a gracious whirlwind

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well, looks like it's been a few weeks since I've posted on here. Sorry, not sorry. I've been overwhelmed and underwhelmed and everywhere in between the past month. What a gracious month December has been! We have had many adventures and ups and downs, and are all too excited for what the new year will bring us in 2014 - Disneyland trip in the upcoming days included! In the meantime, here is a recap list of what I, and the both of us, have been up to as of late, in no particular order:

  • I read 10 books. Yes, you read that right, TEN books in just this month alone. Loved every minute of it! Later on, I'm sure I'll edit and add the titles.

  • We road-tripped over 20 hours each way to various areas in Texas to visit family and friends for Christmas. Oodles of joy and love and fun and Jesus happened! Gracious for Marshall doing a majority of the driving!

  • I registered for my next certification test, the PRAXIS Special Ed Content & Applications, to be taken next June. Very excited about this! This one transfers directly to Texas certification, and from there I will have my foot in the door for when we move home. Looking forward to next summer when I start my certification classes through the state, as well.

  • I had an amazing semester with Christian Women's Fellowship, the bible study group on base, and loved the presentations at the Christmas party, until spring kick-off. Ballerinas, teacups, hats, delicious food, fellowship, and Jesus were just what I needed!

  • I painted four canvases, and absolutely love them. Two are Frozen and Tangled themed, and the other two are of Belle & Mulan. (Yes, all Disney) I gave the latter to my good friends back home, Holly & Tracey - ahem, each with their fave princess. Love creating art!

  • I met a group of lovely military spouse bloggers, living in the greater San Diego area, for lunch and some painting. I painted this cute mug with a sunset picturesque, and the other ladies made some fine creations as well. It was so sweet to meet with these ladies of which I read of their lives so often! Can't wait for the next outing!

  • I ordered textbooks for my final semester of university at Liberty. I am beyond excited! They are set to arrive a week before classes start in January. It is surreal indeed.

  • After finals commenced, I was finally able to do some real, hard cleaning in this little abode of ours. Although it's not where I want it to be, it looks much better than it did during the stresses of this semester!

  • Speaking of school, I applied to graduate and will do so May 9th 2014! At least that is when my finals are due. Degrees will be conferred within that next month, so here goes the waiting game. Besides the point, I am very thrilled to be this close! Thanks to the stud for willingly funding this last year.

  • We finally got the flag latch hook rug framed, and it looks wonderful on our living room wall. Speaking of which, d├ęcor is finally up in a collage, and it looks much more home-like than before.

  • I made lots of peppermint fudge & white chocolate peppermint cookies for Marshall's Marines and their families. Word is, they were a hit. I think, it was a day well spent with my lovely Kitchenaid. Baking is such a joy.

  • We met my parents, brother, and aunt in Vegas a few weeks ago for the National Finals Rodeo - my aunt Jean was running barrels! It was such a fun trip. During which, the highlights were the Santa Run 5k, and Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar in Ceaser's Palace. We had some amazing fondue and partook in drinking from the famous Hug Mug! So neat (and definitely on my wish list!) I am also motivated to start running now, along with pilates - new year's resolution, perhaps?

And some more pictures as of late, of which may or may not pertain to the bullet points..



Until next time - I am planning on posting about the many books I read this month, as well as one dedicated to the celebration and wonder of Christmas.

the season begins

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Why, hello there December! I cannot believe you are already here. Where has this year gone?! We've been California lovin' for nearly a year now. If only the weather was a little nicer!

This month is always one of the most exciting for me. We have a mini pre-lit tree in the living room that I put all the ornaments on, at least all that I could fit, on Thanksgiving day. We are going to the National Finals Rodeo this weekend in Vegas to see my aunt ride and meet my parents for a mini vacation. We already have plans down and leave set for our road trip back home over Christmas. We are very excited to be back home for a bit in Texas and celebrate the truth and reason for the season --- Jesus.

