Today's 15

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today I have decided to post 15 random facts about our life/last days here on the east coast. I decided to call this Today's 15.

I realize that I completely missed {I Love Mondays} yesterday, and it may be another week or so before you see one of those posts.  I cannot predict how much time I will have to blog until the end of this month for we will be on the road/moving/visiting with family for the coming weeks.

{We get to SoCal around 2.20 and I should get back on by that weekend telling y'all about our new place!! So excited!!!}

With that said...

15. Our time in North Carolina has gone by too fast. A few lovely ladies I was able to get to know well while we were in Virginia {and our hubby's were training together} have just PCS'd here, right when we are getting ready to go. This happens to everyone in the military, I'm sure....

14. I created my new button all by myself - and I LOVE it! {It's on my sidebar} Aren't I computer savvy/crafty? Feel free to grab it, just let me know so we can do a "button swap"! {contact me via email button on sidebar}

13. I have accumulated WAY too many toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, first aid kits, nail polish, sunscreens, motrin {so much medicine}.. Just about everything. We have enough to fill 2 tubs with this stuff, and I have to slim it down to only one little duffel bag for our move. Tough work.

12. I absolutely LOVE avocadoes - I eat them for snacks, plain as Jane, every single day. {So healthy and delicious!}

11. I just began reading the NT portion of The Story - AMAZING. Love hearing about Jesus' ministry, and I recall so much of this from the survey class I took last summer. So. Happy.

10. I got two baby clothing items for our friends {he's a sailor} back home who have a newborn baby girl {premie.. So she will definitely grow into these!}: A sailor's uniform onesie, & a Marine cammie dress with ruffles. Can't wait to give it to them next week.. So adorable!

9. Shopping for baby clothes makes me want one of our own even more..But that will have to wait until I'm at least student teaching {another year}. {And it has to be completely planned out for medical reasons..Have to get the OK from my cardio. Not ready yet..}

8. We absolutely CANNOT WAIT to get our puppy back!!! {She is in TX and we will get her back when we move!} Her name is Scruffy Spice, though everyone calls her Scruffy. {My mom, my little cousin, and myself are the only ones that use her full name.. as silly as it may be}. And she's a full grown terrier mix dog by now, but I'm still calling her my sweet puppy spice all I want!

7.  I can't stand mustard, mayonnaise, relish, any of that. The only condiments I use are chili, pesto, alfredo, barbecue sauce, and ketchup. NO exceptions! {p.s... I know I'm plain!}

6. Our adorable kiity {Trigger} is a menace when it comes to playtime! We only got this tower for her a few months ago {more like July 2012} and she has been so rough. This finally happened yesterday... She was sitting on it and it just broke! Poor girl, you should have seen her dart into our bathroom because she was so terrified/in shock!

5. We will be livin' in sunny Oceanside, CA for the next 3 years {Marshall's new duty station: Camp Pendleton}. Who knows where we will be after that! {That's for the military to decide}. Anyone else live out there in SoCal??

4. Half of my wardrobe/most of our stuff is in storage right now in San Diego....These past few months with limited choices have been *fun* but I am so ready to have all my clothes back! {And to clean it all out & update my wardrobe!}

3. The couches we have right now are at least 20 years old...My parents recieved them secondhand while we were living in Colorado when I was about 3 years old. They've been in our family forever! {Can't wait to get rid of it and get grown-up furniture!}

2. I'm only 20 {and a half} and Marshall, my wonderful husband is only 23 {and a half} Our birthdays are exactly 2 yrs and 11 mo. apart, in the sweet summertime. {And Marshall has a twin sister!}

1. My dad's in the Army {for nearly 20 years} and my hubby's a Marine {commissioned 2011}, so you can only imagine how it's like when we all get together... Not as bad you think though, really! {Here's a picture from our wedding..My parents, us, Marshall's parents!}

Now y'all know a little more about me! Here's to new friends!


  1. first off: i LOVE avocados! my favorite food ever! Secondly: good luck on your new move!!! what an exciting time in your lives!!!

  2. Ah after visiting your blog and reading this post, I realize you don't live in Texas! Good luck where ever you go! Texas wants you back though :)


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