Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today is a great day:

~ Gave the notice to our apartment to vacate..In less than two months we will be on our way back home to Texas before we continue to sunny southern California!!! I can't wait to be done with all of this moving business and finally SETTLE somewhere :)

~ Started reading The Story and I can't put it down!!! I even took it to the barber to get Marshall a haircut. Oh, and a new resolution: learn how to cut Marshall's hair ASAP! The savings will surely add up :)

~Began a Gratitude Journal : I will be counting to and beyond 1000 gifts this year, 2013! Took the idea from Ann Voskamp's book and testimony of One Thousand Gifts {I've mentioned this before}.

It's called the Joy Dare, and it's found on her website

I was so excited to get my crafting supplies out and here are some photos of my pretty little gratitude journal. {I'll be counting 3 gifts a day according to the guide on her website, which will really add up to over 1000!}

~Began spring cleaning! Since Trigger has clawed many little holes into our temporary air mattress, we have decided to just go ahead and get rid of it...And I am going through my extra school supplies and whatnot, deciding what we will be taking with us, and what we can rid of now {A lot of our temp kitchen pans...The movers packed the good stuff!}

As for the rest of the month....

Marshall goes back to work tomorrow, the Cotton Bowl airs on Friday {Gig 'Em Ags!}, Once Upon A Time midseason 2 premiere is Sunday, oh and next week I need to get blood drawn for my upcoming MRI {prayers appreciated}. That's basically the gist of this month, though of course there will be a lot of packing and cleaning and whatnot caught up in the mix!

Now for a quick {sort of} recap of 2012:

~Worked at a toy store and cupcake bakery in CS! Marshall worked for a landscaping company!
~Traveled to San Antonio with my family {the Alamo, Sea World, the Riverwalk, etc.}
~Aggie bonfire {a couple months late, but thankful we saw it before we moved!}
~Moved to Virginia {With my mom and both of Marshall's parents!}
~Marshall started TBS and his Marine Corps career
~I started at Liberty Univ. online & secured my commitment to becoming a teacher
~Forced to turn down a job offer at Sprinkles Georgetown because of time/commute, and instead worked at the pool & got a great tan!
~My parents gave me a trip down to Aggieland to watch my big brother graduate!!
~Sightseeing in DC with my mom
~Trip to Hershey, PA with my mom
~EFMP summer camp volunteer with LINKS at MCB Quantico!!!
~National Zoo in DC with a good friend
~Found Blue Bell ice cream @ Hill Country BBQ in DC!!!
~Saw Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, with my mom and sweet granny
~Reception at Generall Mills' home for Charlie Co. spouses
~Busch Gardens & Williamsburg, VA with my parents
~Kitty Hawk, NC & Wright Brothers' memorial with my mom
~Played in the tallest sand dunes on the east coast at Jockey's Ridge State Park (NC)
~Made the Dean's List at Liberty Univ... completed 15 hours in the summer with a 4.0!!!
~Charlie co. spouses' tour of the Commandant of the Marine Corps' home at 8th & I, DC
~Reception & tour at the National Museum of the Marine Corps with all our parents!
~TBS graduation!!!
~Two week vacation home to Texas, driving all over the beautiful state, visiting friends and family
~Moved to North Carolina
~I started my Fall classes, Marshall started LOC
~Got a temp job at a bakery
~Went to Garden City/Myrtle Beach, SC area for a weekend getaway from my parents
~Visited the beautiful {but cold} beach close to home at Emerald Isle
~Successfully finished my Fall classes, with a 3.7 GPA overall!!! {Summer + Fall}
~Went home for Christmas!!!!! Saw a couple movies, saw a bunch of good friends and family. and celebrated the birth of our Savior!
~Rang in the New Year with a Harry Potter marathon, sparkling grape juice, and homemade mississippi mud pie :)

{Brief} Projection of 2013:

~Read SIX books before we move!!!!
~A few doctor's appointments, making sure I'm good to go before the move
~Spring cleaning starts early...We don't want to take a uhaul across the country!
~Marshall graduates LOC in just over a month and we leave right away for TEXAS!
~Then later that month we move to California & find a HOME! {And we take Scruffy with us & finally get grown-up furniture for our home!}
~I get all my doctor situations straightened out and get ready to start the Spring D term in March
~Marshall will be out of school and working as he always wanted to in the Marines
~Apply for scholarships, pastry school for the summer, find a job as a tutor or sub or assistant teacher.... {Or the Disney store...}
~I ORDER MY AGGIE RING IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can tell, we had a wonderful past year and are completely looking forward to everything God has planned for us this coming year. There is lots to look back upon, and a whole lot of big changes to get ready for! We have also made a New Year's resolution together to eat healthier --- we're trying out best to stay away from processed and fried foods, and instead focus on lots of veggies, fruits, and meats.

Here's to a wonderful, grace-filled 2013!

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