Now, we just need to get gifts for family, finish finals, clean the house, pack, and we're ready to go! Oh, and find a place to board Scruffy while we're gone this weekend. Just gotta get through this week..

Today I met a sweet friend downtown for the movies! I always knew there was a movie theatre there, but just never went. Oh, and the parking situation - who knew there was a free lot across the street from the beach?! I have to go back. We saw Frozen --- I loved it! Of course, I saw it the second time. I went last week down in San Diego with a friend from high school as well. It is such a good movie! It reminds me so much of Tangled and I love that. Now I have to watch Tangled again. I am crazy about my Disney movies!

Oh, and did anyone else notice that it s Advent --- the waiting, the days before our Savior's birth? I have already read through but am going through it again as it was meant to be --- The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. It's a Christmas devotional which traces the line of Jesus all the way back to Jesse. An upside down Christmas, a true celebration. Is anyone else doing this with me?

Ann Voskamp - The Greatest Gift

Ready for this season.

poem and thanks

Monday, November 25, 2013

In honor of Thanksgiving this week...
A poem I memorized in 3rd grade (And recited in front of the class for a grade---This was the simpler of the two to choose from):

Turkey sizzling
Happy hearts
Apple stuffing
Nuts and tarts
Kitchen smells
So nice and sniffy
Guests arriving
In a jiffy
Voices raised
In festive mood
Not forgetting---
Just as you as you are living,
that's the way to spell T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G!

because we're not all mr. moneybags at college...

Friday, November 22, 2013

If you've been reading my blog here for any time, you'll find that I'm still in college (but am so excited to graduate in May!) Even so, I've had to deal with many student problems in the past - all-nighters, bad roommates, incompetent professors, group projects gone awry - and choosing how I'm going to get those hefty textbooks.

Books are quite expensive! I have had the blessing of getting a few years of the GI Bill while at Texas A&M - therefore, the leftover funds from tuition went into my account (as per my mom) and were used for textbooks. The funds were there - I was one of the lucky ones that didn't have to worry as much about how costly the books were. If they went over the GI funds for books, then the rest just came out of my savings account - which never really hurt me that bad...Even though it still hurt. Books are expensive.

Now, with Liberty, I don't get leftover funds from tuition money (out of pocket - yay?) for books, but I do get a book voucher for my books. Liberty honors their military affiliated students by giving them basically free books - depending on the amount of classes you take, that is. The voucher caps at $400 per semester and depends on the amount of classes you are enrolled in. Full time students get the full amount for books, and so forth. Even with this help, there was one semester that my books cost double the voucher, so I still paid a bunch out of pocket form the school bookstore - but hey, they were all new! It was the easiest way to do it, without having to try to sell them on Ebay or send them back in the mail to the bookstore for a less than much refund.

All of that aside, I can see how crazy one would go if they wouldn't get help paying for books during the year - No wonder so many people rent! So here is a shout out to those who are brave enough to fund college and all it encompasses on their own - I applaud you!!

The place to go for renting textbooks would be CampusBookRentals.com. (And honestly, if I wasn't so keen on having a professional library and therefore wanting to own and keep all my education textbooks, I would totally rent them!) They are seriously the easiest to work with that I've found and heard of, and they are online -as is everything nowadays - so it's easy peasy. Some of the perks about renting textbooks are:

  • save 40-90% off of bookstore prices!!
  • free shipping BOTH ways
  • can highlight in the textbooks....major good news!
  • flexible renting periods accommodate various semester lengths
  • 21-day risk free returns....because there's always a prof who says you no longer need that book
And my favorite...
Operation Smile is an international charity that saves children's smiles - as the largest volunteer based medical charity providing cleft surgeries, working in over 60 countries around the world for a better tomorrow and a brighter life. I'd rent a book just to donate to charity - seriously - a company with a heart! Dime in a dozen.

