a night for cupcakes

Thursday, January 31, 2013

What a lovely day!

Ran errands, packed, cleaned & made/decorated beautiful cupcakes!
A friend came over and we decided to make cupcakes for our boys when they get home from the field tomorrow. We each made a basic vanilla cupcake recipe..and I added some raspberry extract to give it an extra flavor, to my batch. And, well, I love raspberries, so I couldn't help it! I didn't get any at the store earlier so this will have to do. Also, the frosting is white chocolate raspberry flavored...I used those Duncan Hines instant frosting mixes, and it made the frosting purple. I was so happy - these are beautiful! I also used pink food coloring for the different shades of pink frosting inside the heart. Also we used this cake decorating kit I recieved from my mother-in-law for Christmas 2011 {first time I've used it} so we had real decorating supplies and icing tips to work with! So much fun!
And they were delicious.
What I call the designs, in order, top to bottom, left to right:
{Aren't I artistic? So much fun to frost and think of different things to draw!}
*Small swirl, Christian fish, purple sprinkles*
*Cross, pink heart, kitty*
*Purple grass, white basket weave, smooth swirl*
*Funky smooth shell shape, purple waves, hot pink happy face*
At first I wanted to make the cupcakes say "Welcome Home" with a heart as the last cupcake, but as soon as we started looking into the icing tips, we just had to make something a little more creative, couldn't help ourselves! The boys have been in the field training lately and are coming home tomorrow, so we are so excited to surprise them!
{This was also a good way to make use of some of our ingredients like sugar and flour before throwing away what's not used when we move}
Excited for the weekend --- We are planning to go on a double date kind of thing for dinner tomorrow night. I would also like to go to the beach with Marshall maybe Sunday afternoon; The weather is really warming up lately and it will probably be our last time ever to see the east coast shores.
Celebrating this week!
The boys are also GRADUATING next WEDNESDAY! So proud of them! This school went by really fast... Much faster than TBS did. I cannot wait to finish packing our place up and head to Texas for a little bit :)
Much more than ready to trek across the country to our final destination after our time at home, with our sweet Scruffy puppy and Trigger kitty in tow {I know silly, but I can't help it with these two!}


  1. those cupcakes look great! have fun on your double date!!

  2. mmmm! those cupcakes look yummy :) raspberry extract is such a great idea. The guys are gonna eat them up! Congrats to all of them and especially you, it's hard to sit back and wait!! Have fun at graduation. What beaches do you all go to on the EC? I'm down in VA and love our beaches and NC's too!

    1. Thank you!! We've been looking for excuses to bake :) They were delicious & the extract was very yummy!
      We've been going to Emerald Isle, maybe a 20 minute drive from where we are, super close to Camp Lejeune. Also to the sand dunes out here @ Jockey's Ridge and the beaches at Kitty Hawk further south in NC's Outer Banks...SO much fun!!! we've only been there once, but so worth the trip! Wish we had time to go back!
      We are more than ready for this school to be done - It's been short but still feels like forever, you know? I'm excited to finally move somewhere and actually be there more more than 6 months!

      Thanks ladies!


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