Spring Plans

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lately, the only thing that has been on my mind is preparing for our move! I've contacted realtors, figured out the general area we want to be in, decided on a rental budget, sorted out my classes for the Spring starting in March, cleaned/organized my study room, started packing, and planned our move/drive out west.

Since I've been focusing so much on my upcoming schedule for school, I decided on the classes I will be taking this Spring. We've agreed on me taking 15 hours in one 8-week term, which sounds like a lot {Rather than a 16-week semester}. But I also did really well juggling 12 hours for the one term this past Fall, so I feel good about it. And, I have 2 education courses and 1 elective, so seeing that doesn't make it sound like as much of a load to do in half the time as normal. I also looked at the textbooks necessary, and I already have a few of them from previous classes - which is great - meaning that the book voucher {for military-affiliated students} will cover all of the rest, including shipping! Well, hopefully shipping, since the books will be going from Virginia to California, literally across the country. {I am not registering/paying for classes until we find a new place --- the last week of February. That'll give me nearly 3 weeks to prepare for the term to begin and await books!}.

Another reason I am pumped to start the Spring is that I will be ORDERING my AGGIE RING in MAY!!!!!!!! {once my final grades are released} I talked to the Ring Office a while back, and basically I just need to get in touch with them right before the term is over to double check --- But I just need to get an official transcript from LU, along with my transcript from A&M, and send them to the Ring Office. And I'll need to go somewhere to get my finger sized and fill out an order form, and of course pay for it. I don't predict that we will be able to go back to Texas in September, when I would be recieving the ring, so it will just have to be shipped to us at that time. I have been waiting for this moment for so long ---- I only 4 short months I will be ordering my Ring, to recieve it within 8 months {from now}! Less than a year! This is the second most important ring that I will possess --- The first, of course, being my engagement ring {and wedding band}.

I can't wait to recieve my Ring, have Marshall present it to me, and celebrate with all our Aggie friends that are also stationed in the greater San Diego area. We can have an Aggie reunion/Ring ceremonial party!!! I'm planning on dunking it in either sparkling grape juice or milk {I can't have alcohol for medical reasons, but I still have to partake in the tradition!}. September can't come fast enough!!!!

Anyway, we are so relieved it is the weekend. We wanted to go to a movie tonight, but we've already seen all of the movies I've wanted to see that are out.....So we might just stay inside instead. I know Netflix recently added a lot of good shows. I was also planning on making this wonderful steak and mixed veggie dinner, but turns out that when I picked up Marshall today he had already been snacking, and we're just not that hungry. Maybe we'll have a later dinner then.

Back to the move - I realized today that we already have quite a few friends in the San Diego area {as noted previously} ! I am more than ready to settle in somewhere, and this will make it just that much easier when we see familiar faces. I am also excited to find a group of wives to hang out with, especially if I don't  get a job right away. It will be so nice to meet other young couples and have little get togethers and fellowship admist adjusting to this lifestyle and our new home......And finally being able to settle in to a new place for a few years!!

Essentially: Preparing for the Spring and recognizing what is ahead of us makes for a great day --- one of my favorite days lately. Hence, Winnie the Pooh!

P.S. If anyone hears about any scholarship/grant programs or applications that are opening, please let me know!!!! I'm searching for something to cover 18 hours this summer, for the Pell grant doesn't cover summers anymore {I've already applied to 2 but would like to have more possibilities avaliable!}. This is the only way that will keep me on track to graduate on time {May 2014}..Or else I'll have to graduate in either August 2014 {If I find a year-round school to student teach} or in December 2014. Which will be alright, just not what I'd prefer.

P.P.S. Did I point out that I also made the Dean's List for the Fall 2012 semester?!!!
{A 3.5 or higher GPA is required... And I got a 3.5 for the semester. I have a 3.77 overall!}

Today marks only 2 weeks until we move out!!!!


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