One last awesome thing: CampusBookRentals.com is all about is RentBack - a new initiative that allows students to rent out the textbooks they own to other students. Now this is something I can use in my situation! (Glad I found out about this!) There are always new students taking classes you've already taken, so there is always someone wanting to rent your book each and every semester. Which means that you'd make 2-4 times more as compared to a buyback option at the end of a semester. (I remember countless bookstores buying back textbooks for meager deals...) How cool is that?!

This is definitely something I have to look into, especially once I'm done with the semester and have more time to think - and you should too!

welcome to this heart of mine

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Whenever I listen to Shaun Groves... I feel like Im home again.

...Welcome Home

Take, me, make me
All You want me to be
That's all I'm asking, all I'm asking

So, fun story. He is actually the son in law of our pastor from my family's home church growing up in Sugar Land. Yep, those 5 years in the former land of Imperial Sugar are the longest I've lived in one place - and mind you, we were in 3 different houses in the same city, but still within minutes from each other - so yes, one place. We loved that place. I still do. I miss it so much. SL has changed drastically and grown to like 20-odd high schools in one single school district. Seriously, it's huge now. It was big then, but didn't seem so big. Our church has changed it's name since then, grown twice as big, got a new sanctuary, new name, the works. But it didn't seem huge at the same, at the impressionable young age we were. I loved Williams Trace (Now SLBC). The ministry, the sunday school, the outreach, the summer camps, VBS was especially my favorite. Can you say crafts...and veggie tales?!! My love for Bob & Larry began at the tender age at 8... and I hope it never ends.

Anyway, the point is that moving away from that church was so hard. We loved it. And Shaun Groves - this singer here who's been doing this amazing thing and traveling for Compassion for over a decade - is still making music, praising the Lord. How it should be. I think I was in about 4th grade when we first went to his concert - at our former church - because he's the former pastor's son in law - and really, it was good. Like, really good.

I dug out his CD's last week when trying to clean out my office and couldn't help it - put it in my car and blasted it on the stereo - sang my heart out. His music moves me. So simple, yet so profound.

We went to his concert each year when his tour stopped at the church. And we loved it. Even when we moved away from the land of sugar and on to the land of cheese, we drove hours to another church in a little town in the Midwest just to see him again when his album Twilight came out. Oh, how I love that album too. I even still have the shirt. And the picture we posed with him, somewhere around here... All of us- my family thought we  were so cool going to see his concert in a totally different state, hailing from the church he sang at and visited so often because his family started it. Mind you, he didn't attend it, Shaun Groves is from Texas but lives in Tennessee, but hey - it's something.

The point is that this past week I fell in love all over again with his simple lyrics, the profound message, and found myself itching for more of the Lord because of it. It brought me back to my past - to where I've ever felt most at home - Sugar Land - and brought me back to Him. I just love the lyric. I can't help but sing along. I can't help but be grateful for all of the wonderful memories I have with my family when we were younger, going to church together, the many concerts, the many activities we were plugged into the Sugar Land. And even when we moved, for two consecutive summers, we went back to attend youth camps in the summer, and boy were they fun. It's just everything about it - I miss it. My childhood. My home.

Houston is my home - southwest, southeast, the Gulf - all still Houston. It's times like this, when I listen to this music from my past that I reflect of the good we had in those years. Still, even being in our home state, we didn't have any other family close enough to us - the closest were 5 hours away - so it's like we were always our own individual family unit, and seeing the rest of family was a treat. It was our time in Sugar Land that really stuck with me. And every time I listen to Shaun Groves, all the emotions and feelings and love I have for that place come back to me.

Every time I listen to his music - I feel at home.

judgment made whole

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Judging. Judgment.

We all do it, don't we?

We're only human, we can't help it, right?

But it's there. It's always there.

And when you know, you can feel it, when you're being judged, because of what you said, how much you said, what you've done....

It hurts. It's a strange feeling. Isn't this a safe place, where we can talk to our heart's content with other believers, about our struggles, our input, our experiences?

Why do we have to be judged while we do so?

Why do we, by "instinct," judge others as well?

It's a struggle.

It's a human struggle.

