It's Raining Finals!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It has been raining here nonstop lately! That plus a sudden burst of cold wind and air makes for a very lazy couple of days indoors...Or at least days where I would do anything to be able to be lazy.

As expected with finals, things for myself personally have been a little haywire. The past 3 days I have commenced all-nighters, for the mass of papers and homework I have to turn in left me no choice. Thankfully, last night {or early this morning at 5 am!} I finished my psych final paper, leaving ONE paper left for Friday! That one paper is going to be the trickiest, my english literature research paper...Really wish I could examine a poem in this rather than a play...Alas, my downfall.
This is kind of how I feel right now:
1. Currently {passively} immersed in a world of literature
2. Overwhelmed and trapped in a downpour of studying and books
.....I sense quite a discrepancy here.
{sources: pocket princesses,}


I am at an impasse trying to find even a smidge of motivation to finish this last assignment for the semester. Thankfully, I gave myself 2 days for this one tricky paper, but even that may not benefit me as much as I hoped.

...What have I beeen doing rather than studying?
  • Constantly updating/editing the layout of my blog {As you surely can tell}
  • Sleeping!
  • Watching Christmas movies on Netflix
  • Watching HGTV.... I'm addicted.
  • Searching for books on Amazon... {Seriously I spend too much time on this!}.
  • Attempting to clean or do the dishes {Yes, my motivation for this paper is THAT low!}
Honestly, the number of assignments and pure research I've done lately has exhausted me. That coupled with staying up all night to finish said assignments as soon as possible only makes me more than ready for the weekend.

Obviously, I am so over this week......
Once this last final paper is done, we will be:

     ~So much closer to going home for Christmas

     ~So much closer to the new year

     ~So much closer to TIME to relax!

     ~So much closer to moving & settling in to our final destination :)

I think it's about time to just knock this paper out and be done with it.....Wish me luck!

A lesson I've been reminded of this semester!

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