coast to coast

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now I realize this picture may look a little choppy, but I absolutely have to mention it on here. In just over 2.5 weeks we will be MOVING! We will be packing up our bags and headed to TEXAS! Ahh, I cannot even begin to explain how excited we are to be back home for a little bit, before continuing to our new home for the next 3 years in San Diego (Specifically in Oceanside, south of Camp Pendleton). I can't believe this moving date has snuck up on us so, and I still feel there is so much to do --- A lot to do with packing, that is. Since our stuff was packed for storage last October, we will be packing and taking what we have with us in Chip & Dale (my little car and Marshall's truck). Now it's a matter of , once again, decluttering for we are not getting a uhaul. And we don't have an SUV to fit most of our stuff in as other families may. My car is pretty little (an Eclipse) and Marshall's Ford has a small cab, although a nice bed which we will need a tarp or something for.
Basically we are leaving Jacksonville, probably stopping in Georgia and Mississippi for a night each, then headed to outside of Dallas to see all our family and spend some time with everyone. Then we will head to Tiki Island {Next to Galveston in the Gulf} to see my parents and go fishing for the weekend! Then of course spending another 2-3 days headed to Camp Pendleton, stopping in New Mexico and probably on the border of Arizona/California for a night each. I am really excited to be able to sightsee along the way, though to stay on track we will have to be driving for around 8 hours a day. A 45-hour vacation/move/trip is just exhausting. I know, I've done it before! Texas to Wisconsin was a lot, but only 3 days. And Texas to Virginia was also a lot too, also 3 days. Sure, it's not as extensive as moving literally coast to coast with 2 cars, a dog and a cat, and all of our stuff, but at least it prepares me a little bit for this crazy journey!
It is still a shocker that we will be driving -- quite literally -- coast to coast! From 30 minutes away the Atlantic beaches in North Carolina, to bascially right beside the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. What a great American road trip...Bring it on!
Recently I made a nice little moving out/moving in checklist to keep us on track. Basically it's just a reminder to cancel utilities/bills and then to set that up again once we find a place to live. And then of course to register for classes, order books, get doctors, get Scruffy a doghouse and us some new furniture, find a gym, etc... A nice checklist to have, though. If you are moving soon and are a little nervous, a great place to start is by making a moving out/in checklist!!
I also finished 4 books last week. So much reading, and I loved it!  Now I only have The Story left in my bookpile..I desperately want to go to the secondhand book store and pick out some more, but it's just more to haul with us, so that's something that's going to have to wait until we get settled in. Hopefully I can find another place like Half Price Books or 2nd & Charles out west to keep me occupied inbetween classes!
Obviously I'm just blabbing on here, but sometimes when I just type on this little blog it's a nice refresher of what we need to do in order to prepare for something, or something like that. I guess this is my way of reminding myself of our move without talking Marshall's ear off about what's going on!
Next up: Photos and a story from our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains --- eastern North Carolina, near the border of Tennessee!! {If only we could have gone around the mountains and seen Tenn. too, though!}

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