It's been eating at me lately, something I can't seem to get past. I feel judged, I judge others, I am a fallen being.. And others don't mind pointing it out. I don't mind pointing it out either, sometimes. But it hurts... It hurts both parties.

You can't just forgive and forget. We are emotional beings - we forgive but still keep it in mind, and still reference it in the future when we thought that issue was well past us. It's happened before, right? It doesn't hurt to bring it up, if it helps the conversation to some extent (as it seems) right? But it should be past us. We can forgive but we can't seem to forget, especially if it may be relevant to the now.

Knowing when to stop is a good start. But knowing that you feel safe to share would also be nice - and feeling judged sure doesn't help that notion out. But then you're judged because you don't stop, and don't see a reason to. Everyone's an individual, and some don't see in black and white like the rest of us do. We are different learners, different people, with different thought processes.. All unique in the image of him. What a crazy, perhaps wonderful, cycle..

Good intentions sometimes backfire or fail, as I've sure experienced lately. But it's a process. Learning to be more like Jesus, letting go of the world and letting God take over my life. Rush into my life, fill my life with his Spirit -what a joyous, messy process this is!

In this I know that Jesus is King, and he fought for me, he died for me, he lives for me. He loves to see us, as his children, longing for him, fighting for him, believing in him and walking with him in all we do. It's a struggle, but I try my best to do so. And I may be judged in the process, as others watch who don't understand my situation as a whole, but only in pieces that they choose to pick on. Why judge when we are all fallen, when we are all searching and in need of a savior, a light, a peace?

I can look past the judgment, the belittling eyes, and see that as I try to share, as I talk through my own life with others, I become like Jesus, allowing others in to see the full me, the real individual, the part of you that you only share with a few others. That part of me that I try to share with others, but when some hear it, they trickle back and don't want to be a part of it. You don't like my mess? Well, Jesus does. He takes you - the real you - in all your mess, struggles, and judgments and emotions and makes you whole in him. He completes us. You share it all - the hurts, the joys, the struggles, the judgment - with just a few - those you can fully trust...and always Jesus. He is always there, he is always walking beside us.

And if you open yourself up like a book yet feel like you're being judged for who you are, you are being trampled on, and it is hurting your life to share more than giving you peace - then move on. Don't dwell on it. Forgive and move past it - you won't forget, you'll know in the future to be careful about who you open up your messes to - but you can move on. And in the end, all is made whole in Jesus.

Ball Etiquitte - Military Style

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Disclaimer: I somewhat hesitate to post this or even type it because believe me, I am no expert of military wife etiquette. Though I try and do what I can, I have fallen short in the past (don't we all?) The point of this is to relay some information  I received today on base considering ball season in the air....

Marine Birthday Ball Etiquette  

This supersedes all else; understand and appreciate why you are there. If you are not familiar with Marine Corps Ball traditions, educate yourself beforehand. During the ceremony, remain silent and attentive, stand and sit when appropriate. Use the restrooms beforehand and do not answer your phone or send text messages. Savor every minute of this inspiring ceremony.

I have never been to a birthday ball before this past weekend, the only military ball I've been to was for the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M when Marshall and I were still dating - and that was a Navy-Marine Ball. This past weekend was at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego and was it grand! I was very impressed. I talked about that more in my previous post.

Consider yourself a representative of the Marine Corps and carry yourself with respect and dignity. If you choose to partake in alcoholic beverages, ensure that you eat prior, drink responsibly, and in moderation. Enjoy the celebration but do not behave in a regretful manner, disrespectful to your spouse and the Marine Corps.

I have learned a lot of lessons with spouse conduct and etiquette in the past few years, and throughout my life, for my mom taught me a lot as we were growing up. I was very careful to talk, very picky about my dress, and very much aware that the night is all about the Marines, not myself. Especially because for the first part of the ball I was by myself for Marshall was in the ceremony - I was a little nervous, but made it through fine. Thankfully Marshall's buddies led me to the table and held a conversation, so I wasn't completely alone except for finding the ball from the parking garage itself. No acting up- It's not about you!

