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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I just thought I'd share some beautiful pictures I found from a wonderful organization and website I recently discovered: Made in His Image. At the physical location, the organization is an inpatient medical center for women who have suffered from abuse, eating disorders, or something else similarly unfourtonate. Patients are treated medically, physically, and spiritually - and are educated on their dignity and worth as a daughter of God. Forgiveness is a tool that is greatly emphasized in the healing process.

Here are just a few of the many inspirational images and quotes that the organization uses to inspire women all around the world (via their website) in the Word of God. So wonderful.
The above is my personal favorite: "Beauty comes from the heart and radiates out."

God can bring beauty out of ashes. Isaiah 61:3

Beauty is in your heart - let it out - let it beat - give yourself a treat.
See the emphasis on beauty here??  Loving this!

Emerson is, as previously noted, one of my all-time favorite authors. I love this quote.
"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."
So true.. Now can you see the signifigance in beauty?? So wonderful!

On a slightly different note...

With making a lesson plan for my education course last week, I focused on the concept of acids and bases for 5th graders, and how to correctly identify them by a variety of practical applications, and to further use this to grow spiritually in the Word. (Ex. Red flowers turn blue or green in a base - like watery baking soda, whereas blue flowers turn red or pink in an acid - vinegar.) Based on this...I thought the above was funny -- "Don't let bitterness acidize your soul." So funny that I found this -- it was on a church sign! -- after creating that lesson!!

Now on to more homework! This is midterm week (wk 4 out of 8) but luckily enough, there are no midterms in these classes! I do have a lot to do by Monday, though: another lesson plan, 3 quizzes, an outline, and an economics report. Thankfully I have all my readings done for all of my courses except much reading! Seriously there at least 100 pages to read a week in that class, but it's not too bad so far...

As for my grades, I am very pleased with how I am doing so far in these courses. Grades for each week don't post until about 2 weeks later, because all the prof's also have classes on campus, or are teaching classes purely at distance (online) aside from jobs in their actual fields. Does that make sense? Anyway. Although we're at Week 4 now, only my grades from Week 1 & 2 are up..and cumulatively from the first 2 weeks I have three A's and one B. Whoop!

I can't wait until December 14th is here and I will be done with the Fall, adding 12 more hours to my transcript!!! That is also very exciting because around that time we will be going home to Texas for Christmas, and the new year!

Also, after this Fall, I will only need 9 more hours - THREE classes - to order my Aggie Ring...It looks like I will sadly have to wait until May to order it...If only we weren't moving the middle of the earlier Fall term I could take more classes and  order it sooner!!! At least I'll get it in less than a year! (If I order it in May, then I'll get it in September! Of course, it will be mailed to us, unless that's a time that Marshall can request leave for us to go back to Texas...Just depends on how it all is out there.)

Oh, and we will be moving to California in February...Ahhhh!!!! West coast living sure will be nice, but I really wish we could just move back home, instead of pass through home on the way over there. But since we have to... I just can't wait to get to our destination, get an actual house- our first home!! - and to make it ours. We might even be able to get a home with a pool - I've found a few in our BAH range (housing allowance)! To just settle into this life for the next couple of years will be nice. And to finish school, take my certifications, get a teaching job, perhaps go to Pastry school, and maybe even work at a Sprinkles (I did get offered a job at Sprinkles Georgetown but couldn't take it! Bummer!!!).  We'll see if I can get that all done in the 3 years we'll be there!

(As for Pastry school, I have found some summer programs, and if I can get approved for the MyCAA military spouse grant, then one summer I will use the grant to cover it --the Pell grant doesn't cover summer school anymore so I felt this was an appropriate alternative! I would love to go to pastry school, and one day use that experience to open a bakery or home cupcake business, or the like. Marshall approves too -- but right now my education degree takes precedence!)

By the way -- sorry there aren't many updates on what Marshall's doing here at Logistics school, from what I hear it's pretty boring...At least compared to what he's used to! It's definitely not as busy crazy stressful as TBS was! They are in classrooms all day, but luckily have very nice hours (Home at 5 rather than 8 or 9pm!). It's a lot of studying because the field (Logistics) is so broad. Within this short school they are only given the big picture, and are basically going to be learning a lot on the job, at the first duty station. I know I'm excited for our move west, but it's also going to be a very stressful time for us, for all the new beginnings. At least by that time we will have Scruffy back, our little spice girl, to brighten our days (see: sweet picture above!)!!

That's my little update for now!

Today, I am thankful for...
Day 11: I am thankful for FAFSA, which gave me the Pell grant the past two semesters to make school so affordable!
Day 12: I am thankful to finally have a phone, after nearly 2 weeks! Although no one has texted me..and I lost all my numbers...Nonetheless!
Day 13: I am thankful to be able to get this early experience of creating lesson plans! It was very rewarding and I learned a lot about myself, specifically how much creativity can transform a lesson, and the template we were given was so easy to follow. I can defintely see already how much Learning Theory is preparing me for the future!
Day 14: I am thankful for books and the ability to read! I love books, and just recieved a book from Amazon that I am DYING to read! It's called The Story, and is basically an easy, readable, version of the Bible, NIV, in it's own words - in novel form. There's also a timeline of events and a map of events that puts this amazing story into perspective.
Day 15: I am thankful for forgiveness. Just going to keep this one simple: the ability to forgive.

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