finals week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Well, I've been a little bit out of my online world lately...

Here is what's been keeping me busy {Or what has been on my mind!}:

~Finals fast approaching!! I am 3 research papers away from being finished with Fall!! {Semester ends Friday..when everything is due!}

~My temp job at the bakery - it was great while it lasted! I was only there for 2 weeks, just like the last bakery I worked at before we began the first move into military life. I learned a whole lot & can't wait to find a new bakery to work at in Cali :)

~Aggie football!! In case anyone didn't hear....An extraordinary freshman {Johnny Manziel} on the Texas A&M football team won the HEISMAN TROPHY! What an honor & how wonderful this will be for our school! First season in the SEC, first ever fish Heisman winner, many firsts/records reached in stats this year... We wish we were back home in College Station!! {As you can tell, I am proud of my school, but not too huge a football fan! Still how awesome is that?!}

~We have our tickets home for Christmas! It took extra long since I used a flight voucher {that really only covered taxes..} but we still have them! They cost SO MUCH and the airport is like 3 hours away, so that will be fun..But it will be so worth it! We will be there for a week with family!

~I got a new cardio referral a few weeks ago since we moved and my first appointment is next week...Tuesday. A little nervous, but glad to know that my health will be taken care of. It's a little daunting doing all of this by myself, without my mom by my side {There's no way Marshall will ever be able to come with me unless it's something that requires emergency leave from work...Not anytime soon!} Also a little nervous to drive 4 hours to the appointment..But the historic town that it's in will be fun to explore afterward! {It's an early appt. too..}

~I can't wait for finals to be done, because...
1. I found a new coffee shop to relax/read at, and
2 (a). I have those books I mentioned before that I am DYING to read!!! {Left: the books in the running.. More to come soon :) }

2 (b). The sooner I begin reading these wonderful books, the sooner I can write book reviews for them, just like I said I would here. {I plan on writing reviews/thoughts and linking them to that same page, where I have categorized all of them}

~The other day I recieved a call from the church we attend --- I am on the list for substitute teachers at their preschool! I am so excited for this opportunity, though I haven't had the privilege of subbing yet. They said once a week, but I assume it will pick up after holidays {Haven't gotten any calls/emails yet}

I think those are about all the updates... Right now I still have 3 A's and a B...Economics isn't my strong point. We will see how finals turn out..Within two weeks the final grades should be out so that's exciting! I just can't wait to be DONE!

{{p.s. After this, I only need 9 more hours... 3 classes..Till I can order my Aggie ring...Which I will be ordering in MAY of 2013!!!! I will get it {mailed to us} next SEPTEMBER!!!! So excited!!!!!}}

Oh, and Our little apartment is a mess right now... but that's okay because I need to finish my papers first!

We also realized that we kind of brought too much stuff with us... Meaning that we won't be able to fit everything in our two cars for the move cross-country. I don't really want to get a uhaul for the trip, cause it will save a bit of money if we don't, so we'll see. I know I wanted to bring some "home-y" feeling things like pictures, signs, sentimental things to put up in our little place, but I've found that it takes up room. Perhaps I should have thought more of the next move we will be undergoing, when pre-packing for this one. {The majority of our stuff is already in storage in San Diego..It was shipped in October.} Therefore, once finals are done and the apartment is clean, I will go about the rest of our stuff to see what we can actually take in our cars for the move, and what we might have to part with...

That said, we will be moving in only two months! This time February, we will be moving out of our place here in North Carolina, preparing to head to Texas! We are planning on spending 3 days on the road to Texas, a few days staying with family and visiting, then another 3 days on the road to SoCal {With Scruffy!!! We're getting her back!!!!}. I've been looking up what houses are like in the area and what we will be able to afford with our allotted housing allowance for the region, and I am getting very excited! We get - I think - 4 days house hunting when we get to the area - Such an exciting time to actually find a house with a backyard for our energetic Scruffy puppy!!

2013 is going to bring a lot of changes - new home, new state, new jobs, new semester, new friends.... We're excited! {p.s. Sorry I've been horrible at taking any pictures...and having fun updates.}

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