues I still prefer Camp Lejeune (and North Carolina in general) much more than Quantico! For one, it's not cold. Though I miss the people from LINKS and volunteering...I still need to find out where the meetings are here and get involved. Driving around on base at Quantico was very pretty though, leaves were changing colors and fall was very evidently in the air. Even with fall, it felt warm and very nice outside! I like that a lot. I was also very pleased to find that there are quite a few lakes and also a river going through Camp Lejeune, it's always good to see water close by.

new beginnings

Saturday, October 20, 2012

We are finally moved into our new little apartment in Jacksonville, North Carolina and we love it! Within this process of moving we have gotten rid of a ton of junk...and the majority of our household goods are currently in transit to Camp Pendleton, therefore we do not have much with us right now. But I think that's for the better...Because once we get our shipment when we move to the west coast, we will realize most of it is excess and therefore will be able to slim our goods down to the necessities, and rid of all those little knick knacks we collect over the years...or that my parents gave to us when we got married, actually.

Anyway, as I mentioned before we are seriously much crazier about North Carolina than we ever were, or ever could be about Virginia. It is crazy how much of a difference 5 hours south makes! But we love it, as it reminds us a lot of home --- Texas. We are already thinking of when exactly we will go December for Christmas break & in February, during our move to California. We are so excited!! We are also thinking about bringing Scruffy - our sweet terrier - back home with us over all depends on the flight/kennel charges and I just started looking into that...

Currently we are occupied with the Aggie game...our cable/internet was hooked up early this morning, just in time for the Maroon Out game vs. LSU! Aggies are up 12-0 and we are pretty excited :) Since Texas A&M is in the SEC now, all of the games are aired on ESPN generally...and now we can watch the rest of the season since we finally have all the good channels! Although, watching it really makes us miss Aggieland....

Kyle Field: We really miss it...

Pretty soon I will go pick up Marshall's Dress Alpha's - the uniform he has to wear at check-in - and he'll get it ready for Monday..Because Monday is the day is all starts! Beginning then, my wonderful husband will be learning everything he can about Logistics - and that is why we moved to North Carolina. He's pretty excited! Also on Monday I will be starting my Fall semester, and I'm pretty excited too! The courses are avaliable online now...just have to get my notebooks and materials together and get ahead on the readings now. Four classes from Monday to December 14th at once is going to be a lot (in half the time as a normal semester), but definitely worth it!!!

We are so blessed to be able to have these wonderful opportunities!

forever & always

Monday, October 15, 2012

My new  jewelry is so beautiful! I ordered it from Wife of a Hero mlitary jewelry - an online business found via Facebook. The left is a keychain and the right is a necklace - both with clear swavorski crystal hearts. It was also a BOGO deal since the owner is going back to school and will be closing for about a year! I'm so glad I got this order in time, before the shop closed, and days before our move.

I really need this "military wife prayer" as a constant reminder. At times during TBS I was still having trouble understanding what Marshall was undergoing, and everything he was accomplishing and learning in order to provide for us, while fulfilling this dream he's had. It's a work in progress, and we are both learning so much every step of this journey. I truly got lucky with one amazing husband, we are so blessed!

This is surely a keychain and necklace I will always keep close to my heart!

Aggieland tunes

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm not sure what's been going on, I've have such trouble sleeping lately! What's keeping me up right now is thinking about that little ring of gold... :)

You see, in less than 2 weeks we are moving. In less than 3 weeks I will start my Fall courses - 12 hours till December!! - which means that after this semester, I will be 9 hours away from ordering my Aggie Ring (Requires 90 hours completed)..Which the ordering of it will have to sadly wait till May, because minimesters are only offered for graduate courses at Liberty, and since we are moving in the middle of Fall (I could be almost done with my first terms of Fall now if I wanted to work around the move..which I didn't) I was limited on courses I would be taking this semester.

What got me thinking was a search of the Aggie Ring on Pinterest...yes, I gave in to the hype, and now I can totally see why so people are, perhaps, addicted to the most awesome things, tricks, recipes, crafts, etc. that are "pinned" upon the site. I just can't stop thinking about ordering that Ring, and finally, FINALLY having it!!!!!!!!! ON MY FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't help that for the past hour I've been listening to my personal "A&M playlist" on shuffle, which only consists of a few songs significant to me...

Kiss Me In The Dark - Randy Rogers Band

We Bleed Maroon - Granger Smith

Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show

The Road Goes On Forever - Robert Earl Keen

...aaaaaaand those are the most significant of the fabulous songs that remind me of Aggieland. you wanna know why?

Kiss Me In The Dark was a song that Marshall just had "stuck in his head" and wanted to play it for me....before we even started dating! This was like a week -less than! - after we met. And it relates to Midnight favorite tradition only because I had a corps boy to kiss when the lights went out at the end of the yell practice! Midnight Yell was technically our first date...Marshall asked me during an AIM (Aggies in Mission) meeting, by writing a short and sweet letter, as well as a rainbow, a pot of gold, and a unicorn named Sprinkles, on the back of a third of the sheet we were supposed to fill out our contact info on. He's a sweetie :)

We Bleed Maroon is the epitome of being an Aggie. The music video explains it me goosebumps and honestly, it makes me cry right now because of how much i miss OUR HOME!!!

Wagon Wheel is just a sweet song that Marshall heard and sang to me while we were driving to/from Lake Somerville, this little oasis maybe 30 minutes from College Station. We got our chicken fingers from Layne's and he took me out there for an afternoon to postpone studying before Thanksgiving break :) Being at the lake is so relaxing. We had a little picnic and all there, it was all kinds of wonderful. I never wanted it to end. Here are lyrics of the main chorus (you may think it sounds redneck or cheezy, but it is really too sweet when your new boyfriend sings it to you!) And the banjo in this song is outstanding. Like, I am just in love with this song and everything about it!:
"So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel
Hey mama rock me
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
Rock me mama like a south-bound train
Hey mama rock me"

The Road Goes On Forever is kind of like the anthem of College Station and students at Texas A&M... It's by Robert Earl Keen, who is HUGE is the Brazos Valley region. It's one of those that tells this story, and the chorus is really what gets everyone going. The road goes on forever and the party never ends, something pasted on plenty of tshirts you can see at tent sales on any gameday weekend in CS. It's a great song for the school because, well, the singer/author of the song actually attended the university in the 70's, and wrote the song to kind of "make a name" so to speak of the music scene surrounding the university. (Wikipedia says he was "disapointed" with it all - the music, that is.) And it doesn't help that he majored in English! He also has some more amazing music out there as well, my favorite of the rest - Corpus Christi Bay! ...Probably because that is where Marshall proposed ;)

Other than the ring and the music, I just miss the atmosphere of College Station. Yes, I was upset my last semester there being it was just strange being married in a college town - Oh, and Marshall already graduated so I was just kind of on campus by myself, only and purely for class. But despite the final setbacks, goodness meeting Marshall made up for it because of everything I was able to experience with him my Freshman year there. We went out dancing (two-step!), to the lake, our first game/date together the Tridents were OD's - Officers of the Day - which means they were on the field, and their dates got first row tickets to the game :) What made it better is that we were playing LA Tech and creaming them, and as you may know, every time the Ags score we get to kiss our date ;) That basically solidified our relationship there ha, because we weren't technically dating at the time. Just kind of hanging out..we were bad at labeling it!

I'm just gonna leave it at this for now.....:) 

Really missing our home lately..
Seriously though, isn't it just beautiful? This seriously takes my breath away..the Aggie Barn :)

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