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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today we decided to have a yummy dinner inside, for Marshall will be in the field training the majority of this upcoming week. I was so excited when I found okra at the grocery store a few days ago {Marshall requested it so I searched for it} and decided to give it a go! I sliced it up, breaded it and fried it {The only way to eat okra!} and served it aside our yummy steaks. The steak was seasoned with a salt, pepper, and garlic salt mixture that my Omom {My dad's mother} sent us with a wedding gift - She is an amazing cook and sent us a recipe book as well!!
Has anyone else ever had okra??? Below is a picture of it sliced, not cooked yet....
It doesn't look too appetizing until you cook it!!

I also recieved this letter in the mail today {below}!
"Because of your academic achievements and for being such an excellent Liberty Online student, we are sending you this Liberty University USB flash drive. We hope that this will be something practical you can use as you progress in your studies."
The flash drive is really neat! It is 4GB, so pretty big for a flash drive, and has the school logo, advising phone number, website, and advising email address on it. It makes me so excited to start my Spring classes soon!!! I go to an AWESOME school!
I've also recieved a thermos mug from them for completing my Summer 2011 courses. {But that's packed in storage currently}.


 My plans for the week:

~Take a pile of old furniture to Goodwill {coffee table, kitchen table & chairs..}
~Finish reading The Story
~Catch up on my Gratitude Journal
~Catch up on my saved Netflix shows and movies
~Vacuum the dog hair out of Chip, my car, at the gas station
~Set up a cancel date for our utilities and cable
~Pick out a dress to wear to LogO school graduation
~Start packing!!!! {And ensure that everything will fit in our 2 little cars.}
~Hang out with fellow military wives!

What are your plans for this week???

Photo throwback :

{Because we were having a 90's throwback moment in our living room earlier, listening to 98 Degrees, N'Sync, Britney Spears, S Club 7, and The Backstreet Boys!!! We miss that music!!!}
Photo throwback... One of my senior pictures, taken August 2009.
I am planning on being that tan again by the end of this upcoming Spring!!
Back then my family lived in Houston and we had a pool, so I was outside 24/7. Hence, the amazing tan!

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