Introduce yourself to everyone at your table. For a solid first impression, smile, make eye contact, and keep your drink on your left so you are available to shake hands. Always shake firmly and confidently.

The past few days surrounding that and now, anywhere you go on base you can overhear Marines telling each other "Happy Birthday!" Now I'm just used to it, and it's really great that Marines make a strong effort and are prideful of their birthday when they celebrate it each year! Even just listening in to conversation between Marshall and his buddies, since I was just accompanying him, you can really tell the camaraderie these men share. It was good to see a few familiar faces and get to know Marshall's co-workers a little better too. And on any given day, Marines passing each other on base give a little "Oorah!" to the other. So cool.

The Ball provides an exciting opportunity to dress up and enjoy a night out with your spouse! Present yourself as a lady, selecting a dress that is flattering, appropriate, and comfortable. Ask yourself, would my mother approve?! If your response requires a resounding "Absolutely not!" then pursue another option.

In my last post you can see the long black fitted gown I wore, one of the few that my mom found for me soon after we were married. It was all of the above - and quite warm, too! I almost wore this other pink dress with sequins, but it was more prom like than anything else. Glad Marshall caught that one!

The Ball does not have to break the bank. Splurge on one item but cut corners on others. Consider swapping dresses and jewelry with friends, re-wearing a gown or shoes, shopping at a dress consignment, or renting a dress online. Skip the salon and gather with friends to do hair and nails. Swap childcare with neighbors who have Balls on opposite nights.

Going to the ball is required until there are extenuating circumstances - medical, travel, etc. The Marines have to go and have to be sure you stay long enough to have a quick chat with the few above you, and if necessary, continue the after party with those said few. I was lucky enough to already have a few dresses to choose from. We just had to get a Sam Browne belt for Marshall (he was in the saber line) and the tickets themselves - which cost a bit. But it's required, and it's a date night, so what can you do? We almost got a professional picture taken, but got one from Marshall's phone instead, previous post. I still like it!

The Marine Corps succeeds with the support of family close at hand. When your children are of appropriate age, explore options for attending a Family Ball if the opportunity is available. This will expose them to a historical tradition and provide increased validation for their mission as a member of the Marine Corps family consider inviting parents, relatives, or friends as well.

What else can I say?! Though I didn't see any children there, everyone got childcare elsewhere, and I've honestly never heard of a Family Ball before. It was a great night - just wish we got some of that birthday cake! (And that I got more pictures!)

Last but not least, remember to wish the Marines a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Marines!

Photo: 2013 Marine Corps Birthday Ball!

Happy Birthday Marines!!!

We went to the birthday ball for Marshall's MLG last week Friday.. It was at this regal hotel in San Diego. We got to explore the city a little and even explore the hotel. There was this top floor where the "after party" was, though mostly senior officers were there. But it was this circular floor and from every way you could look out and see the city. We haven't explored much of downtown SD but did a little bit that night. We tried to meet friends for an after party of our own but  the place was packed, so we left and went home. It felt weird to walk around the city in my floor length gown! Marshall was on sword detail so he had to be there early and had a change of clothes, but I had no such thing.. Oh yeah, we also had to drive separate because of that, it was a little terrifying driving through downtown on my own! Anyway -  The ball itself was really nice, and the food was amazing. We had a good time, and even danced a little. I only wish I had a change of clothes for later!

Besides the point, I wanted to take this break to celebrate the (belated) birthday of our United States Marine Corps! We are forever grateful and thankful for your service!

