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Sunday, December 30, 2012

We are looking forward to a new year!

Since we got home from our wonderful trip at our real home { our hearts forever belong in Texas } I have been excited about a new year! Today, we went to the movies and saw Parental Guidance, and it was pretty good! We also unpacked, postponed laundry, read, relaxed, went to the bookstore... Oh, and Marshall got a new video game so he's been playing that, while I made some Mississippi Mud Cake!

Chocolate cake, marshallows, chocolate frosting, and pecans.... So SO good! I got this recipe out of a Southern Living magazine this past summer and have been wanting to try it..Here it is! I saved this recipe for when we got back -- I wanted us to have a sweet treat to snack on for the new year, something to go along with the sparkling grape juice I just got :) {Recipe is here}

Our sweet Trigger has been laying in Marshall's coat for the past couple of hours..Right now she's all spread out and sleeping in it! This is just her chilling... She loves cuddling in his coat. So precious.

A few of the things we brought home from Christmas...My perfume samples & Marshall's cologne samples from Russell -- We picked out our favorites and are going to use to coupon code included for some new smells for the new year! I'm hopefully going to get that done tomorrow - The JC Penny is tiny here, so I have to go to a mall maybe 30 minutes away to redeem it.
Remember that awesome bookstore - 2nd & Charles? These are free books they had up for grabs in front of the entrance! Love it! I know no one {including me} has probably ever heard of these books, but I'm excited to dig in..Of course once I'm done with the list I already have! My anticipated reading list is growing by the day..

Speaking of that list...I have finished One Thousand Gifts and am now on to The Story! I am so excited to start a new study on God's love and grace for His people - a version of the Bible in condensed, easy-to-read, novel form! I have heard so many great things about this book and can't wait to dig in - Just finished the intro! {And of course..my milk in an Aggie cup in the corner! Gotta have my milk}

And Last but not least, a constant daily reminder I have attatched to the corner of my laptop...Proverbs 3:6.

The next update you can expect will probably include..... A recipe, I Love Monday post, new years festivities, Cotton Bowl festitivites, Once Upon a Time midseason premiere, and whatever my thoughts are on the upcoming move, whatever I've been reading lately, my Spring classes {starting in March}, and that upcoming MRI and bloodwork {still yikes!}

Anyway, we are about to head to bed {I don't know why we are up so late!} and are ready to enjoy these last few days of freedom before we are back to reality...

If I don't get back on this until then, happy new year!

Some encouragement to leave you with - Something we all need a reminder
of this new year & always!


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