Log-O graduation!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

As you can tell by the title of the post, today was graduation day for Logistics Officer Course here at Camp Johnson in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.
We are MORE than ready to leave North Carolina on FRIDAY!
But before I update yall on the move {which will probably be a while} please celebrate all of my hubby's hard work that has finally paid off! After 5 months here & 8 months previous in Quantico, Marshall is finally done with all of his officer training and is ready to report to his new regiment.
I have captured just a few pictures from the event...As you can tell it was a very small class, and with that came a fairly quick ceremony. As soon as it was done we were all starving! {We'd barely eaten the entire day!}
Here is the class Marshall graduated with...All Logstics officers in the Marine Corps now!  I overheard conversations of where everyone is headed.... Some are staying here, or going to Quantico, Camp Pendleton, Japan..... Everyone is parting ways. A little bittersweet for the boys, a bunch of these officers went through both TBS {In VA} and LOC together for the past year.

Pictures of Marshall I snagged from afar! {Creeper, I know}

Right before he walked across the "stage" to grab his certificate. Alas, my camera wasn't fast enough to catch him actually shaking hands with the instructors...

Pictures of us afterward! Marshall was being silly with photos {as always} so this first one is a little off-put. But you can see my beautiful yellow coat I found for an amazing price {Like $8!!} at a thrift store in Woodbridge, while we were in VA.

Don't we look good?? And funny story: while Marshall was in the field I went to dry clean his uniform...But by a simple miscommunication error I took in his dress blues {more formal} rather than his service Bravo's {the ones he's wearing now}... So once he got back I had to take a late night drive to the dry cleaners down the street to get these back the next day.. I picked them up yesterday just to be sure! He had to leave super early this morning to get ready for graduation anyway, so it all worked out.

Building where graduation was held...

Then we went for hibachi with our friends! They are one of the lucky ones about to move to Japan, so this was like a little taste of what's to come! And anyway, hibachi is just really good food. It was fun, and delicious. And of course, we changed and got comfortable afterward, for they can't wear these uniforms anywhere other than work on base/home commute.

The sushi was simply amazing - We chose to have salmon and avocado in ours, and it was seriously amazing. I didn't even know. We absolutely have to find a place like this in San Diego..
And the rice.. You could tell it was fresh. Everything was fresh, rather than the rice etc. you get with chinese take out. We also got fried rice with steak and shrimp.. Oh my! Can't wait for dinner to have it again!!
As you can see, that is all the updates I have for now, and this will probably be it until we settle in to a new place in California. Graduation was short, sweet, and to the point today... And so rewarding! They made it! Hibachi for lunch was mighty delicious, and we have enough to feed us the next 2 days till we move out Friday.
We are now packing, packing, packing....decluttering, donating, packing.... Tomorrow we are planning on loading everything in our 2 little cars and getting all the little things figured out, so that we can turn in our keys and leave North Carolina behind early Friday morning! {Cannot wait to get out of here...And to see family/stay in TX for a while.... And to get the rest of our stuff back in CA!!!}


We are MORE than ready for this move!!!



  1. Big Congratulations to you and your man!!! You must be so proud and excited for him :) Best of luck in your cross country drive. Looking forward to the recap and of course the views of San Diego. I'm jelly that's your home for the next few years. Lucky you!! Have lots of fun during the break!

  2. Hi I'm Emily! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog!


  3. New follower here :)

    Congrats to your husband! You must be (and have every right to be!) excited for him :) Thank you for sharing pictures from his graduation.

    a champagne dream


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