coast to coast... literally!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just to recap: we recently moved from the Atlantic to the Pacific: coast to coast!!!
A quick visual for y'all:
It was a total of 45 hours on the road, via 10 different states...
And with 3,085 miles of traveling,
It was a long week on the road
With family in the middle of it all.....
NC to TX in 2 days,
Family in Royse City & Tiki for a week,
TX to CA in 2 days.
Right before we left Jacksonville! Goodbye North Carolina!!!
Marshall is here posing with Dale, his truck.
You can see that we didn't take a uhaul, instead we managed to fit everything in our 2 litte cars!
Marshall's training as a new Log-O grad has proven well taken!

The views...

And here is why we got a new car back home.....
No one was hurt, but Trigger was utterly terrified and ran away into the Alabama woods the first chance she got! It definitely added half a day to our trip, but by the time it was all over and we had a rental car to take to Texas, we were wide awake to finish the 7 hour drive home, from right outside Tuscaloosa.
And I was completely devastated to lose our sweet Trigger bug, whom we found when she was only a month old, hiding under the house I lived in the summer before we got married.
We will never forget you Trigger! We can only hope that she has now stumbled upon a new home.
The last sad picture I took of her.. She was safe, even when I transported her into her kitty carrier,
but sadly the carrier wasn't secure and broke open when I lifted it to move her into our rental car, and she got out. She was terrified by the whole ordeal, can't blame her... I was, too. It took a few days to get over this wreck..But everything is safe and sound and settled with us, no worries anymore!
p.s. This is why we also got a new car, shown in the previous post...
...We would have needed that car soon anyway, and it all worked out smoothly!

On another note: Us posing at the Texas state lane, Louisiana side.

So excited to be back home in Texas for that week!!!!

Here we are posing by Dale before headed to Tiki for the weekend...

And while at Tiki with my parents, brother, sister-in-law  & boyfriend, as well as one of my bridesmaids....We went on a tour of the USS Cavalla, a WWII submarine, and the USS Stewart, a destroyer escort, both forever in port on Pelican Island of Galveston, TX.
Here are some pretty neat pictures of our self-guided tour of the ships:

Anyone else thinking Titanic here??

Officer's quarters

It is so cool to be reminded of our military nearly everywhere we go.
It makes me so thankful for this wonderful life we live with the Marine Corps...
Here's to Marshall's new job at our new duty station, Camp Pendleton!!!

Enjoying the Gulf wildlife!

"Land of the Free, Because of the Brave"

Then we ventured to the Strand, a grand part of downtown Galveston Island full of neat shops, resturaunts, and the like. This spot also hosts Mardi Gras each year, of which a few remnants of the festival from weeks previous were still present.

Two mega pizzas for the 8 of us!!! We finished it ALL!
I even wanted more when it was gone!
Really neat bookstore! We spent a while here just browsing.

Totally want this sign! Though I think I just want to make it myself :)
Time to get out the summer craft materials!

Also walked by the beach, of course! It was still too cold to get in...
July is really the best month for beaches in the Gulf, I think.

Below are a few pictures of the new historic Pleasure Pier:
Newly constructed after Hurricane Ike hit in 2008...
It was completed in 2012, shortly after we made our first military move to Virginia.
This pier used to be a hotel, as well as another theme park, back in the day.
You have to pay to get in though, but it hosts a resturaunt, arcade games, and rides.
...We just walked by it and took pictures. We ate at a neat-o resturatunt across the street,
probably my favorite place to eat in Galveston: Fish Tales.
My family has been going to Fish Tales for years.

Neat-o picture of lights and the palm trees, blurred.

...And here is Tiki Island! Literally minutes from the Strand,
it is where my parents currently reside.
Just look at this view!
We had an awesome weekend here before
continuing west on our move.

And before we left, we just had to get pictures of everyone!
All of us...

Myself and my big brother Michael!
So proud of this engineer!

Me & Tracey {bridesmaid} --
So glad she was able to carpool with Michael to
make it for the weekend! It was a blast!!!!

All the "kids" as my parents say... {except Michael}
Tracey, myself, Marshall, Elaina {sister in law}, and Dylan {her bf}

....And here we go! {My mom tagged along for the second half...
So thankful I had her with me after how the first half of the move went}
Pictures following of us driving through the Southwestern United States.
Such a beautiful region!

We live in a wondrous country.

We are so excited to finally have our Scruffy Spice back...
She has been living with the in-laws for the past year,
for when we made our first military move to Virginia in February 2012,
we only took Trigger at the time, for the apartment only allowed one pet max.
We were/are pleased to have her back with us on the move & forevermore!!!
Doesn't she look so cute in her maroon bandana???

 ...Entering California, our new home!!!!

And we absolutely HAD to go to Joshua Tree National Park
Located in Southeastern California, including the Mojave & Colorado Deserts....
At an estimated 800,000 acres, slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island...
{And also right by Twentynine Palms....Thankful we are not stationed in the desert}
....The tree's unique shape reminded mid-19th century immigrants of the Biblical story of Joshua, where he reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer {Joshua 10:1-43}.
The Joshua Tree's trunks and branches have been used by settlers as fencing and fuel for steam engines, as well.

Another reason we HAD to stop there, although it added an hour to our drive:
Simply put. Their album released 1987 named The Joshua Tree is largely inspired
by Southwestern American landscapes and the American dream/ideology.
This album is my absolute favorite of theirs... hands down one of, or the, greatest band of all time.
So much depth to their music...spiritually, socially, lyrically.

Doesn't my new car just look so good???
Especially surrounded by the desert landscape!
We will have to go back...
Sadly, we didn't want to drive for hours in the park, and there
were no obvious Joshua Trees near the entrance we used,
so we didn't get any good pictures of it.
But below is a good picture of us in the park/desert:


Our new home...

Oceanside, California!!!

This is at Oceanside Pier...we live basically 10 blocks away from it!
But it is a long walk, which we haven't walked yet...
Soon, when the weather is even warmer!

Ruby's Diner on the pier where we had brunch before we took my mom to the airport..
....A picture of her I snagged before she left:
Also...the first "meal" we ever cooked in our new home: grilled cheese! Yum!
{ps... We finally have a gas oven! LOVE this house!!!
Tour to come soon, after we get our shipment in this week!!!}
....And the beautiful flowers the owners left for us moving in.
Perfect on our new dining room table!

That's all, folks!
As you can see, I decided to put everything about the move in one,
before I was planning on doing 3 seperate posts for each leg of the trek,
but felt that one post would make things much easier, though lengthy to say the least.
Hope you enjoyed!

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