How He Loves

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Well, I finished all of my homework due Friday, but the schoolweek isn't over until Monday. With that said, I've been looking for some encouragement to finish my readings for Psych, English & Learning Theory while preparing for 1 paper, 1 report, 1 outline, 1 pre-test, and 2 quizzes. Sounds like a lot for the weekend, huh? It's really not as bad as it sounds..Seriously! Keeps me busy. I really do like it :) Who knew I could enjoy school so much?

I also get sidetracked easily. But the one thing that has kept me in this groove by finishing 2 discussion boards and like 40 pages of readings today is Pandora..Specifically their Contemporary Christian radio. And this song started playing...

How He Loves by David Crowder Band

Wow. Whenever I hear this song, I am reminded of two things. First, with AIM (Aggies in Mission) my freshman year, all of the ladies went to Intimacy, an all-female worship and praise concert at a local church in Bryan. It was a really wonderful night..We went to the cute part of downtown Bryan, ate at a wonderful Italian resturaunt with loads of character, and also shopped around a bit at the cute boutiques down the town center. The coolest part I thought, was when we were at the church with all of the Christian women who came for the concert, singing, collectively..It was beautiful. It was really different from the Tuesday nights with Breakaway Ministries at Kyle Field, men and women combined. It was just cool. Just seriously awesome. And when we sang this song, well, it was probably my favorite part of the night. This song reels in so much emotion, and it gets really overwhelming. Especially at such a great event!
Second, well, this was a while ago. But remember when I said we moved around a lot growing up? Well, after 6th grade, my first year of middle school, we moved from Sugar Land, Texas to Wisconsin...Oh my goodness! This was a huge change. But in SL we belonged to Williams Trace Baptist Church (now known as Sugar Land Baptist Church) and we had wonderful Sunday school classes. My specific class, the 11:00 (I think?) for 6th grade, was super awesome. Our Sunday School teacher, Mr. Rene, gave me the album A Collision by David Crowder Band, it was released recently (at that time)...2005? I never really gave a listen to it until we were on some family trip...we were flying to Orlando I think some years after that. It was the time when everyone still carried their CD players or MP3 players with them on the bus to school. And this CD was in the album with my meager collection, and well, I listened. And it was awesome. Of course, I had a window seat, and this only enhanced my experience. This was the one time when I personally immersed myself in contemporary Christian music and it just made me so...peaceful. That's a word I've used a lot lately, isn't it? Well, yeah. It was the perfect music to listen to while staring out at the clouds. I love plane rides with window seats!
P.S. David Crowder Band is from Waco, TEXAS! The home of Baylor University (They went to school there too!), and currently, the home of my good best friend, Tracey. We went there during our time back home and it was awesome!
Anyway, the point is that this radio station, as well as the local Christian stations I've found here in Jacksonville, are just really encouraging to me lately, and it's enabled me to get so much schoolwork done in so little time, letting me have this extra time with Marshall and to relax and run errands. I am not as busy as I was with my summer classes, and I'm taking 4 classes at once, not 3. It's really a wonderful feeling, knowing how much  I can get done if I just put my mind to it - in this case, while listening to this encouraging station.
P.S. Happy November! I know it's only like 1:20 in the morning, but man... Time is really flying by. Marshall graduates LOC in just over 3 months..then soon after we will be on our way to California! It's hard to believe we are going to be moving again so soon. Better enjoy the rest of our time on the east coast while we can :)

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