I Love Mondays... {Pt. 1}

Monday, December 17, 2012

{I Love...}

 A new Monday series; What I have been lovin' lately!

One Thousand Gifts. A novel by Ann Voskamp. I have only just begun, but already I can see that this book will change me -- my attitude, my wellbeing, my spirituality, my grace, my confidence in the Word. So far, she has talked about losing her middle child at a young age, and with that finding trouble in trusting in God {Chapter 1}. Her writing is so raw, and creative. Her words lure me in as she struggles to find a way to live her life well -- in joy, in the midst of sadness, tragedy, deadlines.

This book is a book of reflections -- on her experiences, on her spiritual discipline, on her parenting, and farming, and writing. Even in the first chapter, it is a beautiful read. This is a book to be embraced, and is a book that will transform the way you think, and live - daily, in God's Word. I am so blessed to have found this book.

You can buy it here, read a review about it here, or go to her website here.

Local Coffee Shops. I just got back from a wonderful afternoon with Dorinda, another Marine wife here with us in North Carolina. Our hubby's went through TBS together, are now going through Log-O school together, and know eachother very well! We thought we'd take advantage of this down-time we have, in between jobs and post-finals. We went to Brewed Awakenings -- a cafe/coffee shop, that took us forever to find near the downtown area! It was really cool though, really reminded me of The Steaming Cup back when I used to live in Waukesha, WI so long ago. It's such a cute, quaint place. I got a cold mixed mocha drink, with a gourmet grilled cheese. The drinks were so good! It was nice to find a place to just relax and talk.... I have to take Marshall back soon!!

Bookstores. Obviously, I love books, and especially bookstores -- There is a Barnes & Noble here. It's really wonderful. This afternoon we also went to just look around -- And I have found so many more books I want! I have to read everything on my list first though :) Also closeby is 2nd & Charles -- a nice, cozy, discount bookstore. That's all I've found so far, other than the county library...But the two certainly keep me busy!

Window Shopping. We also went to the mall after the cafe {The B&N is attatched}. We both have no room for new stuff because of moving soon, but window shopping is always a plus! Bath & Body Works is addicting, and now I smell like 50 different lotions and perfumes. It's also always fun to look at Kitchenaid mixers and home decor stuff in the department stores, picturing our Pinterest dream home -- or at least want we want in a home for our final destination moves. It makes me very excited to just get to California already, just so we can have grown-up stuff in a grown-up house....Window shopping is dangerous!

{Stay Tuned for Pt. 2 --Next Week!}


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