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Monday, February 25, 2013

I did it! Finally registered for the Spring {better late than never! thankfully I still have 2 weeks until my term starts}. I also ordered books... And since they only cost about half of the voucher I get, I went ahead and got a few books for the classes I'll be taking in the Spring, just to avoid out of pocket costs for books later if the next voucher {for military} fails to cover costs! How resourceful, right?

There are some exciting things happening this week!

1. We get our household goods delivered on TUESDAY! It will be like Christmas all over again...Everything that we will be unpacking we haven't seen since October....No more temporary living!!!

2. I am going to try out the Oceanside Farmer's Market on Thursday... This is downtown and is full of local produce and various vendors. There is also the Sunset Market that night for a few hours which is more festival-like, with vendors, live music.. the whole shebang. I have a feeling Thursdays are going to be my new favorite days!

3. We finally decided... We are going to get a Keirug brewer tomorrow! I searched for one at Walmart but they were sold out, so I just got home with a few of the K-Cup packs for us to start with. We will just have to go to Sears or the MCX tomorrow instead to get it, but we are too excited! Ever since we tried out the one my parent's have at Tiki, Marshall has been asking for one!

4. Psych season 7 finally premieres this Wednesday... I'm pretty sure it's been a year break between seasons for this show, and we have been a little bummed about that until now.

5. Sadly, there was no new Once Upon A Time episode on tonight because of the Oscars airing. These award shows are really getting on my nerves, disrupting the schedule of our favorite show...Until next weekend.

6. And since we are getting our household goods/the rest of our stuff Tuesday, I will hopefully have everything unpacked and my office set up by the weekend! CANNOT WAIT!!!!

....I really like to make lists, if you can't tell already. I write my to-do list on a little notecard each and every day, making a list of everything that needs to be accomplished. I have officially turned into a planner and worrier like my mom, and we were actually talking about that in the car on the move out west {Pictures of that to come next!}

Anyway, keeps me on track.

We absolutely love our new life in sunny Oceanside. Our home is awesome!!! {Pictures once everything is unpacked & set up!!} This area is really neat, and we are so close to many cute shops and downtowns we have thus yet to explore. We are also a short walk from a local market, and although a little on the pricey side, it is really convenient for when it's a little late to drive to the store for something like milk..We can just walk to the store! There is also a neat Kona coffee shop right nextdoor that looks charming, and also {as you can tell by the title} sells Hawaiian coffees and the like. Very excited to try this place out!

Pictures of the move next!

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