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Monday, October 29, 2012

In the previous post, I included my introduction for the discussion boards in my online classes at Liberty, and forgot to mention why it is that I want to study Elementary & Special Education. First here's a little bit of background of how I want to use that specific education in the real world.

Being a military brat, I was constantly exposed to new schools, new towns, new weather - everything. I went to: 4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools, and now - 2 colleges (3 if you count San Jac for a summer in Houston). That sure sounds like a lot to the average Joe, but for me, well, I really enjoy it. It may be strange and hectic to move and get settled in to a completely unfamiliar place, but I do like it. Really! Maybe it's because once I hear that we're going somewhere else I get SO SO excited to get there - then once we get settled in I'm already tired of it and want to see more of this beautiful Creation, rather than the gently trodded soil where I reside. Moving is just that kind of adventure for me. And it sure helps when it's only a one-day drive (Virginia to North Carolina), rather than a 4-day drive (Texas to Wisconsin). But the longer the drive, the more sightseeing you can do along the way. That's always an adventure, too.

Along the ride I've had so many different teachers, it's hard to keep track - especially when you get to middle school and have 7 or 8 different teachers at once, one for each subject/elective. I honestly used to know every Mrs. Teacher's name, but now I have some trouble recalling.

I guess the reason why I want to be a teacher so much is to be able to interact with innocent children - kids are too precious! - and to be able to relate to them so well with this military family background (If on/near a base, that is). I sure always wanted someone else in a similar situation which I can confide in while being at all those different schools, but never found that person until 7th grade. It sure would have helped when I was little, but it really did help more than I expected to in middle school. Sarah, who was also my maid of honor at our wedding last year, has a father in the Coast Guard. Yes, it is different since they generally stay around the Great Lakes area and have a much bigger gap between when they move, but..We both moved to Waukesha (Wisconsin) and moved out of Waukesha at the same time. It was great having someone to talk to your own age who understood what you were experiencing, being forced to move (in middle school... and high school, no less!) because of your father being in the military. That really helped us to connect because we were both new to the area/school and both just got it.

So I guess that's why I've been wanting to get so involved with volunteering for LINKS for Kids on base (Like I did in Quantico) - because those kids are going through the same situations that I did, and yes - they too can survive! It's probably why my dream job is to have my own classroom, or even be the school psychologist, both at a DoDEA school - an elementary school on a military base. The number of these schools are scarce though, and this won't be a possiblity unless we move to a base post-California on orders which has those schools, or live in the vicinity of another military base (though, none are in Texas..kind of a damper on my bucket list/plans..) Nonetheless, this is something I would love to get involved with, if given the opportunity.

But I also created a list of companies I would LOVE to work for. Like, I dream about it too. Some of them are military related, some not....

DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity)
--As previously noted.

EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program)
--This is something close to me, near and dear, as with my condition I am enrolled in this program, as long as we are military. I volunteered at the EFMP Summer Camp in Quantico a few months ago, and loved it. It's why I added my Special Ed minor, too. I would love to be able to give back with kids who have congenital or threatening medical conditions, and let them know that they have my support.

--Self-explanatory... I would do anything to work for Disney! I can't want to visit the Walt Disney Museum in San Francisco, and also to go to Disneyland again, post-move. I think what I would like most is to work on the Disney cruise lines for any of the programs/activities they have for childcare and kid's entertainment/education while at sea...something I actually just thought of.

Lifeway Christian Bookstore
--I love bookstores, and I love my faith. So naturally, working at a Christian bookstore would be overwhelmingly satisfying and fulfilling. I actually found a few near where we will be calling home in California, and can't wait to visit them in March.

--There are so many independent bakeries and cupcake storefronts, that I just listed something general. I love love LOVE cupcakes and baking, and wouldn't dare pass up the opportunity to work at one again. I worked temporarily at a cupcakery in College Station, and actually was offered a job at Sprinkles in DC while we lived up there, but it was just too much work to actually get there (a car, train, and bus ride)..Bummer! I just applied at a local bakery here in Jacksonville, and it looks like I'll hear back in a month if they need help for Christmas orders. Fingers crossed!

So all in all...Why am I studying Elementary & Special Education? Simply, to give back.

Here are my education plans:

*Graduate May 2014 or earlier from Liberty University with a degree in Elementary Education, Special Education minor. Depending on our situation at that time, fly back to Virginia to physically attend the ceremonies as well as the various appreciation luncheons for online  and military-affiliated students.

*Take and pass the following teaching certifications:
ACSI (For any private/public Chrisitan school),
Praxis II (For DoD schools and most districts anywhere), and
TExES (state certification for Texas).
--Depending on my goals at the time, I will take the tests for Special Ed K-12, Elementary Ed PK-4 and 4-8 (math/science & ela/ss), or even school psychologist...

*Enroll in a Masters of Educational Psychology (or School Psychology) program at a residential university in southern California (Already have a working list of schools this degree is avaliable at!!).

*Enroll in Pastry School - for baking/cake decorating, or a variant of this. I would love to get this experience at a culinary/art institute so that I can start a cupcake business out of my home (I would probably do this in the summers between LU, as I wouldn't be recieving Pell grant funding for my Liberty classes during those times, and it's a lot out of pocket without the grant otherwise. I can also use the MyCAA military spouse grant for this -- if it is an Associate's or Certificate program, that I find.)

---->SO ready & excited for the future!!


  1. I am so jealous how you are sure on what you want to do in life. I wish I had that. I just haven't found something that feels completely right. I hope I can figure it out sooner than later.

  2. It took a lot of trial and error, believe me! Having my mom as a teacher I never wanted to do the same thing, but starting college I couldn't think of anything else I'd want to study. And PALS helped..I really enjoyed tutoring at the elementary schools, so I figured I'd stick with it. I used to have no idea and actually changed my major ar A&M before I left, but once I found Liberty and was looking at degrees offered, Marshall stepped in and made me realize that I really do need to stick with Education. Then once we got to Quantico I realized that I could really do something great with this - teaching at a DoD school, if given the chance. The background of going to so many schools growing up is probably why I've stuck with it..And it's a field where you are guaranteed to be able to be creative & crafty every day! I looooove crafts!


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