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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday :)

I am so relieved. If anyone has been trying to keep up, you may know that my phone kind of broke a couple months ago {Again}. Then I got the same phone a few generations older..and it couldn't keep any calls/texts. The signal was miserable. Then I got the same phone a few generations newer...and it was pre-paid (I was mislead!), and I can't use it until next April - That's when the phone is inactive for a certain amount of time and can be put on a plan. So much crazy!

BUT...I now have a phone! After jumping around different stores lately, a lovely young lady at Target told me about a used phone store close to the main gate of base. We went there..and instead of getting a newer/older version of the phone I have now, I got a completely different one. It is so cute! And, it has a spot to hook to my keychain so I won't lose it -- how genius! {And still same Houston number..Please text me, I lost my numbers again!!}

Oh, and this is so exciting! {for me at least} As you may have heard, I finished my finals yesterday..And rewarded myself by going to pick up some books before picking up our pizza. I don't know why we've been ordering pizza so much lately! It's just quick and easy. Well, tonight we're actually going to cook dinner. And then I'm going to read all of these:

These are the books:

The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Mitch Albom
Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet, Matthew Fox
Your Captivating Heart, Stasi Eldredge
Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire, Rafe Esquith
One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp
We Bought a Zoo, Benjamin Mee
The Story (NIV)

I realize I just posted about these books, but the first four are what I got at the bookstore last night...It's called 2nd & Charles -- I love it! It's just like Half Price Books, but I think they might even have better selection. And everything is a great low price!! They even has a dollar section - bargain prices for amazing reads! I am SO excited to start reading all of these..They will surely last me until it's time to pack up and move again...Now the only thing left is to decide which to read first.....Any suggestions?

I also wanted to note that Netflix just added a bunch of awesome movies! Last night we watched Pocahontas :) And by awesome, I mean Disney movies of course. Lately Netflix hasn't had good stuff, but every once in a while they update their selection and actually bring in movies that we have heard of! So of course we had to watch Pocahontas last night too. What an awesome day yesterday..To celebrate the end of finals! {I've also been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately...especially those with puppies! I watched Santa Paws the other day -- so cute!}

Since finishing finals, I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of the schoolpapers and notes or to-do lists I have made throughout the semester. They are just sitting in my room. I make a note for each day about what I need to do, as I've mentioned before, and just found  a big pile of those. I guess spring cleaning is coming a little early!


Here are some of the wonderful things coming up:

~Monday series - to keep this blog interesting! Stay tuned!

~Substituting at the preschool at our church! {No calls yet, I'll check in with them Monday!}

~Cardio appt. in Durham on Tuesday...It's gonna be long drive/day.

~House hunting for Cali! Now we're just looking into the areas we want, to see what comes up. We get a couple days house hunting when we get there..Just looking ahead!

~Reading all those books I've been talking about!!!

~Finding & making crock pot recipes!!! Such easy dinners.

~Decluttering - and deciding what we will be keeping for our drive/move out west.

~Signing up for cake decorating & craft classes at Michael's, the arts & crafts store!! LOVE that place.

~Disney movie night!! It's going to happen!!! Anyone wanna join??

~Oh, and of course going home for CHRISTMAS!!!!!! December 23rd we will be on a plane to Texas!!!!!

We have so much to be thankful for... Staying positive!

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