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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm not sure what's been going on, I've have such trouble sleeping lately! What's keeping me up right now is thinking about that little ring of gold... :)

You see, in less than 2 weeks we are moving. In less than 3 weeks I will start my Fall courses - 12 hours till December!! - which means that after this semester, I will be 9 hours away from ordering my Aggie Ring (Requires 90 hours completed)..Which the ordering of it will have to sadly wait till May, because minimesters are only offered for graduate courses at Liberty, and since we are moving in the middle of Fall (I could be almost done with my first terms of Fall now if I wanted to work around the move..which I didn't) I was limited on courses I would be taking this semester.

What got me thinking was a search of the Aggie Ring on Pinterest...yes, I gave in to the hype, and now I can totally see why so people are, perhaps, addicted to the most awesome things, tricks, recipes, crafts, etc. that are "pinned" upon the site. I just can't stop thinking about ordering that Ring, and finally, FINALLY having it!!!!!!!!! ON MY FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't help that for the past hour I've been listening to my personal "A&M playlist" on shuffle, which only consists of a few songs significant to me...

Kiss Me In The Dark - Randy Rogers Band

We Bleed Maroon - Granger Smith

Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show

The Road Goes On Forever - Robert Earl Keen

...aaaaaaand those are the most significant of the fabulous songs that remind me of Aggieland. you wanna know why?

Kiss Me In The Dark was a song that Marshall just had "stuck in his head" and wanted to play it for me....before we even started dating! This was like a week -less than! - after we met. And it relates to Midnight favorite tradition only because I had a corps boy to kiss when the lights went out at the end of the yell practice! Midnight Yell was technically our first date...Marshall asked me during an AIM (Aggies in Mission) meeting, by writing a short and sweet letter, as well as a rainbow, a pot of gold, and a unicorn named Sprinkles, on the back of a third of the sheet we were supposed to fill out our contact info on. He's a sweetie :)

We Bleed Maroon is the epitome of being an Aggie. The music video explains it me goosebumps and honestly, it makes me cry right now because of how much i miss OUR HOME!!!

Wagon Wheel is just a sweet song that Marshall heard and sang to me while we were driving to/from Lake Somerville, this little oasis maybe 30 minutes from College Station. We got our chicken fingers from Layne's and he took me out there for an afternoon to postpone studying before Thanksgiving break :) Being at the lake is so relaxing. We had a little picnic and all there, it was all kinds of wonderful. I never wanted it to end. Here are lyrics of the main chorus (you may think it sounds redneck or cheezy, but it is really too sweet when your new boyfriend sings it to you!) And the banjo in this song is outstanding. Like, I am just in love with this song and everything about it!:
"So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel
Hey mama rock me
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
Rock me mama like a south-bound train
Hey mama rock me"

The Road Goes On Forever is kind of like the anthem of College Station and students at Texas A&M... It's by Robert Earl Keen, who is HUGE is the Brazos Valley region. It's one of those that tells this story, and the chorus is really what gets everyone going. The road goes on forever and the party never ends, something pasted on plenty of tshirts you can see at tent sales on any gameday weekend in CS. It's a great song for the school because, well, the singer/author of the song actually attended the university in the 70's, and wrote the song to kind of "make a name" so to speak of the music scene surrounding the university. (Wikipedia says he was "disapointed" with it all - the music, that is.) And it doesn't help that he majored in English! He also has some more amazing music out there as well, my favorite of the rest - Corpus Christi Bay! ...Probably because that is where Marshall proposed ;)

Other than the ring and the music, I just miss the atmosphere of College Station. Yes, I was upset my last semester there being it was just strange being married in a college town - Oh, and Marshall already graduated so I was just kind of on campus by myself, only and purely for class. But despite the final setbacks, goodness meeting Marshall made up for it because of everything I was able to experience with him my Freshman year there. We went out dancing (two-step!), to the lake, our first game/date together the Tridents were OD's - Officers of the Day - which means they were on the field, and their dates got first row tickets to the game :) What made it better is that we were playing LA Tech and creaming them, and as you may know, every time the Ags score we get to kiss our date ;) That basically solidified our relationship there ha, because we weren't technically dating at the time. Just kind of hanging out..we were bad at labeling it!

I'm just gonna leave it at this for now.....:) 

Really missing our home lately..
Seriously though, isn't it just beautiful? This seriously takes my breath away..the Aggie Barn :)

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