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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since I have written anything..

We have been through a whole lot these past couple of weeks since Marshall graduated LOC.....

Here is a quick update:

.....New kitty {Trouble}

.....New car {2013 Ford Escape}

......New house {In Oceanside, California!!}

.......New kitchen table set {minus the rug}

......New sectional {Less than half the price of retail!}


As you can see,

We have been through a whole lot. This cross-country move was quite stressful to say the least. More updates on the specific move later, but let's just say that we are so relieved to be able to start settling in to our new home at Marshall's first duty station... More than thankful that we will be here {in this adorable house!} for more than just a few months --- For actually a number of years. What a change from the past year and a half of our marriage! Three different "homes"  and moves in such a short time is exhausting....But we made it!

It has taken us a little bit to have a chance to breathe, and now we are getting busy preparing for our shipment of household goods accompanied with lots of unpacking, right after Marshall reports to his new regiment.

We are more than happy to have found our new dining room table & sectional funirture sets and to have picked them up the same day!! {We searched on Craigslist and snagged some amazing deals...The sectional was selling for less than half the price of retail, and was practically brand new!}

We also are absolutely giddy about this home that we found and are living in!!!! {Also on Craigslist, through a realty company of course... See a trend here??} Soon I will post little pictures here and there, and hopefully by summer everything will be done and set in place to give y'all a little tour. We are ecstatic to be in a home with a backyard!!!

Pictures/updates soon to come:

~ the cross-country move specifically
~recap of our time home with family {in the country and on an island!}
~being reunited with our sweet Scruffy
~some of our new decor
~soon to register for Spring classes {begins in 3 wks}

...And whatever else happens until then! Hopefully the time that passes until the next post won't be as long as this last time. Alas, moving and family time take precedence.

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  1. awww! Congratulations on your new home and first duty station!! It must be feel amazing to settle in and look out to palm trees :) the west coast is beautiful, can't wait to hear more about it!!


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