a trip to the mountains!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This past holiday weekend we made a little trip out to the Great Smoky Mountains near the border of North Carolina and Tennessee! We stayed on the NC side of the mountains, for if we wanted to see them from TN we would have had to drive 5 hours around the mountains to get there. That's a whole other trip for another day.

We decided to go last minute, packed up that night, and left the next morning for two nights in the mountains. We also agreed to dog-sit Mocha for some of our good friends here, so we asked and took her along with us --- And she loved it! She has so much energy, but doesn't realize her size yet for she still things she's a lap dog... That's how our Scruffy was on road trips too, though! We realized that if we had scruffy with us, these two dogs would be best buds - they both have an endless supply of energy and love the great outdoors. And they both love cuddling -- Mocha even slept between us in the tent. Granted, it was very cold at night, so that was away to keep us all warm, although she took a lot of the covers!

Anyway, it was beautiful!
A view of the Blue Ridge mountains from afar --- I've really been wanting to see this range up close but it's another 3+ hours from the Smokies.


Marshall & Mocha
We were all bundled up!!! It was very cold, and at night it got to around freezing.
Marshall posing on a nice little bridge over a creek.

We were just wandering with Mocha around the mountains...Obviously, no hiking gear involved. I had like 4 layers on top and bottom though --- But throughout our trek I was taking my coat on and off because of the tempurature variations, and getting too warm with so many layers on while walking so much. Don't we look good, though?

I really like this picture above Marshall took of me! I thought it made it look like my coat has shoulder pads...That's just how the coat is shaped! My favorite coat too!


Mocha had a whole lot of fun playing in the rivers we passed by. This one was near the campgrounds. Marshall found some perfect rocks to throw and skip across the water, while Mocha tried to chase them and catch them... He tried to teach me how to skip rocks too, but it's a work in progress!

Our little tent above, and below our fire at night. Marshall really enjoys camping and reliving his Boy Scout days, though I'd prefer to be more comfortable in a cabin in the woods. Luckily for me, in places like this there were a lot of cabins around, so I'm looking forward to next time we camp at another park out west to stay in a log cabin in the woods instead --- Being just that more comforatble is worth it for me! Especially if it gets below freezing at night!
Oh, and we stayed in the tent the first night, then got a hotel the second night.

Below are some amazing views of the mountains -- The bottom left picture you can see the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance! Isn't this part of the country beautiful?

It was still a lot of fun, and I'm glad Marshall came up with the idea a few hours before we left {seriously last minute}. It was really worth it to see this part of the country, for I don't think we are ever going to make it to eastern Carolina again. We both took some really cool pictures of the mountains, and even the tourist towns surrounding them. There were a few ski resorts in the area, for yes, it does snow in the mountains. And there were also a few Indian reservations and attractions that they have made, the biggest being a casino resort. Marshall tried going into the casino, wanting to try his luck, but ended up just coming back to the car with us. He has a thing for trying his luck with scratch off cards and the like...

And although Mocha refused to sit in the backseat and had to be in the front passenger seat {basically in my lap} making the trip a little uncomfortable for me at times {An 8 hour drive!!!} it was still a lot of fun having a dog with us again! It makes me all the more excited to see Scruffy in only a few weeks! I can't believe our moving date is coming up so fast... But that's also a story for another day!


We had a great holiday weekend!


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