Semper fi!

the world outside our window

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It is so easy to get wrapped up in our own little world that we become completely oblivious to those around us. Everything is about my schedule and my time - Oh wait, you have things to do to? Yeah, we all do. And it's so easy to forget that there are billions of other souls out there on the planet with a to-do list, or a list of needs or wants or things, as well. In our American culture it is far too easy to become self-absorbed, or activity-absorbed, or what have you, and then to never give a second glance to the homeless down the block, to the charities and children in poverty around the world asking for a sponsor, or food for the next day, or shoes to prevent hurting feet. Why isn't caring for the least of these a priority for us, for our culture? Why do we so often feel the need to give in to what society tells us we need - a nice house, nice things, a nice job, nice pets - and ignore the fact that there are others, even right before our own eyes, who would give anything to have what we have? To have a day without poverty, a day without need, a day without longing - a day to be made whole.

If you have lived in any area that has been struck by natural disaster in our country - hurricanes, tornadoes, etc - then you may know just a bit of this feeling. Believe me, I still don't, even though you think I might or should. My family was in Houston when Hurricane Ike hit in 2008, and we fled to Dallas. Schools and businesses and lives were shut down for 2 weeks, while we waited for everything to go back to normal. And it did, but much of that is because we live in a developed country. What about those underdeveloped, would they be able to bounce back as eagerly or quickly or easily as the Gulf has in past hurricanes? I'm not so sure.

All of this to say that I began to blog for Compassion. And there is a dire need, and we need your help. We need prayer and eager hearts. There is an urgent need, for the Philippines was hit. Super Typhoon Haiyan hit last week causing much destruction and devastation. 25 million people were in its path. Lives were lost, livelihood and all things familiar were lost. News agencies report that Haiyan was three and a half times more powerful than Hurricane Katrina (remember that? I sure do) and upwards of 10,000 men, women, and children are feared dead. Devastating, terrifying numbers. It's not so easy to bounce back from that..

Source: Images

How much do we really take for granted here in the states?

typhoon-in-philippinesCompassion wants you to know that if you sponsor a child in the Philippines (bless you!) they are working closely with the country office to assess the damage and gain communication. You will be updated as soon as possible. If you want to seek more information, a simple Google search will yield countless news videos, reports, pictures, and articles on this natural disaster.

Let's take a step back and see that there are greater problems here than our own trivial ones. There is a world outside our own little self-made safety bubbles in this country. We take so much for granted, and we take so much for our own. Many of you may have over-flowing closets (I'll be the first to admit to that) or maybe you are just having trouble getting by. There is a world outside our window waiting for our help and love and care and compassion. Why not just reach out a little?

Compassion asks for prayer. Pray without ceasing - no matter what is at stake! Never argue or belittle the power of prayer. Pray for the thousands of children and families who have lost their homes and are in need of food, water, shelter, and medical attention. Pray for their strength and hope in this situation. Pray for those with resources available, giving them the care they so desperately need. Pray for this country hit to be made whole again by Jesus.

In times of crisis, many of us tend to overlook the situation. It's not happening to us, right? But it is. We are all human and we are all made whole in Jesus. We are all his people. Let's make a difference by our hearts. If you feel helpless and just want to do something, anything to make a difference in these peoples' lives, see more at the Compassion website, link below.

If you feel the urge to help those in dire need by this:

Help Children Affected by Philippines Typhoon
Compassion wants to thank you for your hearts to help, be it in prayer or monetary. All of it is appreciated.

Thankful Day 5 - Our Precious Pets

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Going Coastal

Hello November 5th! Wow, this month has already flown by. The past few days seem like a haze, I've had a lot going on with school, housework, cake classes, and more. But on this day I'd like to recognize our precious little animals and say how thankful I am that we have them in our lives.

Our sweet Scruffy is such a joy! She loves running, going for walks, people, people food, and trying to be friends with our kitty Trouble. She has such a sweet face and is always there to greet us when we get home. Whenever one of us leaves for work or to get groceries, she always sits in the window and watches us leave. She whines when we leave, barks when she hears us close to let us know she loves us, then won't ever stop wagging her tail and running in circles when we get home. She can just run and run for miles, and absolutely loves when we are able to go to the park down the road that's half a block- she just runs and won't stop! She has such a personality and we love our pup so much! Pound dogs are the best :) We love our terrier girl! She is about 3 years old and we got her the summer before we got married!

