Thursday, October 25, 2012

A little sidenote here: for the first week in an online course at Liberty, the first thing on the checklist consists of an introduction of yourself in the discussion boards. This was for my English Literature class: we were told to share major, location, hobbies, etc..and one of the following - salvation experience, a testimony, or what brought you to Liberty University. I chose to share a testimony (post the regular introduction noted directly below). I did have a different testimony before, but I feel this one is more powerful, and more relatable in a sense since it's more recent (This happened Spring 2011). This is what I would share during a Bible study or the like. Though, my life is full of testimonies, some may seem as serious as this and some may not. Overall, it is simply a blessing to know that God works in my life through others and through my own stubbornness.

Here goes nothing:

My name is Katherine Newsom and I currently reside in Jacksonville, North Carolina..just moving here a couple days ago from Quantico, Virginia. My wonderful husband, Marshall, is training to become a Logistics officer here at Camp Johnson, and then in February we will be moving to California..so far from home! We are from Texas and miss it so much. I am studying Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education wanting to continue for a Masters in Educational Psychology at a residential university in CA. I enjoy baking, crafting, and the beach.

I have always been in a Christian home and around church growing up, that I never took the time to truly understand what it means to be a Christian - I always found myself going through the motions.

When my husband and I met (at college..Texas A&M University..whoop!), one of the first things he did was invite me to a Christian organization on campus he was a part of - Aggies in Mission. Meetings consisted of mission work, fellowship, fundraising, and worship. Because I went to the meeting, we started dating and ended up getting married, and I actually grew tremedously in my faith. The turning point though, is this - for Spring Break we went on a mission trip to Amarillo, TX in the panhandle - and we helped at a local mission center for the homeless, that also acted as a soup kitchen. It was amazing, we did a lot of painting, yardwork, and played with water balloons with the kids. The whole time we were there my mind was elsewhere, though - Marshall had been dropping hints he was going to propose soon, and I also had some very serious doctor's appointments coming up - I have a heart condition and was having a lot of scares that year, so literally the day after the mission trip I was going to get an MRI that would tell me if I would need another surgery (Would have been #5) or not. I was taking out my nervousness and frustration on him though, instead of focusing on God and our mission in the panhandle. Then the last day we were at the center, the final worship jam, one of the women who lead the center came up to me, held my hand and held on to me, and told me exactly what I needed to hear. I don't remember the details because I was so overwhelmed, but God knew I was troubled and decided to work through her, telling me that everything will be alright and that He would take care of me. Before I was trying to pry the proposal details out of Marshall and was worried about the MRI and overwhelmed at the thought of another surgery, that my heart wasn't in the right place for mission work. But through that woman, God told me that He knows that I can handle what he has given me, and I need to trust in Him. It was really the breakthrough that I needed to really turn my life around. And as it turns out, I didn't need surgery then, and 2 years later still don't need it. God knew that that was the time for my husband and I's relationship to take the next step (he proposed the next weekend!), and it wasn't the time for another surgery, or for me to dwell on that fact. I have to only trust in Him!

From then on, instead of going through the motions, I strive to become a better Christian than I was yesterday. I take it seriously now. I needed something substantial (the experience in Amarillo) to bring me around, and now I can truly say that I am a strong Christian!

--->On somewhat of a sidenote, one student replied saying that my testimony (specifically the lesson of trust learned) was very encouraging, and to continue to share it...So here I am!

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