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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today was a whirlwind kind of day. I woke up later than I wanted to because of everything I wanted to get done today, and still didn't get half of it done. Today was my first day on base at Camp Lejeune and it was ridiculous to navigate! It took me nearly 45 minutes to find the Legal Services office, I was driving around in circles. But I finally made it, and was able to get the last step for my background check for the School of Education at LU notarized.

The Legal Services office was probably the most pleasant part of my day. Just like the one in Quantico, I went in and asked for my background check form to be notarized. The man who was doing the notaries looked at me, asked for my military ID, and said "Don't you need your parents with you?" Why do I have to look so young!! I explained to him that no, I am actually 20 and married, and just moved here a couple days ago with my husband. He thought I looked like I was 16.... Then I told him that my mom gets that a lot too -- whenever we go out in public together, we get asked all the time if we're sisters. This happens all the time whenever we went on family vacations when I was younger. Even when I was like 8, people still thought my mom and I were sisters...I'm glad I got some good genes! And it was nice to have a little laugh at the start of my whirlwind of a day :)

After that, I had to take the notarized form to the mail, but couldn't find a post office! My handy GPS found only 2 in Jacksonville, and one of them was completely non-existent. Since the post office I finally found is the only one in the city....I waited in line for another hour. I decided not to waste the wait and got a bunch of stamps along with an envelope to mail the background check, but man it was ridiculous!

I also tried to find the Naval Hospital on base....I drove past it when I was aimlessly trying to find the Legal Services office, but when I was actually looking for it I couldn't find it, again.. The hospital was hidden behind a bunch of trees and it didn't seem like there was much of an obvious entrance, so I'll just go again tomorrow. I need to take in all my prescriptions and get them transferred to the Lejeune pharmacy from Quantico. Hopefully the wait at the pharmacy tomorrow doesn't take an hour like it usually did in Quantico... There are just too many lines!

I was also planning on going to the Commissary today, but it was almost five o'clock so decided I might as well just go home. Tomorrow I will explore the Commissary and Exchange...and stock our fridge up a little bit too! It's actually a good thing I didn't go today though, because now I have time to print off coupons for the food on our list and save even more money on groceries!

I found the address for the vet's office online and tried to find that today too, but once again couldn't! I'll just try that tomorrow...Hopefully I remember to take Trigger's vet records with me so I can get everything updated, or at least hear from the vet what else she needs. I just want her shot records to be updated before we get out to Camp Pendleton in February/March.

Oh that reminds me..I desperately need my flu shot! I couldn't find a Walgreen's in Jacksonville either...the traffic is too miserable to even try to navigate the city without knowing where you are going. I'm thinking that once I get to the Naval Hospital tomorrow I'll just ask them if there's a wait list for the flu shot there, or if I need to make an appointment. If it's the appointment, I might just find a Walgreen's in town to avoid going back through base traffic, yet again..I also need to find my shot records, it's on this really long yellow piece of paper and has everything on there since I was born. Very important!!

Something I remembered/noticed today (at every military base): all of the vets are Army and  all of the hospital/clinic personnel are Navy.

Even with the ridiculous obstacles today trying to find things and get everything on my list done, it was still a good day. I was able to drive through base and see what it's like, and now I know my way around the area just a little bit better. I still want to find a library in town where I can go for a lot of my studying...staying in the apartment is just too distracting with everything we have here, and of course Trigger wanting attention :) But seriously, despite the traffic and the navigation issues I still prefer Camp Lejeune (and North Carolina in general) much more than Quantico! For one, it's not cold. Though I miss the people from LINKS and volunteering...I still need to find out where the meetings are here and get involved. Driving around on base at Quantico was very pretty though, leaves were changing colors and fall was very evidently in the air. Even with fall, it felt warm and very nice outside! I like that a lot. I was also very pleased to find that there are quite a few lakes and also a river going through Camp Lejeune, it's always good to see water close by.

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