Christmas time & getting back in touch

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I've been a little bit out of touch lately because we have been traveling for Christmas! This is  such a wonderful time of year, and we are so thankful to have been able to travel and see family. Although the nearly 3 hour drive to the airport took it's toll {the same length as the flight to DFW itself! - Poor planning on my part} we had a wonderful time. And although we were only in Texas for 6 days, we made the most of it :)

It was so wonderful to see & catch up with family - And also to have a honey butter chicken biscut before our flight home {no picture} ...mmmm. We miss having Whataburger closeby!

To start this montage of photos, I'll just begin with some sweet ones from the other week, Marshall playing with Trigger, just home from work {I couldn't help but share it!}:

And Trigger digging in a box for her mouse - She just throws it up in the air, and entertains herself so much. Those little mice bring her so much joy, and it's so sweet to watch. We love our precious Trigger bug!

This was in the Greensboro, NC airport - a row of rocking chairs...We will have these on our wrap-around porch some day - In our forever home!

A little piece of Aggieland way up in North Carolina :) Can't wait to watch to Cotton Bowl soon!

Our little Scruffalicious was so happy to see us!! Miss that girl & Can't wait to bring her with us to our new home in California in Feb!!

Wedding photo montage on a wall near the living room at Marshall's parents' house

Giant Reese's peanut butter cups from Santa!


Snow in Dallas!!!!!!!


We got to see Michael for a bit before he went back home to Temple for work the next day - Didn't get much of a break for Christmas, but he's happy! Miss my big brother & we are so proud of him!!!

Marshall misses Radar - though the flash makes his eyes glow. And all those footprints are Scruffy's - she made a few distinct paths in the snow in the backyard!

Front porch of the in-law's home - Snow in Texas!

Crazy game of Monopoly with the family... {They are brutal!}

Picture break! {And Marshall photo-bombed this picture with my mom!}

This is seriously the gist of the pictures I took on the trip! I know, in my camera's prime I would have taken hundred's of pictures in a week {ahem, this past summer}. but there was just too much excitement to have the camera around so much, or even keep up with it. The rest are on facebook...

Highlights of going home {Random}:

~Seeing & visiting with family..What the holidays are about!
~Meeting Elaina's boyfriend finally - So nice to meet you Dylan!!
~Hearing about Michael's new job!
~Seeing my cousin Lauren and how much she has grown!
~Seeing the Lindsay's home from Boston for the holidays & their sweet girls
~Having real, amazing enchiladas with family at El Fenix in Dallas!! Love that restaraunt .
~Playing with Scruffy in the snow
~Seeing all sides of Marshall & I's families
~Going to see Les Mis with my sweet granny & mom..And going to lunch at Northpark!
~Seeing The Hobbit with our family & the Whitney's!
~Christmas Eve service at my father-in-law's church, seeing some good friends, and celebrating our Savior's birth over 2000 years ago! {Celebrating the reason for the season!}
~Having so much time with family...You never realize how much you miss it until you're back!

We are so excited to be back in Texas in February ---

Now that we are back in North Carolina at our temporary home, it's time to get ready for our big move coming up! I cannot wait for Log-O school graduation, allowing us to be on our way home once again! This next time we will have a little longer in Texas, a sort of mid-move extended pit stop. Then by the end of that month we will be unpacking & settling in to the next 3 ish years of our life, which will be in sunny southern California - That is so crazy!
For now, we are trying to take advantage of this slower time in school that we have before everything starts up again. We are so thankful that we got all that time with family and friends for Christmas, and are just trying to soak up every minute of it. Here's to a quick month and a half ---- This trip wasn't near enough time back home!! {A little more of an update to come next!}

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