Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Right now I'm studying Psychology to the latest Mumford & Sons CD - Babel. It is truly wondorous, and I can't help but feel at peace whenever I listen to it, in it's entirety. This is the CD that made the 5 hour drive/move from Stafford, VA to Jacksonville, NC the simplest thing I have done for a while. It made the drive pleasant, and it really went by fast. Though, by the end, I felt like I was falling asleep - but didn't! - and I only credit that to the lack of sleep from the stresses of moving and, of course, the beautiful chords of the music which soothed me oh so much. If I'm ever in a nasty or frustrated mood, I just turn on Mumford & Sons, or Christian radio, actually. They are both very similar and they are both very...peaceful.

Here are some quotes from Babel that just get me, that I just personally find so..freeing:

Well I came home
Like a stone
And I fell heavy into your arms
These days of dust
Which we have known
Will blow away with this new sun
--Nothing is Written

Raise my hands
Paint my spirit gold
Bow my head
Keep my heart slow
--I Will Wait

But I still believe though these cracks you'll see,
When I'm on my knees I'll still believe,
And when I've hit the ground, neither lost nor found,
If you believe in me I'll still believe
--Holland Road

So love the one you hold
And I will be your goal
To have and to hold
A lover of the light
--Lover of the Light

And in this twilight our choices seal our fate.
--Broken Crown

Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
--Below My Feet

All of their songs are so simple, yet so full of emotion. In an interview it is noted that they are fans of faith, rather than organized religion...and that is still very evident in the lyrics. They are just spiritual/social/psychological in the way the band explores questions, and answers via lyrics. For not being a Christian band, there are surely a lot of religious undertones in the lyrics. I do truly appreciate the band's honesty in the lyrics themselves, though, it's hard to find that nowadays.

I love finding study music such as this!

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