I Love Mondays... {Pt. 3}

Monday, January 14, 2013

{I Love...}

A Monday series; What I have been lovin' lately!

We Bought a Zoo. I can tell you that from the moment I saw that Matt Damon was starring in a new film until the moment I began reading the book and real story behind it all, I've been hooked. Completely hooked. It's so refreshing to watch your girlhood crush Jason Bourne {Yes, I am serious..} star in a completely opposite role of a widowed father who takes over a run-down zoo, inspiring his children, himself, and the community in the process. It's also somewhat bitter once you discover by reading the book that there were many things changed for the film --- In real life, the story happened in England, his wife had a brain tumor and hasn't passed yet {As of chapter 4}, and he actually had a real background in wildlife studies. Why do movie producers have to alter the truth behind films inspired by true stories so much, just to make it marketable? It leads me to have less appreciation for the brilliant movie, and more admiration for the potent novel. Anyway, I just began reading the book and I can't get away from it for more than a couple hours, I love it that much.

Spring. Yes, I love the spring season! It is surprisingly starting to feel like spring, which is marvelous here in North Carolina. It's gotten up into the high 50's and the winter winds are far behind. I can't wait to jump headfirst into the season when we move to the west coast... I love warm weather so much. It makes me very happy that we will be settling into somewhere that is warm year-round for the next few years, rather than Virginia or North Carolina, which are both unpredictable and definitely not warm year-round!! Can't wait for the Spring :)

Sparkling Grape Juice. Goodness, I shouldn't have foods and drinks with so much artificial ingredients in them ,and especially corn syrup, but I can't get away from this one either. And ever since New Year's has come and gone, this stuff has been half price at the store. It's a refreshing drink and a wonderful alternative to adult drinks, which I can't have in the first place. I never could get enough growing up and celebrating New Year's... I love grape juice so much I drank the entire bottle!

Soufflés. I made a chocolate soufflé the other day, and it was magnificent. So fluffy and light, so moist, so much chocolate... So wonderful. I really didn't want it to go away! We went out to dinner and a movie the other night and I couldn't wait to go home so I could have it for dessert. I really do love baking and actually being in the kitchen now!

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