Our little Trouble is a strange girl who just wants a bunch of love! She was my grandmother's kitty, but needed more attention than my granny was able to give her. Once we were moving to California it was a perfect chance to take her into our family. She loves exploring the house, hiding in the kitchen cabinets, watching the birds outside, and watching Scruffy walking around the house - waiting for the perfect time to pounce attack and run away. She likes to just run in circles around the house too - she loves having room and energy. She was very shy when we first brought her home but has really opened up and embraced us. She loves to jump up and sit on my lap when I'm studying and even walk all over my desk - she loves being the center of attention and getting all the love she can. She is a sweet joy in our home!

Trigger bug was a stray kitten, about a month old, which we heard faintly and sweetly meowing underneath the house I was in with a few roommates in College Station, the summer before Marshall and I were married. For a few days we heard her crying, but didn't know where it came from. Then we spent an entire day just trying to catch her, as she was running underneath the house and only came out at night to get some food - dog food, might I add. Once we got ahold of her, she stayed in my room, and after a few days was comfortable enough to explore and be that sweet kitten she is. We loved her from the start. She was always pouncing, and always chasing mice. We found her a month after we adopted Scruffy and they bonded instantly as they were the same age. It was so sweet how they embraced eachother and napped together. Trigger was there with us through it all, until we made the cross country trek from North Carolina to our home now. While we were passing through Alabama, a day before we went home for a week during the move, our car crashed. We were only worried about our Trigger bug, and she was safe in the back as you can see in the picture, but very traumatized. As we were moving stuff into our rental until we got a new car, we got her in a new carrier - but it was a plastic carrier with flaps to fold it together, rather than screws. I got her in the carrier, picked it up, and it broke - She was so traumatized through the whole ordeal that she ran off into the Alabama woods, just 20 minutes from Tuscaloosa, that fateful day in February. We spent hours trying to look for her, but of course with a cat there was no luck. At that time we were thankful that she still had her claws, and are still praying that she made her way to civilization and found a new loving home. One day we'll know - We miss you Trigger bug! It's so sad losing a cat that you raised yourself - we found her as a stray kitten and lost her as a stray. But I am thankful for the time we had with this precious girl, we love our princess kitty so much and will never forget her!


Thankful Day 4 - Crafts

Going Coastal

On this day I would like to recognize the beauty and art of crafting. I love making crafts. Doesn't any girl? Whether it's painting a desk, making necklaces, decorating flower pots, crochet, latch hook, painting ornaments, tying a blanket - What have you, I've done it. So on this day I'm thankful for the abundance of crafting ideas out there - Hello Michael's Arts & Crafts, Joann's, & of course Pinterest for all the inspiration! Here are just a few of my past projects:

And of course if you have any questions or want to know how I made anything don't hesitate to ask! I love crafting, and I've made much more than this :) Thankful for the ability to create, design, and craft!

Thankful Day 3 - Reads

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Going Coastal

Today... I am thankful for books. For the ability to read, for resources at our fingertips, for the bible, bible studies, marriage resources, literature, textbooks, schoolwork, everything. I am crazy about books, and really just can't get enough of them. I just started reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, and so far it has surpassed my expectations! I'm also going through The Greatest Gift, a Christmas devotional by Ann Voskamp, sporadically as I prepare my heart for this new season we are entering. And then of course I have my textbooks for school... I actually love those. I am thankful to be with Liberty and to be given a book voucher to cover most of my textbooks out of the school bookstore because of military. Which means, that since essentially shipping is all that's out of pocket, I can keep my books and not sell them back! Whoop! I love having all of my education texts at my fingertips, to cite them for current and past classes, to study up on my future field, to fill my bookcases. I love my books and my bookcases are very important to me. I even have two bookcases full of children's books I received for free! Preparing for my future classroom and whatever else lies ahead! My office is kind of a mess right now so I'm not really going to take pictures of the bookcases or whatnot, but I can post my current reads, which I am so thankful for. Books keep me sane!

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